Thursday, June 30, 2016

How To Protect Your Dog's Paws This Summer

   As summer gets into full swing, it is important to remember that your dog’s paws can burn on hot pavement, asphalt, concrete, sand or metal surfaces. All of these can absorb heat from the sun during the day and they won’t cool down for several hours after the sun has gone.
   We took a road trip from the Bayou to Phoenix, Arizona and it was HOT! I won two packages of Pawz® (medium & small) from Wag n Woof’s giveaway a few months ago, so we let the boys get used to wearing them prior to the trip. They took to them right away. Bentley needed the large size so PetSmart gave me two sample pairs. Pawz provided them for everyone at the BlogPaws conference. I was not asked to write about Pawz, but I really love using them and think you might like them too. 
weather forecast with high of 112° in Arizona along with a Coke bottle that says, "its getting hot in her"
The Arizona weather forecast called for hot and hotter temperatures. Even my Coke® knew that it was getting hot in here.
Basset Hound, Westie & M. K. Clinton standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona
Bentley and Pierre are all smiles with their paws protected while standing on the corner in a certain small Arizona town. 
Basset Hound and Westie with M. K. Clinton in the Petrified Forest
I wasn’t petrified they would burn their paws at the Petrified Forest. The Pawz are easy to slip on and off. *Pierre does occasionally lose his left rear bootie by "pealing out" when he takes off running.
Basset Hound and Westie with M. K. Clinton at the Grand Canyon
We heard comments from most of the people that we passed at the Grand Canyon. It was a lot of, “What a great idea.” “I didn’t think about their paws getting hot.” “Look, it’s a Basset wearing shoes. Can I pet him?” “Awww, the little Westie is wearing shoes. Can we pet him?” “If that isn’t the cutest thing!”
Basset Hound and Westie with M. K. Clinton at the Grand Canyon
In other words, Pawz are attention getters that serve a greater purpose. We were able to share the importance of paw protection in extreme temperatures to curious travelers.
Basset hound & Westie sitting on huge rock bench with M. K. Clinton at the Grand Canyon
Be sure to take breaks during the heat of the day. Always have fresh water available on your walks. Heatstroke can be deadly for your dog.
Bentley Basset Hound sitting up wearing Pawz Dog Boots
Don’t get burnt this summer. Protect the paws. Check for excessive heat by holding the back of your hand on the street/pavement for 5 seconds. If you can’t do it, the ground is too hot for your dog’s unprotected pads. Use Pawz or your favorite dog bootie to prevent a painful paw injury. Bentley says all of the cool dogs are wearing shoes!
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  1. Those Pawz sounds like a wonderful idea and a great product ! Purrs

  2. We walk early in the morning and don't normally have to worry about hot pavement, thank doG. You guys look very stylish in your Pawz!

  3. We have the opposite problem here in Northern NY! We use Pawz for frigid temps and to keep the girls' paws from freezing! There are SO many times when they go out in a big hurry...because they simply cannot wait...and I have to race out behind them because their feet really will freeze to the ground! Pawz are lifesavers for us during those times! It really doesn't get hot enough here for us to use them, but if need be...we certainly would take them on a road trip! Now...the most amazing thing for that YOU never EVER look ALL!! How do you do that??? What is your secret??

  4. I wear Pawz in the winter. I don't need protection from the snow, but they protect my paws from the rock salt! Mom never puts them on me in summer, but if it gets hot enough, maybe she will.... *gulp*

    Love and licks,

  5. We never wear paw covers in the summer, only in the bitter cold or for wet snow, but we stay mostly on the grass when we walk. Glad you boys didn't fry any paws on your trip!

  6. They look like Iditarod Huskies wearing their little booties. So cute and macho.

  7. They're so cute on you guys, and I have to admit I'd probably be another person remarking about them if I saw you on the street :) We're pretty lucky that we live in a rural area during the summer, so hot pavement isn't something we have to worry about. Luckily the dirt & gravel doesn't get hot like sand does.

  8. Love this product! Doggies need their exercise in the summer and in urban areas it's hard to avoid cement for potty breaks!

  9. I'm so glad that our giveaway introduced you to Pawz! How wonderful that they gave everyone some at the conference too.
    Kobi used to get a lot of attention when he wore his as well, and I always thought he looked darn cute in them too! Plus I couldn't resist color coordinating his harness and leash with them. :)
    We don't have any hot pavement where we're living now but like Emma I used them more in the winter anyway. Actually, it was year round for Kobi later because they always helped him so much with traction too.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  10. Our mom says we cannot touch asphalt if it is hot and she will have to carry us. I can't wear anything cuz it turns me into a statue. However, Stanley wonders if they made them in a cowboy boot style?

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  11. Very cool idea! Yeah in the dessert southwest, we say..."but it's a dry heat." Still protecting pups paws is critical. You wouldn't leave them in a hot car, so why should you expect them to walk on black asphalt or concrete without protection, right? 😄

  12. The mom thought Bentley and Pierre looked so adorable in their Pawz.

  13. OMD, Bentley that pic of you sitting up just made Ma LOL!!! Too cute!!! I've never had to put booties on yet, butts these sound FABulous! Aren't they the same ones Sugar wears? She loves her's too! If I ever needs booties, I will check them out.....they are sexy....hehehe
    Ruby ♥

  14. You guys look fantastic! What great smiles! :D Grand Canyon must be a cool place to visit with dogs! <3 Been there once long time ago, it's about time to go back with a dog! ;) I Love those colorful boots! They look super cute and seeme so useful for hot weather! :D

  15. We can imagine the fun reactions to the guys wearing shoes. :)

  16. The first photo is great!!!! People don't realize how hot that pavement gets!!! Thanks for sharing the info on pawzs

  17. I'm so glad dogs were provided booties to protect their paws from the extreme, scorching hot pavement at the BlogPaws conference! Bentley looks adorable sitting up in those boots!
    Love & biscuits
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  18. We love Pawz! So glad that Bentley and Pierre have adjusted to them so easily. What did you think of Petrified Forest. We passed through a couple of years ago and thought it was so cool!


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