Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Bentley & Pierre's 2013

This is the time of year everyone looks back to see if they have really accomplished anything during the past 365 days.  I was discussing this with my Basset Hound, Bentley and our granddog, Pierre the Westie earlier today.  They both feel that they had a very successful 2013.  I told them it would be fine if they shared their reflections of the past year in today’s blog.  I suggested they draw straws to see who would go first but Bentley nixed that idea.  Pierre thought he should go first since technically he is a guest in our home.  Bentley said that was a lame reason and so it went back and forth.  I told them we would go alphabetically which meant Bentley first by either name or breed.  Sometimes, it is necessary to put my foot down with those two.
Bentley: My year had its ins and outs.  What I mean is I go to the back door, bang the blinds, my mom, or dad let me out, I go bark at the neighbor before I come back to the door and hit it to signal them that I want back inside.  I must say my people have been well trained.  Of course, I could ring the dog bells hanging on the door and bark to come back in but that is so overused by dogs.  Last February, we participated in the Barkus and Meoux Mardi Paw parade.  There were at least a gazillion dogs of every description there.  We wore costumes, made a lot of new friends and I even made the evening news!  Some humans that read my mom’s book started sending me fan mail and I even got some presents in the mail.  I have decided to cooperate when we go out for walks.  It makes me look so much more distinguished when I do not have to drag mom around.  Sometimes a smell still leads me astray but you know…puppy steps.  I also discovered a cool new store called Petsmart.  It is wall-to-wall pet stuff and I get to go inside to shop.  Mom and Dad let me pick out toys, smell a bunch of dog food, and look at some strange lizards.  I didn’t really understand why they had chew bones out in open bins if they weren’t meant to be free samples.  It seemed a bit of a cruel hoax to me but Dad bought me some so it was okay.  We also went to the “Stinko De Mayo” pet wash to benefit the dog park some good folks are trying to get established.  I think it would be awesome to have a place to play with other dogs.  Pierre came to live with us during the summer.  I like having him here even if he is a bit hyper.  We wrestle and play chase in the yard.  He takes off running, can’t stop when he gets to me, and ends up using me as a springboard.  I usually have to take him down for that until he says “Uncle.”  I have a bunch more that I could tell you but he is whining that I am taking up too much space so I’ll let him give you his account of his year. 
Pierre: Happy New Year everyone!  I am so excited to tell you how fabulous my 2013 has been.  What?  Oh, Granma says I can’t give you an actual day-by-day account so I suppose I will just touch on the highlights.  I started the year living with my mom in our apartment.  It was just the two of us and we had a great time together.  We went to the Mardi Paw parade with Bentley and Tucker.  The three of us looked so good.  I am still a bit miffed that I wasn’t on the news too but who understands the media.  Anyway, my mom’s boyfriend asked her to marry him.  She discussed it with me and I told her it would be fine.  I’d love to have a daddy and I knew it would make her very happy.  The thing was, he lives very far away on an Army base where it snows really deep and gets in the sub-zero temperatures.  Now, I’m not saying I couldn’t handle that type of weather but I’m more of a mid-sixties temp guy.  I asked her if I could stay with Granma and Papaw until they move to a more reasonable climate next summer.  I love my Papaw because he gives me treats.  I packed up my stuff and made myself right at home with them.  It has been quite an experience.  I get to run in the back yard, play chase, and I have discovered these furry animals that like me to terrorize them.  Granma calls them “squirrels.”  I sit at the back door and watch for them to climb down a tree.  I kind of lose my mind when they get on the ground.  I run in a circle screaming until they open the door, then I charge out and yell at those squirrels to get out of my yard.  They do too; they are really scared of me.  Bentley laughs at me because he says I will never catch one but I keep trying.  I’ve also discovered some underground squirrels that papaw calls “moles.”  I try hard to dig them up but they have eluded me so far.  I love to chase lizards but they have gone away since it has gotten cold outside.  I miss them and I still check the monkey grass to make sure they aren’t just hiding.  I’m being spoiled here at my grandparents’ house but they insist that is their job.  Bentley is glad I am here because I get on the couch all of the time and now he can get on the couch too.  Before I moved in, dogs weren’t
allowed on the furniture.  I think that he owes me one for that privilege.  Well, I guess I’d better go see if Bentley wants to go outside and bark for no apparent reason; after all, it’s getting late.    

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  1. A Howling Happy New Year to you! Hey Pierre, sub zero weather really isn't all that bad. We live in in a lot here in MN...had a walk at -9 this morning, quite refreshing, but since you are smaller, you might need a coat. Have fun getting spoiled before you move back home with your mom and dad.

  2. Thanks Emma, Happy New Year to you too! I can't believe that a coat has been invented that will keep a living creature warm at -9! BRRRR!! Of course, here in Bayou Country, our city closes down when we get snow flurries! LOL!


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