Tuesday, June 7, 2016

How to Bathe Your Dog

   How do you bathe your dog? Over the years, Bentley has been bathed in the yard, the driveway, and the bathtub. He prefers the comfort and privacy of the tub. We thought it might be helpful to share our bathing tips with you. Enjoy!
Me: Once you have coaxed your dog into the tub, it is important to get them thoroughly wet before shampooing.
Bentley: Once you have been bribed with a tasty treat to get in the tub, it is important to position yourself as far away from the water source as possible.
Me: Always use a dog-friendly shampoo like Dr. Harvey’s all natural formula. Avoid getting suds in your dog’s eyes, nose or mouth.
Bentley: Even if the shampooing feels incredible, you must maintain your composure. Do NOT let your hind leg start that weird tapping thing it does when they scratch 'that' spot.
Me: Rinse your dog until the water runs clear and you can’t feel any shampoo in their fur.
Bentley: Standing on the edge of the tub helps ensure clean armpits. It is also a great way to get the floor wet.
Me: Use a soft absorbent towel to dry most of the water off your best friend.
Bentley: Oh my dog, drying off feels amazing. Try not to moan.
Me: If your pup doesn’t mind, a blow dryer on cool can help the drying process as you brush any loose hair from their coat.
Bentley: My stylist gets me.
Me: Bath time is a terrific opportunity to brush those chompers.
Bentley: I love having my teeth brushed. That being said, I like to clamp my jaws on the brush to make it more challenging for Mom.
Me: Giving your dog a bath can be a wonderful bonding experience. It is a chance to look for any lumps, bumps or boo boos. Don’t forget to talk to them as you go through the entire bathing process.
Bentley: When your human does a good job, it’s important to let them know. A sincere thank you goes a long way.
Me: Be sure to say, “I love you” and get a kiss.
Bentley: My favorite part of the bath is when she says; “I love you” and gives me a kiss.

What is bath time like at your house? Are you a do-it-yourselfer or do you take your pups to the salon? Let us know in the comments.
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  1. You do know that this means lots of extra hugs and kisses, Bentley! We get our baths in the bathtub.

  2. yiiiikes... the bathtub!!!! we always fill some water in the tub before we include Easy... it has to have a special height (not more than knee-high) or Easy tries to swim and paddles with his paws... it's funny but the guarantor fur a huge mess :o)

  3. That didn't look too bad, Bentley. Though we would never want to get a bath no matter what.

  4. We absolutely love the look of admiration we see in your eyes Bentley! We can tell how much you love your mom!! Melissa...that apron is pretty snazzy!! :)

  5. we do the bathtub at home too - doing two long haired dogs is an all morning event though :)

  6. It is a good time to talk and bond!! Cocoa loves baths and gives kissies

  7. We do our BESTEST to AVOID the Water Torture... butt mom always STARTS our Baff with Teefs brushing... and we LOVE that pawt TOO... We have Chicken Flavored Paste.. YUMMMMMMM
    OH and the Dripping paws on the edge of the tub of torture... We LOVE doing that fur mom... it helps her to Scrub the floor after our baffs...

  8. What a fun post! I love that Bentley bites down on the toothbrush!

    We do all our own bathing at home. The baths are done outside in the summer and in the garage in the winter. Drying takes a few hours per dog!

  9. Oh boy she better not get out that wind tunnel here
    Lily & Edward

  10. I can't believe how happy he looks to get a bath.

  11. You did really well. I'm not a fan of the tub, but I put up with it too when necessary. We use the same hair dryer on my ears and beard all the time since I'm always dripping wet from my water bowl.

  12. Mom says we are getting baths this weekend so we can be all clean when we meet Dory & Arty later in the week. And guess what? We have Dr Harvey shampoo! Mom loves how it smells good
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  13. Boy, do you get spoiled. We just get a quick wash in the laundry tub....Roxy is hosed..., no pedicure or anything! We do get treats though.

  14. Aw, Bentley is so good about his bath! One thing I love about our new house is our large walk in shower with a door, and a hand held sprayer. It used to take two of us to bathe the dogs in our open shower at the old house, but now that we have a door, I can do it myself! They still try to get as far from the water as possible, but at least they can't escape. They don't go for the blow dryer though, so we try to mostly give baths on warmer days.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  15. I bathe Layla at PetFood Express where they have an amazing bathing station with towels, aprons etc and then afterwards we shop for treats

  16. Waaaaait, waitwaitwait. NO BATH TALK *shudder*
    (although we do get the toofie brushie thingy stuffs)


  17. I think Rooney has the same feelings about having his teeth brushed! Also, he loves baths, but is not a fan of the blow dryer. So we have to result to drying, then letting Rooney do some indoor laps, then drying some more, then maybe going for a walk to air dry.

  18. Aw, you both had a good time getting a bath.

  19. Love the pics! When my FiveSibes were younger, they went to a grooming salon. Then we switched to a groomer who does house calls and he washed them in our tub, but the Huskies were not fond of that! So then we purchased a walk-in tub and the groomer bathes them in that out on the deck and they now enjoy bath time! A few will even step into the empty tub to wait!

  20. Great tios! Phoebe gets bathed in the kitchen sink (unless she's getting a haircut) but Icy goes to PetSmart for baths. She's a bit too much for me to handle although I wish we could get warm water to the hose & bathe her outside!
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  21. We're a shower family - lucky we have a big walk-in shower big enough for Jack!

  22. It takes about 45 minutes to shampoo and condition Sam. Then it takes nearly an hour to clean the tub, wipe soap and other schmutz from the ceiling and walls when Sam shakes, and mop up all the water from the floor. By then, he's 99% dry, so good usage of time and we can move on to the brush out. Sam isn't all that keen on the hair dryer bit. Yeah, it's an ordeal, but he looks and smells so good afterwards, it's all worth it. Plus it's required when we go to the hospital. ;)

  23. What a wonderful bath day, can I come over?


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