Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Summer is Here!

Summer is here and we are ready for some fun!
We have had enough of the sad 2020 so we’re ready to start the second half on with a smile.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Let's Discuss Treatibles and Your Pet

   I have been an affiliate of Treatibles Full Spectrum Hemp Oil products since 2017 for one simple reason. The results I have seen in Bentley are nothing short of amazing. Here is the link to our first post about Treatibles.   
   He has gone from panting, pacing, and trying to climb behind our couch to simply wanting to be close to us. He no longer trembles and will actually go to sleep during a storm. That means WE can get some sleep when overnight storms hit. After being awake during overnight storms for years, this was a welcome improvement!
   Here are a few questions that I thought we could answer in case you are still undecided if Treatibles CBD products are for you and your pet.
Treatibles Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Chews
How can Treatibles benefit my pet?

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Pierre's Pooped

We have been staying busy with the grandbabies and Pierre could not be happier. He has dubbed himself their best friend and stays right beside them. They throw his toys, play tug and love to run!
I have a funny feeling these two are going to be a pretty mischievous duo. Audrey calls them “her dogs” and neither of them would deny it.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Be the Good

   Like most of you, I am rather shell-shocked at what has transpired in America over the past few days. To see a video on television showing a man being murdered by a police officer is something none of us should be able to get out of our heads.
   It is important to believe there is more good than bad in the world but sometimes it is difficult. I pray that we can come together as a nation and world to begin the long journey of healing and acceptance. It is past time. 
Be the Good meme with Basset Hound