Thursday, September 26, 2019

Join Us for #RememberMeThursday

The Bayou Boys are joining the world for #RememberMeThursday
   Today we are joining 180 countries and hundreds of thousands of people to spread the word about pet adoption. It is #RememberMeThursday so join the world in remembering the pets waiting in shelters for their forever homes or for those whose time ran out before being rescued.

Honoring Miss Gitty on #RememberMeThursday
How to Join in #RememberMeThursday
• Share the pre-made Remember Me Thursday  messages on social media
• Post a photo of your rescue and choose the candle you want to light on their website along with a message.
• Light a candle to remember the pets that died waiting to be rescued.
• Talk about the importance of pet adoption and share photos of available dogs and cats in your area on social media.
Did you know?
• Only 30% of pets in the U.S. come from rescue facilities.
• Each year over 2.7 million orphaned shelter pets lose their lives without finding their forever homes.
• Most people who rescue pets feel their pets actually rescued them.
• Many rescues have purebred dogs available for adoption.

Thank you for joining in
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  1. a light for all in need... and a big hug to all who gave and give a pet in need a home

  2. We are all for pet adoption and do adopt all our kitties. Hopefully lots of pets will find new homes today.

  3. We think that each day we are coming closer to a time when no pets are killed and shelters are just places where animals meet their new families. More places go to no kill all the time.

  4. We so wish for the day when shelters are obsolete, and all pets have homes!

  5. AND PETs are furever not for right now.
    Hugs Cecilia

  6. We're purring for all the shelter animals and hope they find homes. This is such an important message to get out there!

  7. "being unloved should not be a death sentence" sent chills down my spine. So true xoxo

  8. Our wish is for ALL animals to have forever homes! Thanks for joining our blog hop and shining a light on pet adoption.

  9. It truly shocks me that only 30% of pets are adopted. I've adopted all of mine (except for Lita who was given to my Dad by a friend). We obviously have a way to go. Thank you for shedding light on all the pets waiting for their forever homes. <3

  10. What a precious post. Here's hoping all shelter pets find the pawfect fur-ever home!


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