Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Let's Celebrate International Box Day

Bentley: “Hey y’all! Today is International Box Day in the blogosphere and we thought it was time to think inside the box and join the fun.”
Pierre: “The holiday was established to give cats a chance to share their love of boxes with the world. Of course, dogs enjoy a good box too, so we have joined in the celebration.”
Basset looking in box
Bentley: “If we are being completely honest here, most of the boxes that are delivered to our home belong to Pierre and me. We get our Dr. Harvey’s delivered as well as our goodies from Chewy. How can you not love boxes when they arrive filled with pawsome stuff for us?!”
Westie looking in Bissel steam cleaner box
Pierre: “Even when something arrives for Mom, like this Bissel Steam Cleaner, it is a Pet Pro which makes it for us too! Boxes are fun and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Bentley and I both have short legs so we don’t climb inside of boxes but we always manage a peek!”
Westie and basset performing magic
Bentley: “Speaking of boxes, remember when you convinced me that letting you perform your magic trick with the boxes was a good idea? I nearly lost my stomach on that one!”
Pierre: “Hee hee hee! Like I said, boxes are fun! Happy International Box Day from the Bayou Boys.”
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  1. yes!!! boxes are fun... can you tell me that magic trick please? I would like to use it for da Nelly

  2. You are coming apart at the seams, Bentley☺ Happy International Box Day!

  3. Y'all are too, too funny, er, we really mean Funny, with a capital F ... and da magic trick is
    pawsome, er, with a capital P!

  4. Happy International Box Day, boys!

  5. I like boxes just fine, but truth be told, there's nothing like a ziplock bag or plastic wrapper with cheese inside...

    Love and licks,

  6. We didn't realize dogs like boxes too...but probably not as much as us cats. Happy Box Day!

  7. Pierre I love your magical box. Bentley looks quite comfy in pieces
    Hugs Cecilia

  8. We thought boxes were just for cats, now we must explore further.

  9. And i thought only cats enjoyed boxes :)

  10. Bentley and Pierre, I didn't know that dogs were into boxes as much as kitty cats are! Thanks for sharing that with us!

  11. We agree, Box Day isn't just for kitties anymore! Looks like you guys are really enjoying your boxes!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  12. We're big fans of that blue box-ours arrived a couple of days ago. Whew...a couple of knuckleheads were worried there'd be no treats in their cupboard. #sillydogs

  13. We love it, Bentley and Pierre! Happy Box Day!

  14. Glad you had such fun on Box Day!

  15. Box day is fun! Most of our boxes come from amazon these days, and are too small for Luke to fit into. We haven't had a big chewy box in a while now!

  16. Oh I loves the boxes too! thou, I usually tear them up into confetti, butts that's just funs, right? BOL
    Ruby ♥

  17. What a fun post ! Happy International Box Day ! Purrs

  18. hehehe you all had fun with your boxes.


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