Friday, December 27, 2013

Follow~Up Friday

It’s my Follow~Up Friday to recap what has happened this week!

Christmas Time: This has been a terrific holiday week.  We were able to enjoy family, food, and laughter.  A person can’t ask for much more out of this festive time of year.  The boys were treated especially well by Santa.  Apparently, he didn’t keep an extremely close watch on them the entire year!  The mail carrier delivered another gift package today from our daughter, (Pierre’s Mom) from Alaska.  She sent a squeaky Santa that Pierre threw around and chased non-stop.  They also each got an elk antler to chew on but I haven’t given those to them.  Bentley gets a little too possessive when it comes to bones.  By that, I mean he feels that ALL bones are his property, nobody else can smell, lick, touch, or look in the direction of them.  He is very easy-going except when it comes to these particular treats.  Really it’s not his fault…it’s just that all of the bones in the world belong to him and other dogs don’t seem to recognize this fact.  Due to this misunderstanding, the elk antlers will have to be for their special “alone” times. 

Christmas Clean~up: We spent today packing up the Christmas decorations and getting the house back in order.  Bentley’s new bed was moved to our room last night and he slept until 10:30 this morning.  He is usually up and tapping my arm at 8:00 every morning.  I heard him attempt to get up once around that time, so I peeked out of one eye to watch.  He stretched, pulled himself halfway off the bed, yawned, curled back up, and was snoring within seconds.  I had to smile and chuckle before I turned over to enjoy my extra sleep. 

Move Your Mutt: I’ve enjoyed participating in the blog hops and I hope that you have discovered some new bloggers to follow.  There have been some great holiday photographs and cards along with some great posts.  I’ve found that quite a few of my BlogPaws community members take part in SlimDoggy’s fitness challenge so Bentley and I are officially joining.  You can watch our progress as we walk and play our way to a healthier 2014.  I think that since I have posted it here, I’ll look silly if I don’t follow through with it and you can call me on it.  Yikes!! 

The New Year: I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday and are ready to welcome the New Year.  I spent most of 2013 learning the ins and outs of book self-publishing.  It looks like 2014 will be spent learning more about book marketing, as well as blogging.  I am hoping to attend the BlogPaws Community convention in May.  I’ll be writing more about this as time goes on and I find out the details.  From what I can tell, it appears that it will be yet another 365 days of non-stop learning.  I’m looking forward to it.

Thanks to Jodi Stone of Heart Like A Dog for hosting today’s Follow~Up Friday Blog Hop!  Have fun hopping over to see what everyone else is following up with today!

Before you leave, please read about today’s adoptable pet of the day.

PetSavers Adoptable Pet of the Day

You’ll love Lucy! 

She is a 5-year-old Basset Hound who came to PetSavers after being separated from her brother.  He was adopted
and she was really sad being alone.  Like most Bassets, Lucy would rather be with people or another dog than left alone. 
She is a sweetheart that loves attention, going on walks, and belly rubs. 
Lucy gets along great with children, other dogs, and even cats!  She doesn’t care for thunderstorms so she’ll need to be reassured and have a safe place to retreat  during bad storms.  This adorable girl is house-trained but she has been known to be an escape artist.  She is waiting to steal your heart and become a part of your forever family.  Please contact PetSavers to adopt Lucy today!

*On a personal note: I am the proud owner of a Basset Hound.  They are
sweet, wonderful dogs.  They have hearts as big as all outdoors and make
amazing best friends.  All of the dogs available at PetSavers are great and
deserving but I just imagine my Bentley being alone there, waiting for a family, and my heart breaks.






  1. We are possessive of bones too but we now have 3-4 antlers lying around the house because Bailie chews them a lot and so far has never ruined shoes or other items. Since they are always there, we are no longer so crazy about them. Sometimes Bailie and I each chew one, then she drops hers and it take it because hers is always better than mine and then she goes and takes he one I had. It works well, much to Mom's surprise! We still have Christmas up until Jan. 1. Hopefully we won't knock the tree over before then.

  2. I am possessive of bones too! I cannot help it; I just don't like to share those. Great follow up. Here's to a wonderful 2014!

  3. What a beautiful Bassett! And I'm almost excited about the Mutt-a-Thon. Almost!

  4. Shiner has the same problem with toys. Except she thinks the kids are after her toys. So she also has special alone time with her toys and bones. Glad you all had a nice Christmas!

  5. Well hello there! Thanks so much for joining the hop, I'm sorry I didn't see this until today. I apparently forgot to add my own link to the hop and saw your post and assumed it was mine. :-D Oops, my bad.

    Love your recap and glad you had a wonderful Christmas. Delilah tends to want everything that Sampson has and has taken bones away from him before, so I make sure to separate them and keep a close eye on them when it's time for treats.

    BlogPaws is a fun event, I actually had a better time meeting my fellow bloggers. ;-)


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