Wednesday, May 27, 2020

DIY Dog Bed/Children's Chair

Every child, dog and cat know that there is nothing more fun than an empty box. All it takes is a little imagination for a box to become a rocket to Mars, a school bus, or playhouse. The possibilities are endless!
What if I told you that making a child’s chair or a pet’s bed is one of the simplest handy dandy craft you can make? Well, hold on to your hats because that is exactly what we are making today. 
This DIY project came about when our granddaughter began coming to visit. We wanted her to have a chair for her room and one she could sit in to watch television. Being first-time grandparents, we were worried she could fall from a regular size chair and get hurt. That’s when we remembered a large box that was left over from our move and had a splendid idea!
Basset hound in box
She loved the box chair and both granddaughters are still enjoying it today. The only problem is the girls aren’t the only ones who love the box. Bentley sleeps in the box all of the time. When he was sick a few months ago, we could hardly get him to get out of it. That’s when we knew it was time to get another box!
I think the high sides give him a sense of security and it is quieter for him snuggled down inside the cardboard box. If your grandchild, dog or cat would love their own box chair/bed, it is super simple.
Basset looking at table
Bentley is sure he could make his own box bed but he doesn’t have thumbs and you really need them for this quickie project. All you need is a cardboard box the appropriate size for whoever is going to be using it. Fetch your scissors, marker, and a pillow. You are ready to go!
Making a dog's bed out of a cardboard box
 I cut one long flap from the top and fold the other three down. Using the marker, draw a “U” shape that will be the opening. Make sure it is low enough for easy entry and cut along the line. You can use a box cutter for this if you have one. 
box with flaps folded
 There you have it! You can decorate the outside of the box with fun contact paper or colorful wide masking tape to really make it fancy. 
Add a pillow or your pup's bed in the box
 For the chair and this small bed, I used a standard pillow. Bentley’s box in our bedroom is big enough for his dog bed to fit inside. I use a sheet to cover his bed and the box so it is easy to wash.
dog sleeping in box
He can be caught snoozing in his bedroom box both day and night.
dog hanging out of box asleep
 Bentley has always slept “downhill” in his beds. It looks so uncomfortable but from the sounds of loud snoring, I think he is quite content.
Westie in a box bed
As you can see, Pierre is excited to have his own box bed. Bentley will be glad that he won’t be stealing his anymore!
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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

What's the Deal with My Dog's Anal Glands?

    If you live with enough dogs or cats in your life, sooner or later you are going to have to deal with their anal glands. It is not a pleasant subject but today we are going to “clear the air” so to speak on what’s the deal with anal glands.
What are anal glands?
   Anal glands are basically scent glands located between the layers of muscles that make up the rectum. When they are working properly, the dog expressed these “anal sacs” naturally through a duct that connects the gland each time the dog poops. It is nature’s way for a dog to mark their territory and leave a smell for other dogs to discover. That’s why your dog can ALWAYS find poop that thoughtless owners leave behind.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

The Boys Met the Girls

Pierre Westie: “SQUEEEE!! The most exciting thing in our entire universe happened last week! Lemme tell them, Bentley…let meeeeee!”
Bentley Basset: “Okay, you can tell them. Let me give them a little back story before you begin. Take a couple of deep breaths. I’ll be brief.
   We have two little humans called grandchildren that have begun staying at our house a few days each week. We’ve only met them under controlled circumstances because they’ve been tiny and we’re not used to such small creatures. We were social distancing before it was a thing.
   Since they’ve started coming around more often, we’ve gotten to know each other. Mom put us in the master bedroom behind a baby gate. The girls have gotten used to petting our heads and throwing us lots of toys. They understand that Pierre is talking when he barks and we understand that little girls like to sometimes scream and sing loudly.”
Pierre: “Let me tell them! I can’t wait another minute…

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

How to Make a Simple & Comfy E-Collar for Your Dog

   There comes a time in most dog’s lives where they are forced to endure the humiliation of the “Cone of Shame” or Elizabethan collar. Whether it is to prevent them from licking their stitches or a hot spot, it has always done its job. They have always looked stupid and extremely uncomfortable to me although the new material ones don’t look quite as bad.
   We’ve been lucky not to have to use an e collar on the boys other than when they were neutered. That was until last week. Pierre started biting at his tail area, but we couldn’t see anything wrong. I didn’t want him to lick or chew a raw spot, so we needed a way to keep him from reaching that area. I didn’t want to go out and buy an e collar, but we did have last year’s pool noodles so…
cutting a pool noodle with scissors
Cut your pool noodle into sections. I used a 3” noodle and cut my pieces 1” - 2 1/2”. You can buy larger pool noodles and adjust the lengths for your dog’s size.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

When Grooming Becomes Essential

   You know the saying that you never miss something until it is gone? I think we have all experienced that over the last few weeks as some people are still searching for toilet paper! It seems like forever since we could run up to the store to pick up a couple of items, go out to dinner, or shop at the mall. I don’t know about y’all but I miss all of those things a lot. I am really happy that Texas is beginning to reopen with health guidelines in place. I know this is a controversial topic but feel that people can make up their own minds as far as their own health status when they should re-enter society. I’m afraid face masks and social distancing will be a new way of life until a vaccine is found. On a positive note, we won’t have to wear lipstick or wonder if we have anything stuck between our teeth in public!
Shaggy Westie
   The Texas COVID-19 shutdown of “non-essential” businesses included dog groomers. As you can tell, Pierre was a hot mess after almost six months without being groomed. Our plan was to take him to his groomer at the first of March because we had family coming to visit and wanted him to look handsome. Their plans were canceled as the country began to self-isolate. Before I had time to regroup and schedule an appointment, our state closed down.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Celebrating Earth Day 2020

It’s the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and it comes at a time when the earth is actually trying to heal some of the damage it’s endured by mankind. We have certainly learned over the past few weeks what a difference it makes when people stay home. The skies are clear over cities for the first time in years. There are places where residents can see mountain ranges that have been obscured by pollution. Rivers and streams are running clear. Animals are able to repopulate without human interruption. Sea turtles hatched thousands of eggs after many beaches closed.
While it is important that we get back to the business of living, let’s hope that we have learned something from this bizarre time in our lives. 
We need the earth.
The earth does not need us.

Friday, April 17, 2020

Pierre, This is Your Life!

Welcome to Pierre’s 9th birthday celebration!
We appreciate you stopping by for the fun.
As a surprise to the birthday boy, we have our version of
This is Your Life, Pierre
Mom: "You entered this world with no idea of the exciting times ahead."

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Prepping for Pierre's Paw-ty

Pierre Westie: “Hey, Bentley! What are you doing? That wouldn’t happen to be a list of things for my birthday, would it?”
Bentley Basset: “Don’t be silly. Like I don’t have anything better to do than plan some lame paw-ty for my little brother.” Sighs and rolls eyes dramatically
Pierre: “You can’t fool me, bro! I know you are going to be ready to dive into some delicious birthday cake and ice cream. Are you inviting all of our friends to stop by the blog and visit? It can be a self-isolation paw-ty. They are all the rage these days.”