Friday, June 29, 2018

5 Awesome Pet Products for 2018

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   I was sitting out on the back patio yesterday thinking of some of the awesome new products that we’ve found this year. Since we are halfway through 2018, I thought it’d be fun to look back at some of our favorites. These are things that I wish I’d thought of but am very glad someone else invented them!
5 Pet Products I Love in 2018

*We received these products in exchange for an honest review. Each product title is the link to that review.
The Pet Genie
The Pet Genie ~ We have used the Pet Genie for several weeks now and it is incredible! There is absolutely no smell and we can go for a week without the need to empty it. This is my very favorite discovery of 2018. Thanks,
WoofPack dog accessory bag
The WoofPack ~ Walking the boys is much easier thanks to the WoofPack accessory bag. I can carry my ID, keys, poo bags, money, cell phone, and much more in one convenient light-weight bag. It is stylish and my must-have for taking Bentley and Pierre on adventures. Available on WoofPack™ website.
FURminator with dog hair
FURminator ~ While the FURminator is not new, we received a different style from to review. It is furbulous and makes living with a Basset Hound much easier. I brushed him today and got another half a bag of hair. Life without a FURMinator is unimaginable. 
Basset hound walking up ramp
Solvit Deluxe Telescoping Pet Ramp ~ Picking Bentley up to put him in their car kennel is not easy. He bends and twists which could easily damage his back. We love our Solvit Pet Ramp. Both dogs learned to use the ramp on their first try and it fits perfectly in our SUV. That is major for Pierre since he has trust issues with new things. If you have a senior or big dog, a ramp can make all the difference in your travels. Available on
Treatibles CBD oil
*This post contains affiliate links where I will receive a small commission if you purchase from Treatibles. We only share products that we believe will help our audience.
Treatibles ~ We discovered Treatibles treats last year but didn’t try the MCR oil until earlier this year. It was crucial in our move to Texas. Adding a few drops to their food helped them to relax and take all the chaos in stride. This was the ultimate test for how CBDs can make a difference in your pets. Save 10% on your Treatibles order with my affiliate code BFTB. Available on the Treatibles website.
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  1. Thans for bringing our attention to these products.

  2. The pet genie is genius! We always thought there should be one for pets since there is one for diapers.

  3. Some completely ingenious products. The Pet Genie is pure imagination!

  4. Great products - every single one of them!

  5. My kitty cat cousin, Maddie, uses the Furminator. Works great!

  6. That is one super duper K9 ramp you have there. Saves everybuddy's back and hips!!
    Hugs madi your bfff

  7. Great products! Now you reminded the mom she needs to furminate us.

  8. We are loving the FURminator :)

  9. Those are all pawsome products ! We have a Furminator, and we love it ! For dogs, we think the ramp is definitely a must-have. Purrs

  10. Mom is thinking very seriously about that Pet Genie. We think it looks like a great product. She is on the prowl now for a good water bowl that will stop SomePup from drinking too fast. We think she is going to make her own with an upside down bowl:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  11. Great products! I still need to get some kind of pack for walking. I hadn't been too worried about it since it had still been on the cool side here, and I was often wearing my sweatshirt with pockets walking. But now it's finally gotten hot here and I need to look at the Woof Pack for sure!
    Jan, Wag n Woof Pets


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