Saturday, May 9, 2015

National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day #52Snapshots

Basset Hound writing at chalkboard about Disaster Prep with Westie at desk
"Is it time for recess?"
Bentley: “Hey, Pierre!  Guess what we are celebrating today?”
Pierre: “Well, I know it’s not time for my birthday again.  Whatever it is, will there be cake?”
Bentley: “No cake.  Today is National Pet Disaster Preparedness Day.  I’m going to teach you how to be ready in case there is a natural disaster like a tornado, flood, or fire.  If we take the time to make a plan and an emergency kit, the chances of us surviving are a whole lot better.”
Pierre: “What if there is an alien invasion?  Would that fall into the Disaster Preparedness Plan?  I’ve seen some movies that let me know an invasion could be bad.”
Bentley: Sigh.  We aren’t really covering invasion from outer space today.  You know the other day when the weather alarm started screaming.  There were some dangerous storms heading our way.  That’s why Mom and Dad had our leashes and were ready to take us into the hall to huddle.  Luckily, it passed by without any damage.”
Pierre: “One of the best things that you did was finally letting them get you microchipped.  If you get scared and run away during a disaster, the chances of being reunited with your family are much better.  You know how you get during bad thunderstorms.”
Bentley: “That’s true.  It’s also important to have an emergency kit ready to load up in case we have to evacuate.  Here are some ideas of what you’d need to pack.
·         Food and water to last five days. *A dehydrated food is a space saver.
·         Medications and Medical Records: If you need to seek a veterinarian away from your area, updated medical records are important.
·         First Aid Kit: We wrote a post about preparing a First-Aid kit here.
·         Extra leash, harness, and poop bags.
·         A current photo of you and your pet.
·         Written information about your pet’s eating habits, personality, and any medical issues.  This will be invaluable if you are forced to board your pet.
·         Miscellaneous Items: newspapers, paper towels, plastic trash bags, grooming items, household bleach, flashlight, blanket, and bowls.
Basset and Westie in car kennel
"They are not going anywhere without us!"

Pierre: “Humans need to remember that when the weather or circumstances force them to evacuate, they must carry their pets with them.  We are not equipped to fend for ourselves.”
Bentley: “Not all evacuation shelters allow pets.  The disastrous aftermath of Hurricane Katrina saw pets being separated from their families because they weren’t allowed inside with their people.  Many cities now have evacuation shelters designated as pet-friendly.”
Pierre: “Part of Disaster Planning should include crate training. Evacuations are stressful and you don’t want to spend time forcing your pet into a travel crate.”
Bentley: “If an emergency happens around here, we are in our car crate and evacuating as a family!”
To learn more about Pet Disaster Preparedness, visit the great folks at Hill's Pets.  You can also talk to Hill's at the BlogPaws Conference.  They are one of our fabulous sponsors! ♥
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We are participating in The Lazy Pitbulll’s #52Snapshots of Life Photo Challenge.  Each week there is a word prompt for the photograph.  This week’s word was TEACH.
Enjoy seeing how these other bloggers interpreted the prompt.


  1. Excellent post guys! And great tips! It is so important to be prepared.

  2. Great post guys indeed..we have extensive plans also for bushfire which is our biggest threat..and have the kits all summer ready to roll..before it is too late..during the Black Saturday fires we had the pups and kitties in boarding for about a month..and the sheep with a family out of the danger was very very a plan is always important..loves Bev xx

  3. One thing is for sure...the hotel will be taken over as soon as our ride with everyone pulls up at the front doors! Happy Saturday and nice teach photo. I guess we both have some traits in common, Bentley, when it comes to being teachers with students in old desks ;)

  4. SUPERIOR POST fur this time of year.... what with all the Tornadoes and the First Tropical Storm and stuffs... our peeps MUST have everythingy... READY beclaws one NEVER knows what Mother Nature might have in store.
    A+ post...

  5. We WERE happy cuz mom said she was just as prepared for US as she was for her and dad. Then we found out that she is prepared for neither. We better put this post on the fridge!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. This is something I REALLY need to improve on. I sometimes worry about tornadoes, although they aren't super common here. We do get them in this area every now and then though. What's the most scary for me is that I have no where to hide from them living in a trailer house! Also, I've never heard those emergency sirens around here so I wonder if we have them?

  7. Great post, guys! This is so important to know. We don't have a lot of bad things happen in our area, but you just never know. I was happy when there was some issues in our state recently, to see on the news that there were pet friendly shelters available. We would never leave our pets behind.
    Lots of wags and woofs from the crew at Wag n Woof Pets

  8. This is impawtant information. Thanks for sharing, guys. We realize we're not as prepared as we should be.

  9. Great multi-taking, combining teach with disaster preparedness :)

  10. what a great list! Everyone should always be prepared.

  11. Agreed!!! Great list to keep us all prepared!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!


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