Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Bath ~ the Other 4-Letter Word

   I recently wrote How to Wash a Dog using Bentley as my model. When you have two dogs that usually means two baths. Bentley is easy to bathe because he loves the process. Pierre on the other paws, not so much. To his credit, he has gotten better about the entire ordeal. Since Bentley and I narrated the last post, I am turning the keyboard over to Pierre for his point of view.
   Pierre: “Greetings everyone. Please be warned that this post will contain a four-letter word that is not mentioned in polite canine culture. I must share the torture that is my B-A-T-H.
Westie getting sprayed with shower spout

   I’ll admit that my first mistake was following “her” into the bathroom. Before I knew what was happening, I was being soaked and there was no escape!
Westie with shampoo on his body
   I wanted to run when she was pouring the shampoo but she outsmarted me. My beautiful stink was going down the drain.
   The pupparazzi always tries to catch stars looking their worse. Experience my dreaded stink eye!
Basset checking on Westie in the bathtub
   Of course, Bentley had to come in and make fun of my wet dog look. He is just jealous that he doesn’t have my gorgeous locks of fur.
Basset watching Westie getting blow dried
   I enjoy a spritz with a de-tangling conditioner before my blow dry. There is nothing handsome about a mat unless you’re talking about Matt Damon.
Wesite getting blow dried photoed from above
   My baths aren’t that bad and my beautician knows just how I like my hair styled.
Westie licking his toothbrush
   Bath time means getting my teeth brushed. Mmmm, beef flavored toothpaste!
Westie getting his teeth brushed
   Don’t let ‘em gag you, but remember it is important to get those back teeth for kissable breath.
cartoon dog in a bathtub separator


  1. wow you are a trooper Pierre :o) bath and tooth cleaning = drama in my crib.... even with tootpaste with liver sausage :o)

  2. I'm not quite sure we've ever seen anything quite as cute as you soaking wet, Pierre! :)
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  3. Oh Pierre...you do so much better than I do when it comes to the dreaded B-A-T-H. I hope my Ma doesn't see you behaving or she will expect the same from me.

  4. Those back teeth are always a struggle, but we try to keep them as brushed as our "smiley" teeth up front.

  5. What a BRAVE doggie! Well done, Pierre! I allow the shampoo and the B-A-T-H and even the leave in conditioner, but I draw the line at the blow dryer. I prefer to air dry (translation: rub my wet dog smell on the couch, the chair, the rug, and the bed). Teeth get brushed EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE around here. Apparently, my mouth smells like I'm on a "steady diet of sauerkraut and poop." Go figure...

    Love and licks,

  6. Well, the cats just ran screaming from the room. We dogs are turning off the computer now so Jan doesn't see this post and get any ideas.

  7. A bath AND a blow dry! wow Pierre you are a brave one
    Mr Bailey Hazel & Mabel

    Pee es

  8. My momma said Matthew McConaughey are also a pretty good-looking Matt.

  9. We like Chicken flavored paste... we get OURS done FURST so we can savor the flavor as the water torture is going on... Sorry your nice... SCENTS were washed away.

  10. It's called water boarding
    Lily & Edward

  11. I second your thoughts, Pierre. B-a-t-h IS a 4 letter word, just not the one mom says when she's giving me one. *Sigh*
    Your fur-iend,

  12. Pierre your so darn cute as a drounded rat.

  13. It's a dirty word here, too. Pierre did so well!


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