Thursday, June 30, 2016

How To Protect Your Dog's Paws This Summer

   As summer gets into full swing, it is important to remember that your dog’s paws can burn on hot pavement, asphalt, concrete, sand or metal surfaces. All of these can absorb heat from the sun during the day and they won’t cool down for several hours after the sun has gone.
   We took a road trip from the Bayou to Phoenix, Arizona and it was HOT! I won two packages of Pawz® (medium & small) from Wag n Woof’s giveaway a few months ago, so we let the boys get used to wearing them prior to the trip. They took to them right away. Bentley needed the large size so PetSmart gave me two sample pairs. Pawz provided them for everyone at the BlogPaws conference. I was not asked to write about Pawz, but I really love using them and think you might like them too. 
weather forecast with high of 112° in Arizona along with a Coke bottle that says, "its getting hot in her"
The Arizona weather forecast called for hot and hotter temperatures. Even my Coke® knew that it was getting hot in here.
Basset Hound, Westie & M. K. Clinton standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona
Bentley and Pierre are all smiles with their paws protected while standing on the corner in a certain small Arizona town. 
Basset Hound and Westie with M. K. Clinton in the Petrified Forest
I wasn’t petrified they would burn their paws at the Petrified Forest. The Pawz are easy to slip on and off. *Pierre does occasionally lose his left rear bootie by "pealing out" when he takes off running.
Basset Hound and Westie with M. K. Clinton at the Grand Canyon
We heard comments from most of the people that we passed at the Grand Canyon. It was a lot of, “What a great idea.” “I didn’t think about their paws getting hot.” “Look, it’s a Basset wearing shoes. Can I pet him?” “Awww, the little Westie is wearing shoes. Can we pet him?” “If that isn’t the cutest thing!”
Basset Hound and Westie with M. K. Clinton at the Grand Canyon
In other words, Pawz are attention getters that serve a greater purpose. We were able to share the importance of paw protection in extreme temperatures to curious travelers.
Basset hound & Westie sitting on huge rock bench with M. K. Clinton at the Grand Canyon
Be sure to take breaks during the heat of the day. Always have fresh water available on your walks. Heatstroke can be deadly for your dog.
Bentley Basset Hound sitting up wearing Pawz Dog Boots
Don’t get burnt this summer. Protect the paws. Check for excessive heat by holding the back of your hand on the street/pavement for 5 seconds. If you can’t do it, the ground is too hot for your dog’s unprotected pads. Use Pawz or your favorite dog bootie to prevent a painful paw injury. Bentley says all of the cool dogs are wearing shoes!
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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Bath ~ the Other 4-Letter Word

   I recently wrote How to Wash a Dog using Bentley as my model. When you have two dogs that usually means two baths. Bentley is easy to bathe because he loves the process. Pierre on the other paws, not so much. To his credit, he has gotten better about the entire ordeal. Since Bentley and I narrated the last post, I am turning the keyboard over to Pierre for his point of view.
   Pierre: “Greetings everyone. Please be warned that this post will contain a four-letter word that is not mentioned in polite canine culture. I must share the torture that is my B-A-T-H.
Westie getting sprayed with shower spout

   I’ll admit that my first mistake was following “her” into the bathroom. Before I knew what was happening, I was being soaked and there was no escape!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Loving Kathy Ireland's Loved Ones Leash

If there is one thing that the Bayou Boys pride themselves in, it is their debonair style. They insist on the latest fashions and that includes their leashes. This is why they were so excited to receive Kathy Ireland® Loved Ones leads to review. In addition to being a gorgeous cover girl model, Kathy Ireland is a busy mom and savvy businesswoman. Her pet-friendly innovative collections offer a style that reflects Kathy’s love for home, family, and pets.

Friday, June 24, 2016

A Dog-Friendly Visit to the American Rose Center

A lovely walk in the Gardens of the American Rose Center
   On the outskirts of Shreveport, Louisiana you will find the 118-acre Gardens of the American Rose Center. It is the nation’s largest park dedicated to roses. June is National Rose month, so I 'picked' this time to share our local attraction with you.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Can My Dog Donate Blood?

Do you know your dog’s type? No, I’m not starting a new dog dating service. I’m talking about your dog’s blood type. There are five different types of canine blood with one being a “universal” type much like the human ‘O’ negative. Does it make a difference what type of blood flows through your pet’s veins? If they ever need a blood transfusion, it might.
Each day hundreds of dogs need blood transfusions due to injuries received from car accidents, loss of blood during surgeries, and many life-saving emergency treatments. Many clinics don’t use blood often so they don’t stock it. When those veterinarians need blood, they depend on regional or national blood banks. The problem is there are not very many national animal blood banks.  

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

5 Tips for a Dog Friendly Summer

   Summer is a great time for families to enjoy backyard cookouts, camping and traveling. I’m sure it’s one of our dog’s favorite times of the year too. They get to spend time with their people! Can’t you just picture the perfect Norman Rockwell image of 4th of July celebrations, barbecues, and parades? That is the summer that Barking from the Bayou wishes for you and your pets.
Travel meme with Bentley Basset and Pierre Westie
   Here are 5 tips from PetPlan pet insurance that will help ensure your great time doesn’t end up at the vet’s office.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Is Your Dog's Bowl Dirty?

How often do you wash your dishes? Most likely the answer is after every meal. Can you imagine having to eat all of your meals out of one dish that hardly ever got washed? It sounds gross and certainly not something that we would enjoy. Now ask yourself when was the last time that you washed your pet’s food and water bowls out with soap and hot water. If it is longer than yesterday, please stop reading this and go wash them. I’ll wait for you. Thanks, they appreciate it. Okay, let’s talk about why it is so important to clean your pet’s bowls.

Friday, June 17, 2016

It's Summer Time and the Reading is Fun

   Do you have your summer reading list yet? If you are spending time lounging by the pool or digging your toes in the sand at the beach, you will want something good to read. What are you going to do in the passenger’s seat during those long road trips? Pass the time escaping into a book. We all know the best way to avoid a conversation on a plane or train is to read. Are you heading to the BlogPaws conference? I have just the books to get you in the mood.
   Many of you know that I began my blogging career as a platform for my book series, The Returns. There are two books so far and a third is still in the works. It has taken me longer to finish the third because I have been working so hard to pursue my blogging career. My plan is to have it finished and ready for Christmas. That gives you time to meet my characters and enjoy their first two adventures! 
The Returns in the French Quarter with books

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Misunderstood Working Dogs

I was busy picking up Bentley and Pierre’s toys the other day when I happened to mention that they should be helping me. Once they quit snickering, they both explained to me how much they do that goes unappreciated each and every day. It seems the Bayou Boys feel they are not being properly compensated. This is how the conversation progressed.
Me: “I shouldn’t have to bribe y'all. You should help because I asked.”
Bentley: “You are lucky that you don’t have to pay us cash for all of the different jobs we do around here. It’s not easy being a working dog.”
Me: “You boys don’t work. Mostly y’all sit around looking cute, mooching belly rubs, and chasing squirrels.”
Pierre: “You cut us to the quick! I’ll have you know that it would cost you a fortune to hire or buy all of the services that we provide for you. Let’s take a quick look at what we do each day.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

It's Smile Power Day

A smile is one of the most powerful things on earth.
A smile can…
make friends out of strangers
be understood in every language
make you a happier person
cheer up a friend
Smiles are
free to give
easy to return
the first step in a laugh.
Happy B & W Westie meme with the word "Smile"

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Preventing a Flea Fiasco with #SentinelSpectrum

Basset Hound sleeping on recliner
This post is sponsored by Virbac® SENTINEL® SPECTRUM® and the BlogPaws Influencer Network™. I am being compensated to help create awareness about protection against common parasite found in dogs, but we only share information we feel is relevant to our readers. More information about SENTINEL SPECTRUM. Virbac is not responsible for the content of this article.   
   What is the first thing that crosses your mind when you see your dog frantically scratching? If you are like many pet parents it is; “Oh no! Do we have fleas?” You begin to search the dog’s fur for any sign of the pesky parasite. If you are lucky, it is nothing more than an itch that needed to be scratched. It’s when you’re separating their hair and a tiny black dot jumps that you know your luck has run out. You have a flea flicking fiasco!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Why Your Pet Should be Sleeping on a Kuranda Bed

   If you have been to a shelter or rescue, chances are you’ve seen dogs relaxing on a Kuranda Dog Bed while they wait for their forever family. There are excellent reasons for that; they have a wonderful “Donate a Bed” program where you can donate a bed to your favorite shelter at deep discounts and shelters know that the Kuranda brand will stand up against a wide range of environments.
The standard walnut PVC dog bed from Kuranda

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Juneau Alaska's Official Greeter ~ Patsy Ann

   We all know that dogs are remarkable animals. Loyalty is one of our dog’s greatest gifts. This is why I have decided to shine the spotlight on one amazing but not so well-known dog each month with Barking from the Bayou's Bone-A-Fido Super Star Dog. This month’s we are shining our light on Patsy Ann, the official greeter to Juneau, Alaska. We visited Juneau on a cruise several years ago. Patsy Ann’s statue was one stop that we didn’t want to miss.
Barking from the Bayou's Bone-A-Fido Super Star Dog
   Patsy Ann was a Bull Terrier born on October 12, 1929 in Portland, Oregon.  She moved to Juneau, Alaska when she was still a pup.  It was on the wharf of Gastineau Channel that she gained her fame. Patsy Ann was born deaf but had an unerring ability to “hear” a ship coming to port before it could be seen by any townsfolk.  She would leave whichever restaurant or bar she happened to be visiting and head directly for the wharf.  Her ability to choose the correct dock and sit patiently until it came into site amazed the townspeople.  Once docked, she would greet the visitors into Juneau. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

How to Bathe Your Dog

   How do you bathe your dog? Over the years, Bentley has been bathed in the yard, the driveway, and the bathtub. He prefers the comfort and privacy of the tub. We thought it might be helpful to share our bathing tips with you. Enjoy!
Me: Once you have coaxed your dog into the tub, it is important to get them thoroughly wet before shampooing.
Bentley: Once you have been bribed with a tasty treat to get in the tub, it is important to position yourself as far away from the water source as possible.

Friday, June 3, 2016

D.I.Y. Dog Allergy Hacks

*Always consult your veterinarian prior to self-medicating your dog. I am not a veterinarian or medical professional so use the Purple Stuff and the Anti-Itch Spray at your own risk. I am sharing these recipes based on my personal experience and those of my colleagues. There are Amazon affiliate links in this post.
Pierre the Westie meme "Got Allergies"
   It is the time of year when dogs everywhere are raising a united hind leg and scratching their annoying itch. I would be afraid to know how much money we have sent to combat the misery of itching over the years of being pet parents. We have bought sprays, ointments, shampoos, powders, you name it and we’ve tried it. Our vets have given steroid shots and pills. Most of them work for a time but at what cost both monetarily and health wise for your dog?

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Dog Friendly Road Trip Tips

   It is vacation time and the big question is whether your trip be will dog-friendly or not. We love to take Bentley and Pierre whenever it is possible and they enjoy going with us. There are a few things that we have learned about taking a road trip with dogs. I am going to share them with you today.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Wednesday's Wingman Westie

Pierre Westie and Bentley Basset in sunglasses and bandanas
Pierre: “When Bentley and I go out on the town, he likes me to act as his ‘wingman’ with the ladies. That’s fine most of the time but…”