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Figo for Fido #PetInsurance

Figo Pet Insurance

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Westie and Basset playing veterinarian with a teddy bear
   Do you have an insurance policy for your pets? It is something that I have hem-hawed over for years. I know there are so many reasons to insure my dogs, but I have still hesitated. I remind myself that I don’t like bills, it has always been easier to bite the bullet and pay my veterinarian for services rendered at the time and there are so many choices of pet insurance that it is intimidating for me. A policy for both the boys is expensive but not when I put it in perspective. It seems the more advanced veterinary science gets, the higher those vet visits cost. It only takes one diagnosis to wipe out your savings.

The Greatness of a Nation quote by Gandhi
   Of course, in an emergency or when your best friend is sick, money is the last worry that you need. This hit home for me a couple of weeks ago. Bentley began vomiting and it was quickly accompanied by bloody diarrhea. Of course, it was on the weekend because that is when my boys ALWAYS get sick. Yes, I should have remained calm and thought logically of what might be causing his troubles. That is not what happened. I cried and prayed and was certain that he was dying. I tend to overreact when one of the Bayou Boys gets sick. To my credit, I did realize that it wasn’t an emergency room situation. We had him at the vet's office first thing Monday morning.
   After a play-by-play account of his symptoms, the vet took some blood and began with a snout to tail exam. He suggested an X-ray to rule out any major internal issues. Yes, yes, do whatever is needed. Just make him be okay! I am sure that you can relate to that desperation. I was so relieved to discover that he is in extremely good health and was suffering from an intestinal imbalance. He was given an IV of fluids, a shot, and two prescriptions. Total payment ~ $626.96. Can you imagine what it would have cost if they had found a serious problem? That was a wake-up call for me. I need pet insurance.
Jars filled with cat treats, dog treats and tennis balls at the vet's office
   I recently spoke with a friend at the BlogPaws™ conference about Figo Pet Insurance. They have some great options and the innovative Figo Pet Cloud. It was easy to get an estimate for both boys and the price seems reasonable. I could have Bentley covered for $60.56 and Pierre for $31.93 per month. That seems like a lot of money for someone that hates bills, but I spent almost a year’s cost of coverage on one vet visit. Believe me; the Bayou Boys have already been to the vet several times this year so that payment is looking better and better!
   Figo has three options that you can select. The above quote is for 80% reimbursement, $200 deductible, and is the preferred plan. You can visit the other choices by clicking here and providing some basic information.
Veterinarian looking inside Basset Hound's ear.
       What Does Figo Cover?
·        Vet Exam Fees
·        Illness/Injury
·        Accidents
·        Emergency/Hospitalization
·        Surgery
·        Prescriptions
·        Veterinary Specialist
·        Hereditary Conditions
·        Congenital Conditions
·        Chronic Conditions
·        Holistic & Alternative Therapies
·        Prosthetics & Alternative Therapies
·        X-rays. MRIs, CAT Scans, Ultrasounds
·        Hip Dysplatia
·        Cancer Treatments
·        Knee Conditions
What’s Not Covered
·        Pre-existing Conditions
·        Routine/Preventive Care
·        Spaying/Neutering
·        Experimental Procedures
·        Breeding/Pregnancy/Birth
·        Cloned Pets
·        Cosmetic Surgery
·        For more information

Figo Pet Cloud logo

What is the Pet Cloud and how does it work?
Everything is in the “cloud” these days and pet insurance is no exception. Figo’s Pet Cloud is an app that keeps all of your dog or cat’s record at your fingertips.
·        Inbox & Documents
·        Pet Tags
·        Near Me (dog parks, daycare or pet-friendly hotel)
·        Pet GPS
·        Insurance
·        Claims
·        Veterinarians
·        Shots & Reminders
This video tells you even more cool features!
   If you are looking for a quality pet insurance, fetch a quote from Figo Pet Insurance and tell them Barking from the Bayou sent you. 
For all of our American friends, Happy 4th of July weekend.
Stay safe and keep your pets indoors during the festivities.
1.   Make sure your pet has proper identification. A microchip is a great idea.
2.   If your dog gets nervous, there are several things that can help. We love Dr. Harvey's Relax. Wraps are also effective in many cases. We are trying a new device, Calmz® this holiday, so look for a review coming soon.
3.   Play your television or music a bit louder than usual.
4.   Divert your pet’s attention with games or a long-lasting chew.
5.   When cooking outside, always watch your pets around the hot grill.
6.   Don’t give them the bones from the meat that you grill.
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  1. ours is not as good as yours, but at least surgeries and eggs-pensive things are covered. I'm grateful to have an insurance and even when it sounds crazy, I really sleep better after I signed the papers...

  2. We don't have pet insurance but we are talking to mom and dad about this!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. We dogs have insurance, and so far we are about at the break even point. Just one big deal and you are thrilled you have insurance. People that say to save money each month are mistaken as it would take a really long time to save thousands in the event of a major illness or injury. We are glad we have insurance but haven't heard of Figo. We'll check out their rates and see how they compare.

  4. I have also hemmed and hawed...but this looks like an interesting plan!

  5. Wonderful post! My mom needs to get me insurance soon, I'm not getting any younger!!!

  6. Great post. We say YES to pet insurance
    Lily & Edward

  7. Like you, I've always been on the fence about insurance. One of these days I may make up my mind to do it. I would definitely look into this company.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  8. At this point it probably would not be feasible for Mr Bailey or even Hazel as most of their expense would be pre-existing. But it might be a thought for Mabel who seems to have a new weird thing everytime we turn around
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  9. We agree...the pet insurance has definitely been a topic of discussion over the years...but when my husband retired...we are lucky to afford health insurance for $600 a month. We do the best we can! Thanks for the great info!!

  10. I'm glad Bentley is ok. Thanks for talking about this company. I just heard about them a month ago when they sent litature to our clinic. They don't cover reproduction work so not a good plan for me.

  11. As Vet care becomes more sophisticated & expensive, Pet insurance is becoming more important. Thanks for this info!
    Love & biscuits
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  12. As Vet care becomes more sophisticated & expensive, Pet insurance is becoming more important. Thanks for this info!
    Love & biscuits
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  13. Pets and plumbers....weekend emergencies are always expensive. Glad to hear Bentley is fine. πŸ˜„ My vet told me the exact same treatment for dogs that would be done for uprights can be done, the only determining factor is the ability to pay. I can't imagine not having the financial resources to take care of my fur-kid. Thanks for showing us the black & white in numbers for pet healthcare. Have a safe and happy 4th πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ


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