Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Made in the Quik Shade

Me: “Bentley, where are you going?”
Bentley: “I’m going out to the backyard.  I want to see if I have it made in the shade.”
Me: “Don’t you mean that you are going to enjoy our new Quik Shade Pets?  It is a perfect temperature outdoors to enjoy a nap.”

Sunday, September 28, 2014

BFTB Channel 7 NETWoof News

Bentley: “Welcome to BFTB News, I’m your news hound Bentley.  Here is our top story; a squirrel in Germany apparently got its head stuck in a manhole cover.  A Good Samaritan flagged down an officer to help rescue the trapped tree rat.  Although rescuing a squirrel should be a simple task, the officers discovered that was not the case.  After trying to pull the nut hoarder free, they lifted the drain cover.  It was obviously a case of karma kicking in, because that little dude wasn’t budging.  A woman brought a bottle of olive oil to assist at the scene.  The officers rubbed it around the squirrel’s neck and body.  After 15 minutes of pushing and pulling, the ungrateful rodent ran into a nearby garden and up a tree.  Does that surprise my co-anchor Pierre?  Psst…Pierre quit laughing…seriously; it’s your turn to report.

World Rabies Day #TogetherAgainstRabies

No dog should suffer from rabies.

  Today is World Rabies Day to raise awareness of this deadly disease. The Global Alliance for Rabies Control began in 2007 to enlighten others about this dreaded illness.  The theme for this year’s World Rabies Day is #TogetherAgainstRabies.

Friday, September 26, 2014

New York Dreaming #FFHT

*We are joining Murphy and Stanley for another Fractured Fryday.  Today’s challenge is to use the phrase: just when I thought things couldn’t get worse” somewhere in the story.  Enjoy! ♥
Bentley: “You will never believe the dream I had last night.  I’m thinking it was the midnight snack combined with our BFTB broadcast this week!  Have you ever had one of those dreams where you know that you are dreaming, but you can’t wake yourself up?  It was like that only I didn’t want to wake up until I knew what happened.  I almost made it.”
Pierre: “Oh, I always dream crazy things.  I chase squirrels and bark in my sleep.  Sometimes when I’m almost asleep, I think I’m falling and I jerk myself awake.  Was I in your dream?”
Bentley: “OMD!  Yes, we were in The Big Apple a.k.a. New York City.  I was taking you on a tour of Belvedere Castle in Central Park.  Mom and Dad weren’t with us.  We weren’t even wearing our leashes.”

Pierre: “I love a park!  Were there slides and picnics?  Did I have fun?”
Bentley: “We were having a blast playing King of the Belvedere Castle.  Then we noticed a pup was howling that a stranger had taken his baseball on the grounds below.  Being a hero-type guy, I immediately sprang into action and began to follow the thief.”

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Remember Me Thursday, #LightForPets Adoption

   Today we are joining the Remember Me Thursday™ global awareness campaign with animal lovers and organizations across the world to light a candle in remembrance of the millions of orphan pets who lost their lives without the benefit of a loving home.  It is also shining a light on the millions of pets still waiting for their forever homes.
   Mike Arms, President of Helen Woodward Animal Center, champions this movement.  He is the creator of both the International Pet Adoptathon and International Home 4 the Holidays program that along with other national animal organizations has placed 9.3 million pets in their forever homes since 1999.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Smooches and Adoptable Pooches

♥ Every dog deserves Smooches ♥
Me: “Bentley…Pierre, who wants Smooches?  Come on sweeties; I have Smooches for my two big boys!”
Bentley: “Gosh Mom, way to embarrass me in front of my girl Emma.  You know that she visits me.  How manly is it if I come trotting over for smooches from my mom?  Geez.”
Pierre: “I’ll take a smooch Gramma.  Can I crawl up on your lap for some nuzzles?”
Me: “I don’t have any Nuzzles, but The Honest Kitchen does make them.  They are the low calorie gourmet duck and cherry cookies.  Smooches are these hand-baked wheat-free cookies made out of love!  See, it’s printed right on the box from the company’s founder LucyPostins.”
Bentley: “Whoa…what’s this about cookies named Smooches?  That’s totally different.  I was just joking about not wanting your Smooches.  Hee-hee-hee.  Move Pierre, I need to sit by my beautiful loving mom.”  *Major puppy dog eyes
Pierre: “Aww, look the cookies are shaped like little hearts.  That makes me happy.  It also
Love should be the first ingredient in The Honest Kitchen Smooches Cookies!
makes me happy to know that each cookie is created with free-range chicken, barley flour, eggs, and organic coconut oil.  We can talk Gramma into giving us more than one of these.  They are a teensy tiny 2.3 calories per treat.”
Me: “I would be happy to give each of you a Smooches cookie for a real smooch.  You know the kind that is a kiss and cuddle combined.  I won’t tell your Sweetie, it’ll be our secret.”  *wink, wink ~ smooch, hug
Bentley: “Okay, that’s enough loving until after the treat.  I can smell the molasses, cranberries, and parmesan cheese.  This is about to get slobbery if you don’t hand over a delicious Smooches cookie.  I’m not being ugly; it’s just having them so close and not in my mouth is shifting my taste buds into over-drool.”
Pierre: “Hey Gramma, look at me.  I’m turning a circle for you.  Here watch…I’m sitting up for Smooches.  Okay, listen…bark, bark, and bark.  It’s me speaking!  Papaw will you give me a cookie?”
*Papaw gives Pierre a cookie.  Pierre loves his Papaw.  ♥
Bentley: “Seriously?  Did I just see Dad give Pierre a Smooches cookie because he sat up and turned a circle?  Dang, I don’t like being a show-off, but here it is…there, are you impressed?  Toss me one of those delectable hearts.”
Me: “You didn’t do anything.  All I saw was you sitting there staring at this box of cookies.  What was the trick?”
"I'm going to need bedtime Smooches."
Bentley: “What?  You cut me to the quick.  I was reading the information on the box.  Not all dogs enjoy reading the ingredients, but it is important.  You might want to note that The Honest Kitchen never adds corn, wheat, soy, or GMO produce to their products.  I think that knowledge deserves a Smooches cookie.  *Chomp, chomp  Guess what else I read.  Besides these Chicken and Cranberry Smooches, and the Duck and Cherry Nuzzles, The Honest Kitchen also makes bite-sized Buffalo and Blueberry cookies for pups of every size called Pecks.  You should probably go ahead and place an order for those today.”
Pierre: “That’s a great idea Bentley.  I’m thinking maybe instead of the 8 oz. box for $7.99, Gramma could just buy the 16 oz. boxes for $12.99.  A penny saved and all that stuff.”
Me: “I’m so happy that you both love the taste of these healthy snacks.  They aren’t too hard or crumbly, so there aren’t little crumbs all over the floor.  I like that and I like how the people at The Honest Kitchen think.  Everything they make is human grade quality.  There are about 26 employees and 12 dogs that work in the offices of The Honest Kitchen.  I think that shows they are true dog people.”
Bentley: “Dog people are the happiest people in the world.  I am definitely a fan of The Honest Kitchen dinners and treats.  This could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.”
Pierre: Yes, The Honest Kitchen describes these Smooches as a lingering moment infused with a lot of love and that’s something they think every dog deserves.”
Me: “Did I mention how much I love the way they think?  That is a great segue to our second part of today’s post.  Before we move on though, let’s give your paws up on our The Honest Kitchen Smooches Cookies.  One paw is bad and five paws are awesome!”


I am not being compensated for helping spread the word about The Honest Kitchen Smooches.  We received an 8 oz. box to sample and review.  M. K. Clinton Barking from the Bayou only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers,  The Honest Kitchen is not responsible for the content of this article.

We are joining Sugar the Golden Retriever and Kol’s Notes for Tasty Tuesday’s blog hop.  Join them and the other tasty bloggers on this hop.  Tuesday’s just got tastier!

Tuesday’s Tails
   Last Saturday I did something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.  I volunteered with my local PetSavers shelter for Pet Adoption Day at PetSmart.  It was so much fun getting to meet and walk the dogs.  I believe that two of the pups found new forever homes that day.  The other volunteers were all very nice and welcoming.  I really knew they would be, because dog lovers are good people.  I will definitely be joining them again.
   The two dogs that I’m featuring today were at PetSmart on Saturday.  Since they are now my friends, I really want them to find forever homes.  ☺  Please share their photos on your social media.  Thanks so much.

   Thanks to Dogs ‘N Pawz and Talking Dogs for hosting Tuesday’s Tails in an effort to find homes for shelter dogs and cats everywhere.

Monday, September 22, 2014

BFTB NETWoof Channel 7 News

Bentley: “Welcome friends to our Monday segment of BFTB NETWoof Channel 7 News.  There were quite a few stories that captured our attention over the last week.  Of course, all of Blogville is talking about the Great Debate as mayoral candidates The Doodle Brothers Stanley and Murphy match wits with Dory.  We will have a live update later in the broadcast.”
Pierre: “I heard that Vegas is taking bets on who will win this first ever debate.  I am doubling my money by folding it and putting it in my pocket.  It is way too close to take a leap and predict a victor.  Speaking of leaps, there are two dogs in the news for taking leaps of a different sort.”
Bentley: “That’s right, Pierre.  Riley, a four-year old Dachshund went skydiving from 13,000 feet with his owner.  Just when you think humans can’t get any more dangerous, filmmaker and adventurer Dean Potter has taken his dog Whisper BASE jumping with him.  Personally, stories like this make me thankful that Mom is a bit of a chicken.  She won’t even take me up in the Ferris Wheel at the fair, so there is not a big threat of me going parachuting with her.”

Sunday, September 21, 2014

International Peace Day

War is not healthy for dogs or other living things.
“In the history of the world,
no dog has ever started a war.”  
M. K. Clinton ~The Returns Series

Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Basset's Assets

A Basset’s Assets…

Basset Hounds don’t need sleep masks.

They come with them already installed.

Friday, September 19, 2014

International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Bentley: “Shiver me timbers First mate Pierre!  Guess what day it be.”
Pierre: “Uhhh, it’s Friday.  Why are we dressed like this and what happened to my eye?  Should I be hysterical?”
Bentley: “Avast Matey!  It be Talk Like A Pirate Day!  It’s an international holiday and our friend Cap’n Speedy the House Bunny is having a big party over in the U.K.  We be supposed t' talk like a gentleman o' fortune all tide.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wondercide™ Wonderful

   What would you do if your dog suddenly became deathly ill from pesticide poisoning?  If you are Stephanie Boone, you found your own natural and organic products company.  In 2008, Stephanie’s dog Luna, an Akita-Husky mix, developed pesticide poisoning, the side effects ranged from seizures and chronic skin issues to liver and kidney failure.  Luna was ten-years old and had been treated each month of her life with a traditional, veterinarian prescribed flea & tick treatment containing fipronil as the active ingredient.
   Several vets advised her it was time to put Luna down due to her age.  They reassured Stephanie that her dog had lived a good life and nothing could be done to improve Luna’s health.  This was simply not an option.  Stephanie began researching pesticide formulas, the impact of traditional pesticides on human and animal health, the regulatory laws, and federal environmental policies.  What she discovered ignited a fire inside her so intense that she left her career and joined scientists, professors, and holistic vets to develop Wondercide.
   Developing natural and organic products that never use any harmful chemicals or synthetic pesticides, Wondercide™ treats the source, not the symptom.  Being a Green America Gold Certified Green Business, they are dedicated to making the world a healthier place ecologically, ethically, and socially.  Guaranteeing all of their products are “Made in the USA” from the formulation to fulfillment, they even try to minimize paper waste whenever they can. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tractor Supply Stores Can Keep Your Pets Happy #PAW2014

   Have you been to your local Tractor Supply Store lately?  If not, you really need to drop by to discover all of the awesome pet supplies they carry.  Despite their name, Tractor Supply Company stores carry an extensive line of premium brand pet foods, treats, flea & tick supplies, beds, crates, kennels, collars, and so much more.  Whether you are a pet parent or manage a small family farm, your local TSC store has everything that you need.  They are your one-stop shop with locations all over rural America.

Monday, September 15, 2014

BFTB Channel 7 NETWoof News

Bentley: “Hello and welcome to BFTB NETWoof Channel 7 News.  It has been a busy week in the dog world, so let’s get right to the stories.  Our top story today; Hello Kitty is not a cat.  There seems to be some controversy over whether Miss Kitty White is truly a little girl.  Christine R. Yano, the author of "Pink Globalization: Hello Kitty's Trek Across the Pacifictold the L.A. Times Hello Kitty is a British girl.  Sanrio, the company responsible for the Hello Kitty craze is quoted as saying, “Hello Kitty was done in the motif of a cat.  It's going too far to say that Hello Kitty is not a cat.  Hello Kitty is a personification of a cat."  Does this mean the cat is out of the bag when it comes to Hello Kitty?  Pierre, what do you think?”

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Friday, September 12, 2014

Is It Better To Have 2 Dogs?

   Is it better to have two dogs?  This is a question that many people ponder at one time or the other.  It is always a personal decision based on your time, space, and if you can afford another mouth to feed.  This is not a decision to make lightly or impulsively.  We are going to be a one-dog home when Pierre moves home.  I know that Bentley is going to miss him as much or more than we will.  They are buddies.  My first impulse is “SQUEEEAL!!  Let’s get a new Basset Hound puppy…a little girl that I can dress in cute clothes.”  Sometimes, it is best to make a list of pros and cons of a two-dog family.

Pro: Two dogs can play together and keep each other company.
Con: Two dogs can get into twice the mischief.
Pro: Double the doggy love.
Con: Double the doggy poo.
Pro: Twice the dog guards.
Con: Twice the barking
Pro: Walks are more fun with a friend.
Con: Friends become tangled in each other’s leash, then wrap around you.
Pro: It is very impressive to have two obedient dogs.
Con: It is very embarrassing to have two disobedient dogs.

Thursday, September 11, 2014


   A few weeks ago, I published a post about KLOUT and the PERKS they offer.  This social media-ranking site is free and very user friendly.  The higher your social media score, the more you get PERK’ed.  If the PERK is for a dog food that I’d like to try or one that I already know the boys like, I accept.  My current offer was for a bag of Purina ONE.  The box also contained a $10 and a $2.00 off coupon for future purchases of Purina ONE dry dog.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Vacation in my Mind

**BFTB News UPDATE:  It is with heavy hearts we must report that our friend Greta from the Idaho Pug Ranch crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  We send our thoughts and prayers to her humans Stan and Linda along with the Pugs Bailey & Hazel.  

 “Sometimes I just go on vacations in my mind.”

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Watermelon Fruitables and Adoptable Dogs

"I wish you could smell the watermelon!"
Watermelon is a staple around the bayou all summer.  You can find roadside trucks with their beds full of juicy melons for sale.  The Farmer’s Market and grocer’s produce department offer them for relief from the scorching heat.  This is the first year that Bentley and Pierre have tried watermelon.  I had seen on other blogs that other dog’s loved the taste.  I was anxious to let the boys try it.  They quickly became melon heads.  What are we to do now that fall is upon us?

Monday, September 8, 2014

BFTB NETWoof News 9/8/2014

"Our top story: Dogs like petting."

Bentley: “Welcome to Monday’s edition of BFTB NETWoof News.  Our top story tonight; a study published in Behavioural Processes shows that dogs prefer petting to verbal praise.  They tested 42 shelter and pet dogs with two people.  One person gave verbal praise while the other person petted the dog.  The study measured the amount of time the dog spent with each person.  The dogs in the study preferred being petted.  What do you think Pierre?”
Pierre: “That seems like a big duh to me Bentley.  Why don’t the places that spend time and money doing studies, just ask dog parents?  I do have to challenge the part of this study that says dogs have no more interest in spoken praise than they do in not interacting at all.  I enjoy Gramma talking to me, you know unless she starts yammering.”

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Grandparents Day

Pierre: “Gramma!  Gramma!  Come here hurry!!”
Me: *Springing up and rushing to check on Pierre  “What is it baby?  Are you okay?”
Pierre: “Papaw!  Papaw!  Come here hurry!”  *Hubby runs in to see what’s with all of the hollering.
Me: “Okay, we are both here.  What’s going on?”
Pierre: *Big cheesy grin “Happy Grandparents Day.  I love y’all.”
Me: “Awww Pierre, we love you too.”
Bentley: “Hey, wait just a second.  I want to wish my Nana a Happy Grandparents Day too.  She lives in New York and loves me very much.”
Pierre: “Is your Nana my Nana too?  It only seems logical since we are family.”
Bentley: “She is my mom’s mama, so that means she is your mom’s nana.  That would make her your Great Nana.”
Pierre: “Aren’t all grandparents great?  I have never met a grandparent that I didn’t think was great.  They like to give head scratches and treats.”
Me: “You are absolutely right Pierre.  All grandparents are great!”

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Read A Book Day with Hugs & Kisses

Bentley: “Guess what we are celebrating today?”
Pierre: “It has got to be my birthday this time!  Where are my presents?  Did Gramma bake me a birthday cake?  I am so hyped!”
Bentley: “Pierre, every single time I tell you that we are celebrating, you assume that it is your birthday.  If that was the case, you’d be about 87 years old by now.”
Pierre: “What are you trying to say?  Is it not my birthday?  Shoot, I wanted cake.”
Bentley: “Yes, it is not your birthday.  It is National Read a Book Day!  You know what that means don’t you?”

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Choose Natural Balance Dental Chews

   Dental Health is very dear to our heart here on the Bayou.  There is not much worse than a face full of bad dog breath.  Since both of the boys enjoy hugs and kisses, I want to make sure their breath is fresh.  Of course, that is just one of the reasons to make sure you stick to a dental hygiene program for your dog.  Did you know that you could add two to four years to your pet’s life with proper dental care?  It not only adds years, but it improves their overall health. 

Bentley: “As you know, I’m a huge fan of having my teeth brushed.  It is right up there with belly rubs in my book and it doesn’t get better than belly rubs!  Sometimes during the day, I feel the need for a little breath freshener.  That’s where Natural Balance Dental Chews come to the rescue.”

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

B.F.T.B. NETWoof Channel 7 News

Announcer Mom: “The new fall line-up is being presented on most of our favorite channels.  In keeping with the hype of the new season, we are proud to premiere the
B.F.T.B. NETWoof Channel 7 News
with your co-anchors; Bentley & Pierre.”

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Bravo! Bravo! Make Good Happen

Bentley: “Bravo!  Bravo!”
Pierre: “Thanks Bentley.  I wasn’t expecting such adoration this morning.  Did I do something fabulous in my sleep?  It’s my sleep singing, isn’t it?  I dreamed that I was starring on Broadway.”
Bentley: “All I heard or saw from your sleeping was a couple of weird whimpers and some involuntary leg jerks.  Oh, and your eyes kinda did this wonky twitching thing.  It didn’t sound anything like the Broadway production of Lion King or even Kinky Boots.  Besides, I wasn’t cheering for you.  I was chanting the name of our new treat sensations, Bravo Crunchy Delights.”
Pierre: “Well, that’s different.  I can tell you that I love the taste of Bravo Crunchy Chicken Delights.  It makes me want to sing and dance.  I simply can’t contain myself.  Oh so lo mio…”
Bentley: “Wait Pierre, why don’t you save your voice.  Let’s discuss this new tasty treat from our friends at Bravo.  You know, they are a leader in fresh-frozen raw pet foods for dogs and cats.”
Pierre: “Indeed I do.  It was a natural growth of their family business.  They have been supplying New England restaurants with meat from their Manchester Packing Company since 1942.  Bravo now has over 125 items for dogs and cats.  Our Crunchy Delights are the newest addition.”

Monday, September 1, 2014

Jamberry Nails

"Have a great Labor Day holiday!"
 Bentley and Pierre have decided to take Labor Day off this year.  Bentley mentioned the Fair Dog Act of 2014 or something.  Anyway, they are relaxing with some treats and a couple of new toys.  This leaves me to have a little fun of my own for Mischief Monday.
   Let me start by saying that I love pretty fingernails, manicures, and polish.  I will add to that the fact that I have stubby, flat fingernails and never find the time to sit and let nail polish dry.  I don’t think that I have ever managed a home manicure without at least a tiny botch.  I try to sit down and paint them, waving my arms around so they will dry before my nose itches or my phone rings.  It never fails that I gouge at least one of them before they dry.  I used to have acrylic nails and found them beautiful, expensive, and with a tendency to turn my nails green.  Ugh!  Is there any solution out there?