Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Loving Olympia

The Port of Olympia
We visited our daughter and son-in-law last week in Washington. It was easy to fall in love with the beauty and awesome temperatures in the Pacific Northwest. We enjoyed a trip through Olympia Farmer’s Market and a walk along the Port of Olympia. You can see the state capitol in the background. It was truly an incredible trip.

5 Beauty Routines That Have Gone To The Dogs

Definition of anthropomorphize
   I cannot remember a time when I didn’t talk to my dogs and imagine them as humans trapped in dog’s body. It seems that they know more than they let on and it is some kind of universal canine joke on humans. Anthropomorphizing your pet can also make life a lot of fun. While we enjoy imagining Bentley and Pierre doing things considered strictly human, there are many things we actually do the same. That shouldn't be a surprise considering we share 84% of our DNA. Source:http://education.seattlepi.com/animals-share-human-dna-sequences-6693.html

Here are 5 beauty routines I share my dogs:
Bentley Basset is wearing a shower cap and sniffs a hot bath 10¢ sign
1.  We all use the same shower. 
*Not at the same time, that'd be weird.

Monday, August 29, 2016

BFTB NETWoof News August 29, 2016

Bentley: “Hello and welcome to BFTB NETWoof News for the last Monday in August 2016. As many of you know, we were on a secret assignment last week. Details will be coming soon but that did not deter us from fetching some great stories. My co-anchor Pierre has our top story.”
BFTB NETWoof News Top Story with black bear
Pierre: “Yes, I do and I can ‘bearly’ contain my excitement at being back. Our top story is the 300 lb. black bear that was relocated after authorities evicted him from his place of residence. This might not have been unusual except the bear was living under a man’s front porch in Breckenridge, Colorado. This modern-day Yogi was tranquilized and moved to another part of the state. Hopefully, his new address will be in the forest.”

Thursday, August 25, 2016

5 Reasons to Give Your Dog Dr. Harvey's Multi-Vitamin & Mineral

   It is important that our dogs are receiving the necessary vitamins and minerals in their daily diet. I feed Bentley and Pierre top-quality Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health, Veg-to-Bowl, and Oracle so I know they are getting terrific food. Personally, I try to eat right too, but I still take a multi-vitamin every day. It makes me feel better and I believe keeps me from catching colds or other illnesses. Why wouldn’t I want the same benefits for my boys?

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Truly Grand Grand Canyon

   We took the boys to see the Grand Canyon on our way home from the BlogPaws conference. It truly is a grand sight to see and leaves little doubt as to why it is one of the Wonders of the World. Enjoy these photos from our visit.
Close-up of tree at the Grand Canyon

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Fetch Some Kaleb's Organic Dog Treats

Kaleb's Organic Dog Treats
Barking from the Bayou, LLC received a box of Kaleb's Organic Dog Treats in exchange for an honest review. We only share products/services that we use and feel would benefit our readers. Kaleb's is not responsible for the contents of this article.
   We always strive to feed Bentley and Pierre healthy treats. That’s why when I heard about Kaleb’s Organic Dog Treats, I was excited to try them. They are baked with 100% USDA certified organic ingredients and non-GMO project verified. Kaleb’s Vermont bakery makes these treats in small batches to ensure the best quality. They use all natural ingredients but no wheat, corn or soy.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Friday, August 19, 2016

5 Ways to Help Your Dog Beat the Summer Heat

   It is hot on the Bayou. Triple digit hot. And humid. It’s the kind of weather that would make the devil sweat. We have learned ways to beat the Louisiana summer heat. It is probably hot where you are too, so here are some tips that we find helpful.
Bentley Basset playing with his PrideBites pig

1.  Stay indoors and play with your toys. This is also a good excuse to buy new summer toys that are marked down to make room for Halloween costumes.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Help Your Dog Stay Calmz

Barking from the Bayou LLC received a Calmz Anxiety Relief System in exchange for an honest review. We only share products that we use and believe would benefit our readers. Calmz is not responsible for the contents of this article.

   If you are one of the thousands of pet parents whose dog suffers from anxiety, then you know that you will try just about anything to help them. Bentley does not like thunderstorms or fireworks. Those are his two biggest anxiety triggers. Over the past eight years, I have tried countless products with varying degrees of success. To date, our biggest success comes from an all-natural herbal blend that I add to his food. I usually give it to him on days that bad weather is forecasted.
   It would still be wonderful to slip something on him in the event of a sudden pop-up thunderstorm. That is where this innovative new device comes in to save the day. I was able to have a private meeting with the Calmz Anxiety Relief System representative in Phoenix. She explained to me how the device worked and I agreed to give it a try.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

National Black Cat Appreciation Day

   Today is National Black Cat Appreciation Day. It is so unfair for black cats to have such a bad reputation. They are less likely to be adopted if they enter the shelter system. Many are abused or killed by ignorant people who believe they are somehow bad luck. Every child sees black cats with arched backs and hissing associated with Halloween and witches. It is time for these myths and superstitions to be put to rest.
   I was lucky to have the coolest black Manx cat that ever lived named Amos. A lot of Manx cats have stubs for tails but Amos was completely tailless. Their hind legs are longer than their front. He always looked like his rear end was jacked up. He was so much fun.
   Amos was very shy and few people ever actually saw him in the fur. When someone came to the door, all you would see was a black streak and then nothing until whoever invaded his territory left. If Amos loved you, you knew it. He was a top-notch bread maker and his purr could wake the dead.
   There was never a question about having Amos represented in my book series, The Returns. Many who have read the books chose him as their favorite character. There is nobody cooler in the Big Easy than Amos the Black Cat. He knows people that know people if you catch my drift…
Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day!

Remember, when a black cat crosses your path, adopt it!
*On a personal note, this is my two-year anniversary of kicking the smoking habit. If you haven’t read the post from one year ago, please visit Does Your Dog Think You Stink? and share it with a smoker that you love.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Fetch Fresh Breath with DENTASTIX #ChewyInfluencer

Chewy.com Influencer disclaimer
   Has your dog ever tried to give you a kiss but after getting a whiff of their breath, you turn away? It’s not their fault. They can’t brush their teeth after eating. That means it is up to us to make sure our best friends have clean teeth and fresh breath. I brush Bentley and Pierre’s teeth on a regular basis but there are times they need a little something extra.
Pedigree ® DENTASTIX box with Fresh flavor
   DENTASTIX is a favorite treat on the bayou to help reduce tartar buildup. I was excited to see a new Fresh DENTASTIX with natural peppermint flavor. They smell so good and the boys LOVE them!
Bentley: “It is important that Pierre and I have fresh breath. We are checking the summer scene with our new Chewy beach gear. Girls want a fella with a winning smile and nice teeth. DENTASTIX helps with that. My winning personality does the rest.”
Bentley Basset greets Chewy representative Sydney while M. K Clinton holds leashes
Pierre: “Speaking of a great personality, we were thrilled to see our Chewy.com friend, Miss Sydney at the BlogPaws™ conference. Do you think that she noticed our fresh breath?”
Bentley Basset Hound PIerre Westie sitting on blue beach towel by the ocean
Bentley: “I’m sure that she did. Why else would she have sent us all this cool summer stuff? We have a Chewy beach towel, shades, a cool cup and some flip flops. I tried the shoes on, but they were kinda big. Now, it’s just the sand, the sun, and the surf.”
Me: “I hate to spoil your fun, but I think the summer beach bag and those other goodies are meant for me.”
Bentley Basset & Pierre Westie stand at opened front dog to greet Chewy.com spokesdog
Pierre: “That’s cute that you think Chewy would send you stuff. Chewy is the company that we count on to deliver top-quality pet products to our doorstep. I’ll admit the straw is hard for me to drink out of and Bentley looks ridiculous in the flip flops. Maybe those things are for you, but don’t even think about laying claim to the DENTASTIX. The patented X-shape helps clean down to our gumline. I don’t have to tell you how important healthy gums are to a dog’s mouth.”
Bentley Basset and Pierre Westie can hardly wait to freshen their breath and clean their teeth with DENTASTIX
Bentley: “I know that for a fact and DENTASTIX is America’s #1 daily oral care treat. We usually eat ours as a midday snack. If you like to smooch your pooch, we recommend visiting Chewy.com and ordering DENTASTIX Triple Action Fresh today. Tell them the Bayou Boys sent you.”
Chewy.com guarantee

We are joining Sugar the Golden Retriever and Oz the Terrier for the Chewy month blog hop.

Monday, August 15, 2016

BFTB NETWoof News August 15, 2016

Bentley: “Hello and welcome to BFTB NETWoof News for the week of August 15, 2016. I’m your newshound Bentley Basset and joining me at the desk is my co-anchor Pierre Westie. Our Weather Lab Paisley has fetched the forecast for the United States. You won’t find any bad news or political rhetoric here. We do what dogs do best; we cheer you up and put a smile on your face. What’s our top story, Pierre?”
BFTB NETWoof News Top Story~ Dogs prefer belly rubs
Pierre: “You know how we enjoy reporting on scientific studies that relate to dogs. In a recent study, researchers scanned the brains of 15 dogs to see if they reacted more positively to treats or to praise and belly rubs. Their scans revealed equal or greater brain activity in the region that controls decision-making and signals they’ve received a reward than when they were only given food. Personally, I’d rather have a treat and my belly rubbed, but that’s just me.”

Friday, August 12, 2016

A Surprise Package from Natural Balance

M. K. Clinton posing in front of Natural Balance display with Bentley Basset & Pierre Westie
  As I have mentioned before, we were able to meet some incredible pet brands at the recent BlogPaws conference. One of those that really stood out was Natural Balance®. I was invited to attend a delicious breakfast and learn more about the company. It was very nice and their representatives were terrific. Later this month I will introduce you to some of the new treats they have coming to a store near you. Until then, the boys and I wanted to share this awesome gift box of goodies that we received when we returned to the bayou. They didn’t ask us to review it, but Bentley and Pierre really wanted to tell everyone about it. They love getting surprise packages!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

A Back-to-School Salute to Teachers

Merriam Webster definition of a teacher
   That is such a limited description of a person whose job is truly limitless. I had the privilege of working with some outstanding teachers over the fifteen years I was in the public school system. My experience allowed me to observe teachers in their classrooms from the kindergarten through the twelfth grade.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Will My Dogs Love Evanger's Beef Lungs?

Evanger's logo
Barking from the Bayou received Evanger’s Beef Lungs in exchange for an honest review. We only share products that we use and feel our readers would enjoy knowing more about. Evanger’s is not responsible for the content of this article.
Have you ever wondered if your dogs or cats would enjoy beef lung as a treat? The answer is a resounding “YES” and they will love you for it. We recently received a box full of Nothing But Natural™ goodies from our friends at Evanger’s. You might remember our review of their delicious grain-free Jerky Treats last month. Well, Bentley and Pierre insisted that they get the opportunity to tell you about their Evanger’s Nothing But Natural Beef Lungs.
F.Y.I. These are purr-fect for our feline friends too!
Cowboy round-up statues with cowboy Basset & Westie. Inset of Evanger's Beef Lungs

Monday, August 8, 2016

BFTB NETWoof New August 8, 2016 #DogNews

Bentley: “Hello and welcome to this week’s BFTB NETWoof News where we bring you the news that makes you smile. As always, I am joined at the news desk by my co-anchor Pierre Westie and our wonderful Weather Lab Paisley. What is today’s top story?”
BFTB NETWoof News with Top Story about Bears on back screen
Pierre: “It is the happily ever after story of thirteen bears that had been surrendered from deplorable conditions in roadside zoos and carnivals. They have been relocated to a Colorado sanctuary. During the transition, two females gave birth. They are now out of their holding cages and enjoying the feel of grass beneath their paws. One of the new mothers was even able to make a den for her cub. We hope they thrive in their newfound freedom.”

Friday, August 5, 2016

Twigo Pet Tags Are A Great IDea

Twigo Pet ID Tags Red heart with M♥m written on it and a blue bone with white star in center
Barking from the Bayou, LLC received two Twiggo® Pet ID Tags in exchange for an honest review. We only share products and services that we use and believe will be of benefit to our audience. Twiggo is not responsible for the content of this article.

   I have developed a sort of obsession with dog tags. Bentley and Pierre have a wide variety of ID tags to wear for different occasions. When I saw the Twigo® Pet ID Tags there was no question, I had to have them. Why? Let me tell you more about them and you will understand.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Nature's Logic Uses the Logic of Nature

Barking from the Bayou, LLC received a bag of Nature’s Logic Canine Dry Kibble along with several cans of Nature’s Logic Canine Canned Diet in exchange for an honest review. We only share information concerning products that we use and believe would benefit our audience.
Nature's Logic dog food bag and pyramid of cans with stuffed purple rabbit sitting on cans
   Let me begin this review by saying that Bentley and Pierre normally do not eat kibble or canned food. However, I realize that many of my readers do regularly feed both types of food to their dogs. In order to help you decide the best kibble and canned diet for your pup, I have spoken with several brands. I will be sharing a few of my favorites with you. The boys will be staying at a pet resort for several days this month. I will be sending a kibble for them to eat so we will figure out their favorite over the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned.
Bentley Basset smelling cans of Nature's Logic dog food
   Nature’s Logic® is the first and only full line of pet food with no synthetic vitamins or minerals. It was 2005 when the founder, Scott Freeman, decided that he wanted to develop a pet food focusing on the advantages of whole foods without adding synthetic supplements. By 2006, the first product meeting this goal was being sold in the USA. It has passed the AAFCO trials for All Life Stages. The ultimate goal of Nature’s Logic is to provide the most nutritious and safest product that you can feel good about feeding your dogs and cats.
   I love that Nature’s Logic doesn’t have any wheat, corn, potatoes, tapioca, peas, sweet potatoes, or soy and they never use ingredients from China. What is in this nutritious food? It contains highly appetizing and nutrient dense meat with concentrates of fruits and vegetables. Each dry diet is coated with digestive enzymes and plasma protein containing high levels of natural vitamins, minerals and albumin and globulin proteins. In other words, it is jam-packed with awesomeness.
   You’ll see the protein listed as a meal in the dry kibble. Let me explain what that means. “Meal” is the dried form of the protein source used to make it. For this reason, meals have higher protein by weight than fresh meats; the water has been removed. Nature’s Logic meals are simply dried versions of the high-quality meat sources that go into to all of their foods. It is clean muscle meat using only the skin and bone for calcium and nutrients. They never use internal organs, feathers, feet, heads, etc. Their meats and poultry come straight from the human-edible processing plants.
Bentley Basset tasting the canned Nature's Logic

   The fact of the matter is that all of the science and hard work behind making a high-quality kibble or canned food doesn’t mean anything if your dog doesn’t love it. That certainly wasn’t a problem here on the Bayou. Bentley tried to open the bag himself and could hardly contain himself during our photo shoot! They were both barking and pacing the kitchen floor while they waited for me to prepare their meal. I treated them to some rabbit kibble with the rabbit canned food mixed in it. Needless to say that I am now their hero! 
   Here are the different recipes available from Nature's Logic.

Infographic of flavors of Nature's Logic dog food

You can follow Nature’s Logic on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

7 Photos On The Road to Sedona

   This year’s BlogPaws™ conference was in Chandler, Arizona. We wanted to make it a working vacation with Bentley and Pierre. That meant ROADTRIP!! It was a wonderful drive from the Bayou with the exception of the Dallas interstate construction. Wow, that is some intense traffic! Anyway, we spent our second night in Flagstaff and drove down to Sedona before arriving at the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort for BlogPaws.
   It is said that the landscape around Sedona is the most beautiful in America. I’ll be honest, after seeing certain parts of Alaska, I had my doubts. Wow, I became a believer with each passing mile! It is some of the most breathtaking scenery that I have ever laid eyes on. Each turn of the road led to another awe-inspiring view. The red rocks are incredible.
   The city of Sedona is one of the coolest places that we’ve visited. I found it very dog-friendly and several stores allowed Bentley and Pierre to come inside to beat the heat. We stopped for a frozen coffee and an employee brought out a fresh bowl of water for the boys. We only spent a few hours wandering the main street and its fun stores but I’d love to spend more time there…when it is cooler.

   Here are 7 photos of our trip from Flagstaff to Sedona, Arizona. I hope that you enjoy them.
Cliffs on the drive to Sedona Arizona

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Dogs Prefer a Quick Bath

Quick Bath and Tushee Wipes packages on grass
Barking from the Bayou, LLC received Quick Bath and Tushee Wipes in exchange for an honest review. We only share products that we use and believe will benefit our audience. International Veterinary Sciences, the makers of Quick Bath and Tushee Wipes is not responsible for the contents of this article.
   Bentley loves getting a bath. Pierre is not a fan but he will tolerate it. The problem is it takes me a couple of hours to give them both a bath. You can read about the process here and here.  
   When unexpected company is coming or the boys want to go with us to the pet store, there isn’t always time for a bath. That is when I reach for a Quick Bath® pre-moistened wipes. They are extra thick and heavy duty so they leave the boys fresh with clean and shiny hair. I was surprised at the amount of dirt that came off with one wipe.
The wipes are:
·        Alcohol-free
·        pH Neutral
·        Contain Aloe Vera to soothe skin
·        Helps reduce odors
·        Vitamins A and E for healthy skin and coat
·        Removes dirt and bacteria from skin
·        Available in large (5” x 10”) and small (5” x 8”)
   The package is perfect for trips to the park or long walks. Let’s face it, keeping our dogs fresh on a road trip can be difficult, but not with Quick Bath. All you need is one wipe to clean most pups from nose to tail.
Bentley Basset getting his ears wiped with Quick Bath wipes
   They work really well on Bentley’s ears which drag the ground and are always in need of a Quick bath. The wipes are soft enough for those sensitive areas and leave his ears fresh and clean.  
Basset rear with a package of Tushee Wipes
   Speaking of sensitive areas, let’s talk tushees. If you have had a dog for very long, the chances are that you’ve run behind them with a paper towel, tissue or toilet paper praying they don’t sit down before you reach them. I know that I am guilty of it. The makers of Quick Bath have made a perfect way to clean our pet’s bottom. Tushee Wipes™ are non-irritating pre-moistened wipes to clean your pooch’s tushee. Like Quick Bath, these wipes contain Aloe Vera, Vitamins A & E, eliminate odor and are alcohol-free. They are also bio-degradable.    These aren’t as thick as the bath wipes and are 5” x 8”. What I love about the Tushee Wipes is the scent. They smell wonderful. Every dog could use a little extra freshness. These wipes help eliminate bottom area pet stains, reduces the transfer of fecal matter and are great for older dogs with incontinence issues. They also help control male spray odors.
Bentley Basset getting his face wiped with Quick Bath wipes
   Both of these wipes can be heated for your dog’s most comfortable cleansing experience yet! Place the wipe on a microwave-safe surface and heat on medium 5 – 10 seconds. Oh, your best friend is going to love you so much for this Quick Bath!
   Here’s great news for cat parents…you can use these wipes or there is a Quick Bath designed especially for felines!
   You can follow International Veterinary Sciences on Facebook for more great products and helpful tips. 

Monday, August 1, 2016

BFTB NETWoof News August 1, 2016 #DogNews

Bentley: “Welcome to BFTB NETWoof News for August 1, 2016. We have some great stories to start your week off with a smile. Pierre, my co-anchor has our top story.”
BFTB NETWoof News with Pooper app hoax story
Pierre: “Thank you, Bentley. Our top story is one that we questioned from the beginning. As a matter of fact, we were going to report on it last week but doubted its validity. Did you see reports of a new ‘Pooper’ app that people could use to have someone come and pick up their dog’s poop? It was all over the media and people were up in arms over the laziness of humans or they were signing up to be scoopers/customers. Well, it turns out that the entire thing was an elaborate hoax dreamed up by a couple of friends. It shows how gullible humans and the media can be sometimes. Just a reminder that you have to pick up your dog’s poop because there isn’t an app for that!”
BFTB NETWOOF News with dog silhouette on green screen. Basset, Westie and Lab reporters are at their desk
Bentley: “I am glad that our journalistic integrity is still intact. Obviously, fooling others has become very popular. Soldiers Field, a golf course in Minnesota is using silhouettes of large dogs to deter the Canadian geese from landing. They have been leaving droppings and stains on the greens. The fake dogs are proving successful so far. Watch Dog Goose Patrol makes the spring mounted decoys say they work at detracting geese and other animals including deer. It sounds like a humane way to control a big problem in my opinion.”
BFTB NETWoof News desk with Basset, Westie and Lab reporters.
Pierre: “Speaking of problems, have you seen the reports on the Sand Fire in California? It is devastating and causing the evacuation of people and animals. The California State Prison in Lancaster has accepted 50 dogs from the Deaf Dog Rescue of America after they were threatened by the fire. It is the only facility that offered to open their doors to the animals. The prison runs a Paws for Life program that matches dogs from high-kill shelters with inmates for training. This increases the odds of the pup being adopted. They have been using hand signals to train the deaf dogs. We want to send out a big thank you to the staff and inmates that are making a difference. This just in...according to our friend, Christina from Deaf Dogs Rock, all 50 dogs have returned to the rescue and are doing fine. Again, a big thank you to the rescuers, the prison, and inmates. Job well done!”
BFTB NETWoof News team of Basset, Westie and Lab. Screen shows dog in car driving.
Bentley: “Those reports really make me feel good. This last one is a real head shaker. A woman in West Virginia left her car running with the air conditioner on for her two dogs while she ran inside a Walmart™. One of the dogs managed to get the car out of PARK and the vehicle rolled into the store. The passenger dog somehow rolled down the window allowing employees to help. Both dogs were okay and there was only minor damage to the car and the store. Two things that you need to take away from this story; humans: leave your pets at home when you go shopping and dogs: don’t get behind the wheel unless your paws can reach the brakes!”
BFTB NETWoof Weather with Paisley the Weather Lab
Paisley: “I might add that there is no such thing as a quick trip in a Walmart! They are gigantic. That story is as wacky as this week’s weather forecast. It looks like the only areas to see the triple digits will be in the Arizona and Nevada areas. Unfortunately, these places are also expecting some monsoonal thunderstorms to roll through midweek. Please take the necessary precautions. The west coast will be nice with plenty of sunshine. Storms will be a hit or miss situation over much of the U.S. Texas will be hot and sunny but the other Gulf coast states will be muggy with storms. Our east coast friends will have a hodge-podge of sunshine and storms which is pretty normal for this time of year. As always, tune into to your local weather stations for updates in your area. Whatever your weather, make it a good week. Back to you, Bentley.”
Bentley: “Thanks, Paisley. The dog days of summer are about to be on us. If it is hot in your area, try walking your dog in the early morning or late evening. Remember; never leave your dog alone in the car. They might not drive into a building, but it is not worth the risk. Cars get incredibly hot in a very short amount of time.
We appreciate you trusting us as your source for good news. Be sure to drop by all week as we share some great new products and funny stories. You can always keep up with us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Stay safe, be kind, and grab yourself some happy.”
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