Friday, May 24, 2019

Fetch Your Dog a Great Senior Wellness Checkup

    Senior wellness check-ups are important for humans and pets. Here at Barking from the Bayou, we all go every six months for bloodwork and to address any concerns. Last week was Bentley’s turn and I wanted to brag share his results.
   I’ll be honest with you; I was a little worried about him. He has had a bump on his left shoulder for a couple of years. We’ve had vets look at it and they all assured us it was just a fatty “tumor” and nothing to worry about. Still, it looked as if it had gotten bigger and his harness rubbed against it. Thankfully, our vet had made note of the size and said it was about the same. I mentioned that a previous vet had aspirated a similar one on his hip a couple of years back, and it was filled with a brown liquid. She asked if I wanted her to do the same and I said “yes.” Bentley didn’t flinch when the needle went in and the doctor removed 3 large vials of a clear liquid. Just like that the bump was gone! She did say it could return but that it is completely benign. I’ve been massaging the area and applying a cream in hopes that it will stay away.

   *This bump is located where Bentley has had multiple steroid shots for allergies when he was younger. We quit giving them to him several years ago as we try to keep him on an all-natural health regimen. The only vaccine he gets is a rabies shot every three years because it's the law. I give both the boys a heartworm preventative. It's the south and the mosquitos are a year round pest.
   He weighs a healthy 47 pounds and is a great size for his age. We are so proud of his waist! His ears look great and his heart sounds good. He doesn’t have any signs of arthritis and was a champ while they trimmed his nails. The only thing she noticed was a slight cloudiness in his eyes but normal for an older gentleman. 
How to Stay Healthy the Natural Way
   You might be wondering what we do to keep Bentley in such great shape at 11 1/2 years old. It is really quite simple. I trust his health to Dr. Harvey’s

   Bentley began eating Dr. Harvey's high-quality foods in February 2015. At that time he was overweight from eating kibble. Dr. Harvey’s food is formulated to promote health and longevity. They only use the finest, high quality, human grade ingredients and it’s made in the USA. In a world full of almost daily pet food recalls, Dr. Harvey’s has never had a problem in over 30 years of business! It’s because they truly care about our pets. 
   One of the ways Bentley has maintained his weight loss is the treats we give him. I try to be very conscience of what he eats because although he loves everything except lettuce, his tummy can get upset. Dr. Harvey’s offers four all-natural treats that are not only healthy but are Bentley’s favorites. Coconut Smiles are back in stock so he is definitely happy about that!
Health Care
    As a new pet parent, I’d run to the vet for every single thing that happened. After decades of dogs, I now know when it is time to visit the vet and when I can treat something minor at home. Of course, I rely on Dr. Harvey’s all-natural supplements to the rescue. 
   When diarrhea happens, I fetch my Runs Be Done and add it to his meal. It works quickly and when you’re  dealing with the “runs” that is exactly what you want.
   We have added Golden Years to his food for the last four years too. After all, we met the Dr. Harvey’s family when Bentley was seven years old, so they have helped him into his senior years. 
   If there is one of Dr. Harvey’s products that I recommend everyone have on hand is the Healing Cream. I use it on all of the boys’ scrapes, bumps and boo-boos. We are using it on the spot our vet aspirated his bump just to be cautious.
   Bentley’s oral health is another point of pride. He has always loved having his teeth brushed and it has certainly paid off over the years. He has a little plaque build up and I will be using a treatment we tried last year. Again, a healthy diet is vital to a healthy mouth.
   We are so thankful to Dr. Harvey's for helping Bentley live his best life! 

    Remember that bi-annual wellness veterinary visits can help keep your best friends around for many years.

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  1. oh how great that you got good news... the moments we notice such a thing and while we have to wait for results are like torture...

  2. You are a healthy senior, Bentley, and that is the bestest news!

  3. Good job, Bentley. We are glad to hear you are healthy as a horse! Do you know you are one pound bigger than Bailie. She has been forty six pounds for years. Making the switch to Dr. Harveys three months ago was a wonderful thing. We love it, and Mom feels so much better about what we are eating. Happy weekend, boys!

  4. We love when senior dogs get good health check ups.

  5. Bentley those senior exams are worth every minute of time right. AND OMDs you get more handsome with each year.
    Yep our furries are for a lifetime.
    Hugs Cecilia

  6. Glad he got a good health report card. I have lots of those lipoma lumps and they're harmless.

  7. Bentley, you've received a seal of approval! Or, at least, a really loud, "Good Boy!"

  8. We're glad you had a good visit, Bentley. The mom makes sure we're checked out at least once or twice a year too.

  9. Bentley you are lucky to have a mom that takes such great care with your health

  10. Yuppers, it's time for mine too! I am a very lumpy puppers too Bentley! I gots them all overs, butts the vettie does check them out each time I go in to make double sure. Ma keeps thinkin' abouts the Dr. harvey's, it just is gonna be so expensive. sigh. I'm bigger than you (60lbs), and Ma calculated it, and she said she'll have to thinks on it. paws crossed
    Ruby ♥

  11. We're glad you got such good news at the vet, Bentley ! Purrs

  12. That's one pawsome vet report! Way to go, B.

  13. You - and Dr. Harvey! - take such good care of Bentley. Honestly, I am happy to have a break right now from having a senior pet and the worries that sometimes go with it. But I know Luke will be there one day, and we will definitely be keeping your product recommendations in mind!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  14. Senior wellness checks are super important. Bentley, we are so glad yours went so well!


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