Friday, September 6, 2019

How to Keep a Basset Hound's Long Ears Clean

Howlin' Hounds snoods
   Does your dog have long ears that are constantly getting in their food? Bentley’s ears used to always have “crusties” on them from dried food. I was cleaning them or FURminating his ears after every meal. There had to be a better way other than putting his ears on a scrunchie! That can’t be comfortable, but I’ve seen dogs wearing them to keep the ears from dragging in the food. Thank goodness I discovered the snood!

Basset wearing tie-dyed snood
   Bentley has had the same two snoods from Howlin’ Hounds since 2015. We wrote about them in "It's a Snood?". He wears them twice a day when he eats. I have washed these two a million times and they are still in great shape although the elastic has stretched over the years. It was time to order more and I did not hesitate to contact Debbie at Howlin’ Hounds once again. She responded right away and had Bentley’s new snoods in the mail the next day!
Basset wearing bones and hearts snood
   If your dog’s ears are constantly getting yucky when they eat, I highly suggest contacting Howlin’ Hounds and order a snood or two. She has so many fabric choices that you are sure to find something to fit your dog’s personality. Bentley is modeling the Tie Dye Paws & Bones and the Dog Treats cotton fabrics. You can also choose fleece, water-resistant, or sequins for your custom-made snood. A lot of show dogs wear them to keep their ears clean and love some bling before strutting their stuff in the ring!
   Bentley wears a large and they only cost $12.50 each. She accepts PayPal too! This is not a sponsored post. I ordered and paid for the snoods and was not asked to share my experience with Howlin’ Hounds. I love her work and it is great to help support a small business. You can follow Howlin’ Hounds on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
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  1. that is a super idea... and we will buy a snood if the ears of da nelly will get longer LOL (we hope not or he will step on it hahah)

  2. Dougie's ears don't get food-messy, but he sure does manage to soak them good when having his drinking water ... splashing it far and wide, then drooling it across the kitchen floor all way into the living room! Thankfully it is only water ...

  3. That is such a neat invention, Bentley, and I bet you love eating your meals and keeping your ears clean!

  4. Mom lets our ears hang into whatever because they are hanging into things on our walks, our water, and our food. It is impossible to keep them out of stuff all the time. Usually, just a quick run through with a comb and we are good to go. You enjoy your sweet snood.

  5. Makes so much sense, and fashionable too...if you want to look like an old lady wearing a babushka! No, Bentley, you look fabulous...I mean all of the other dogs...

  6. What a cute idea, as soon as the headgear comes on, food happens.

  7. Bentley looks so cute in those! We have no worries like that with Luke, but we hope to have more hound dogs some day, so we'd definitely get these then (Cricket's ears were always crusty on the ends too).

  8. What a pawsome solution and very stylish too!!
    Arty, Jakey & Rosy

  9. Melissa, thank you so much for this. Your kind words mean so much to me. I'm so glad you and Bentley have been happy with your snoods! He looks adorable.💖🐾

  10. No, we don't have that problem. We've only seen those snoods at Dog Shows on long-eared dogs awaiting their turn in the ring. We think they look sweet.

  11. Whatever works for you, Bentley. No dog wants crusty ears.

  12. Nice to be able to keep clean and be so stylish while you are eating!
    Mabel & Hilda

  13. What a greet idea. And the bonus is that Bentley looks really cute in his snood!


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