Thursday, September 24, 2020

Remember Me Thursday 2020 #SeeTheLight

    We are proud to say this is our 7th year to participate in #RememberMeThursday®. Since it began the eight years ago, it has made over one billion impressions on social media! That is a lot of barking, purring, and tweeting to help shine a light on pet adoptions.

Miss Gitty is my rescue story and she was with me for twenty years. I'm a better person for having her in my life.

   This year, I want to share the poem written by Mike Arms, President and CEO of the Helen Woodward Animal Center (HWAC). It puts a big lump in my throat and makes my eyes leak but sometimes that is what it takes to #SeeTheLight.

🐶 Remember Me Thursday Poem 🐱

Remember the day that we first met?

You said you loved me, and I was your pet.

Remember how you played with me,

And promised together we’d always be?

But later, when you moved away,

You decided we could no longer play.

You dropped me off at a strange new place,

Although I cried and licked your face.

Gentle hands took me from your sight, but no one

Was with me through the dark night.

I remember I stayed in a small place for days,

And no one had time for my playful ways.

I remember when they said it was time to go,

I remembered your face…and wished it would show.

I will leave this world - but, please, remember -

And light a candle, this Thursday in September.

 The cold hard fact is that over one million beautiful adoptable pets will be euthanized this year. Numbers have been going down but with COVID, I know the shelters around here are full most of the time.

   Please join us in lighting a candle to remember those pets who never found their forever home and flood social media with #SeeTheLight and #RememberMeThursday

We want to give a big thank you the host of Remember Me Thursday's blog hop

Be sure to join us for this week’s Pet Parade blog hop. All pet bloggers are welcome, and you can select your subject or stay totally wordless with just a photo. We’d love to have you join in the fun! Visit Dash Kitten and Basil & The B Team today.
*Be sure to check out Dash Kitten's Muse award and a special shout out to Basil's team for our beautiful fall blog hop badge!

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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Every House Should be a Pet House

    There are a few things that are certainties when you come to my home. The first is Bentley and Pierre will come running to welcome you. The second is our house will smell wonderful thanks to my electric wax warmers. I have loved the smell of scent chips for as long as I can remember. That is why I was thrilled when I was contacted about Pet House’s electric wax warmer!

   PetHouse by One Fur All is well-known for their amazing line of candles but if you would rather not burn candles, the electric wax warmer is the answer. With no open flame to worry about, I can have a delicious scent wafting throughout the house and not have to watch for wagging tails. I have several other scent warmers but this one is special…it is specially designed for pet lovers. The saying around the edge of it reads “A house is not a home without pets.” Isn’t that perfect for all of us pet parents!

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

September Shenanigans

 One thing we know for certain is that everyone could use a laugh these days.   That is why we are here!


The Bayou Boys

Comedy Tour

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

BFTB NETWoof News for September 2020

 Bentley Basset: “Hello and welcome to September’s BFTB NETWoof news. I’m happy to report that this month had several feel-good stories we are able to share. Maybe it means things are starting to look little brighter in the world. Let’s check in with Pierre for our top story.”

Pierre Westie: “They say dynamite comes in small packages and that is certainly true of our first story.

   Bubu is a chihuahua that lives with his eighty-six- year-old Navy Veteran owner on a houseboat in North Carolina. When the man suffered a stroke, our tiny hero ran to the nearby dockmaster and led him back to help. Bubu is credited with saving his owner’s life and is expected to make a full recovery.”

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

A Mixed Bag of 2020

    I guess 2020 wouldn’t be complete without a couple of hurricanes in one week. We are keeping a close eye on Laura to see how Houston will be impacted. As of Tuesday night, we are expecting some high winds, rain, and will most likely lose power. Thankfully, we have had plenty of time to prepare.

   In case you need to prepare your pets for possible evacuation due to Hurricane Laura, this link will take you to our Pet Hurricane Preparedness post. This is going to be a fast-moving system unlike Hurricane Harvey but there are still things to keep in mind After the Hurricane (another helpful BFTB post).

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Do You Snapchat?

Have you seen all the cartoon looking photos of dogs flooding social media? This aww-inspiring craze to “cartoonize” your pets is just the latest filter from Snapchat. I’ll admit to being an amateur at this particular social media app but find it to be a great way to entertain myself. It is also free so that makes it even better.

 This particular effect is called Cartoon Face and works on humans and pets. It flickers until you get the pet’s face positioned correctly but once you do…Disney-like magic!

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Love On the Lamb

There are only a handful of toys that the boys wear out that I replace. *Lambchop is one of those toys. Pierre loves to chase and play tug with it. Bentley, as you can see, enjoys the snuggling aspect of the LambChop. This is probably our fifth or sixth one but since they are less than $10 and last up to a year, I feel it’s a good investment.

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

BFTB NETWoof News August 2020

Bentley Basset: “Hello and welcome back to BFTB NETWoof News! We have been away for quite some time, but we are back behind the news desk and have fetched some great stories for August. Let’s toss it over to my right-paw dog, Pierre, for our top story.”

Pierre Westie: “Well, it is great to be back and our top story proves that we should always keep the faith and some things are just meant to be. We found this story on Facebook’s Weird Facts. It has the coolest information.