Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Shaking My Head and Saying, "Hmmm"

   It seems as if each time we venture out among other humans, there is always something that makes me shake my head. Is it because I am older? Have I become that “You darn kids get off my lawn” person? I don’t think that’s the case. I truly believe that common sense is just not as common as we’d think. 
   Let me give you some examples and see if you agree.
dog scooping poop meme
• The biggest head-shaker for me is people who don’t pick up after their dog. Why would someone care enough about their pet to take them on fun walks and fail to bring poop bags? Our neighborhood does have poop stations with ample bags available so it’s not too bad.
   Our bike trail, on the other hand, has a number of inconsiderate dog walkers. These people actually load their dogs up in the car and drive to a beautiful place for a walk then leave their crap for others to step in, ride through or have their dogs try to sniff it. This definitely makes me say, “hmmm.”Bentley the Basset Hound puppy
• It is important to exercise your puppy but remember they are still developing. A general rule is five minutes for every month during the first year depending on the breed. That means a three-month-old puppy should get 15 minutes of exercise daily.
   I shake my head at the number of people I see running long distances with their puppy. Of course, they will run as far and as long as their little legs will carry them. They want to please their human. It is the person’s responsibility to not overwork their new bestie.  A puppy will learn to love exercise if introduced properly.
   Another thing to remember is ALWAYS bring water for your dog. They get hot and thirsty too.
Two dogs in a car kennel
• Why would someone let a dog ride in the back of their truck unless they lived on a farm? I will never understand how someone can put their dog in the bed of their truck and take off down the highway! Don’t get me wrong, I grew up in the ’60s when we didn’t have seat belts and often rode in the back of my neighbor’s truck. That should only prove that when we know better, we should do better. 
   The dangers of letting your dog ride in the bed of truck should be obvious to everyone and yet, it still happens. They are not safe loose or tied up in an open truck bed. I have to say, “Hmmm” each time I see it and pray the poor thing doesn’t leap or fall out in front of my vehicle.
two dogs playing doctor
• These last two things on my list today are about social media. More specifically, Facebook. I shake my head so much when I read some posts that I turn off my computer and pick up a book. Here are my two top head shakers…
   Veterinarian Advice! Why would someone seek medical advice from a bunch of fellow pet owners? Now, I’m not talking about routine problems that most dogs or cats might experience. I’m talking seizures, bloody stools, face swelling, trouble breathing…you get the idea. For the love of all things holy, TAKE THE DOG OR CAT TO THE VET IMMEDIATELY!!! Your Facebook group or Google is no substitute for your veterinarian’s medical degree.
   Okay, this is the last one for today. We all know that there are horrible people doing outrageously horrid things to animals. I do not want to see pictures. Please do not post pictures of suffering animals for others to see. Is that burying my head in the sand? No, like I said, we all know these things happen. It’s on the news, in the paper, and on those darn ASPCA commercials. I don’t want to see it on my social media timeline. It doesn’t just make me say “Hmmm.” It hurts my heart and that is not why I get on Facebook.
   So, what are some of the things that have you shaking your head and saying, "Hmmm" today?
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  1. we sometimes could be headbangers with all the shaking about people...and we always are shocked how much people trust dr. google instead to ask their vet...

  2. Thank you for putting into print all the things that run through our mom's head. People, some of them are really the problem in our world today!

  3. Those are so true, humans can sure be less that smart sometimes.

  4. You have voiced some of my thoughts...especially the one about dogs in the bed of a truck. Whenever I see that, I cringe. ~Island Cat Mom

  5. Asking FB friends for vet advice is beyond ridiculous; couldn't tell you how many times I've turned off the screen to do something else when I see that! And injured animals's the worst. I know stuff happens, but just as I don't watch war movies...I don't want to see that either. And I walk my neighborhood in the dark, so I cannot always see if dog poop is left. Is it a leaf? C'mon people!

  6. I am clapping and cheering for this well written TRUTH. I remain amazed with the dog owners who do not pick up poop and even more so when I see puppies running when they are still little.
    Hugs to you 2 handsome Bayou Boyz and mom

  7. We agree with you on all of those things!

  8. common sense is an EXTREMELY RARE occurrence in people...EXTREMELY RARE!!!

  9. I have to agree...with every single one of these!! Thanks for sharing them!

  10. A lot of us are in our 'head shaking' days. Some days I think I'll get whiplash.

  11. We have to agree with you with reading stuff online from people who don't know what they are talking about. It's always best to pick up a book and get away from that. Thanks for sharing. Have a fantastic day.
    World of Animals

  12. Excellent post. I knew someone who used to walk her poor little poodle for miles and the dog died of an enlarged heart. I personally think she caused it by making the dog walk so far.

  13. You are so right! Humans really need to think and use some common sense, especially when their pets' lives depend on it.

  14. We agree, great post ! Common sense seems to be lost in some people sometimes. Purrs

  15. You say hmmm...I say #%$&* - what is wrong with people? For all the technology we are lucky to have, we have become a culture of nincompoops.

  16. Well, everyone is an expert on Facebook, so why wouldn't you want to get out their for their advice? Just kidding, of course, it's just that everyone thinks they are an expert!!
    I agree with all, and especially the last one. I scroll right by any upsetting pictures and if the same people keep posting them, they get removed from my news feed. We all know these sad things go on, but some of us don't want to ruin our day every day having it pushed into our faces; especially when we are so helpless to do anything!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  17. OMD, so true!! Okay, yesterday at the ER vet, they have lots of grass areas that doggies can do their business, butts for all that is Holy, PICK IT UP! They have bags and everything, and it's like one landmine after another! I spent five minutes (with a hyper 60lb terrier pulling my arm off) picking up other doggies poops! I didn't want to step in it, or any dog sniffing it, since you don't know what the dog is there for, it could be contagious. sigh.
    And the growing up in the 60's made me LOL! Me too, I always wonder how we lived through childhood! My parents had a tank of a Buick, with bench seats that my brother and I would go sliding across with every turn! The only safety equipment was my Mother's arm! LOL
    Ruby ♥


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