Pierre's Story

Pierre the West Highland Terrier
   I can’t believe Pierre is already seven-years-old. Time flies by so quickly. It occurred to me while I was thinking about his birthday that many of you might not know how he came to live with us. Here is his story.
Pierre's birth announcement
   Our daughter bought Pierre from a wonderful breeder in south Louisiana. He was her baby for the first two years of his life. He often came to stay with us if she went out of town. At the time, we had Bentley and our Golden Retriever, Tucker. Those two were best friends and enjoyed playing with their tiny Cousin Pierre. The three played chase and Pierre could run circles around them. #GoodTimes
Pierre, Bentley & Tucker reenact a scene from The Returns
   In the summer of 2013, our daughter married the love of her life. Her husband was stationed in Alaska and she was moving to Anchorage. Around the same time, Tucker became extremely ill. We had to make the heartbreaking decision to let him go to the Rainbow Bridge. This left us devastated and Bentley was incredibly sad. That is when Pierre came with his mom to stay with us before their big move. #SadTimes
Bentley Basset Hound and Pierre Westie are best friends.
   This happy little Westie brought the joy back into our lives. Bentley began playing again and we found ourselves laughing at their antics. After a long talk and many tears on our daughter’s part, it was decided that Pierre would be better staying here with us. The idea was to return him to his mom after they moved to the lower 48. Little did we know how bonded Bentley and Pierre would become over the next few months. Not to mention how much we would fall in love with our granddog. #HappyTogether
Me and Pierre Westie love to snuggle
   Long story short, our daughter made the huge sacrifice of allowing us to keep her little man. Pierre will always be her baby but he is part of our gang now. I can’t imagine life without him curled up next to me in the bed or chasing squirrels like a mad dog every afternoon. He has a huge personality and loves everything. (Except squirrels) He doesn’t bark when he wants something, he talks. He asks permission to get on the couch or on our bed. I’ve never had a dog that gets so excited about the simple things in life. We can all learn a lot from our little Westie boy. #NowYouKnow


  1. Your Westie is a handsome young man. I have an 11 1/2 year old female, Maggie is her name. She is truly the joy of my life. I got her as a 6 week old puppy, I stayed home with her for a week, then i put her in a tractor trailer, and we took off from North Carolina headed to California. She rode with me and my then husband for 7 years. When our marriage broke up, there was no doubt who would get her. I would have fought him tooth and nail for her. Now at her age she has some health issues, she gets 2 insulin shots a day, and is going blind, but she is still my baby and will be until death separates us. Everyone in this life should know the love of a Westie in their life!

    1. Thank you so much, Sandra. He is the happiest little guy that I know. I agree that everyone needs some Westie love in their world.