Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Free Fun for Self-Isolation

    It seems just when we think life can’t get any more bizarre, we wake up to another day of what seems to be an unimaginable episode of The Twilight Zone. Houston has become one of many major cities to issue “Stay at Home” orders. We are to limit our movements to the grocery store, pharmacy or work if your job is in one of the sixteen industries the federal government has deemed essential. It is still okay to go on walks or visit local parks if you maintain a 6’ distance from others. Playgrounds and basketball courts are off-limits. I am not babysitting the grands and we are not riding our bikes to be super safe. After last month’s flu, we do not want this virus. The fact they keep mentioning those over 60 makes me cringe. How the heck did we get in the senior citizen danger zone? Yikes!
   What do we do with all of the time on our hands? We can only clean so much and as the days go on, we are all going to need to try to relax and decompress. I wanted to do something to help alleviate everyone’s boredom and stress so I’m giving away copies of my first book, The Returns! All you have to do is go to Amazon and download your copy today. It is free from Wednesday, March 25 thru Sunday, March 29,2020 beginning and ending at midnight PDT. It’s available worldwide so fetch yours and let’s share some laughs. There is way too much serious stuff happening right now so escape to the streets of New Orleans for some action-packed adventures with some hilarious crime-fighting dogs and cats.
   We also want to remind y’all to enter our Spring Into Health with Dr. Harvey's contest. One lucky reader will win over $100 in awesome products. As we say on the bayou…“Time’s a wastin’.”
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  1. we fortunately have a lot of projects we can do... but the weird thing is, now if we have the time, we are not in the mood... isn't that crazy hahahaha

  2. We would go out and ride the bikes. The fresh air and exercise is healthy, and you don't come into contact with others. No government lock down here yet. Other than not doing classes or dog sports, our lives are pretty much the same. Sure hope this thing ends soon,though as it is really ruining our plans. Stay safe.

  3. My ghostwriter is one of those people who has to go to work, since she's a nurse. Hope you stay healthy!

  4. Oh boy do I hear you each morning when my eyes open I think surely it was a dream. How in this day and time did this happen....
    We continue to walk each morning outside.
    Healthy hugs all around

  5. How wonderful to share your book!

    Hang in there, we have been under the "stay at home" order for a week or so. We do still get the pack out for walks every day(when it's not raining).

  6. No doubt about it, life is cra-cra these days and even more so for those of us who are at least 12 years old in dog years. Stay at home orders seems to be the strategy du jour in our town too, but if it works to keep more peeps safe, then I'm good with it. Stay safe and keep smiling and give those two adorable boys ear rubs from me.

  7. We're all trying to keep calm during this stressful time...but it's not easy. Thanks for making your book available.

  8. How nice to share your book ! We're in the same situation here : stay at home. Purrs

  9. Because our fellow country people didn't get social distancing many of our parks are closed. Stay safe.

  10. The Mom and Dad here are way up in that danger zone. Stay safe, healthy and virus-free.

  11. That is so kind of you to do. Stay healthy.XO

  12. We're working from home, and self-isolating, too. We've come to look forward to our afternoon walks. Stay safe and well, sweet pals.

  13. Oh, I hopes you guys stay safe at home, and gets lots of belly rubs and scritches!
    Ma still goes out to try and find paper products (none to be found in two weeks! sigh), and her foodables. Thanks for sharing your PAWSOME book with us! that is the sweetest!
    Ruby ♥

  14. Oh, I thought you were at least getting out on your bikes! That's tough. We're lucky we can still take walks on our property with no worries of encountering anyone. We are not under orders here, and since hubby is in the grocery industry, he's working even harder to keep people supplied! I mostly stay home anyway, and that seems the prudent thing to do right now.
    Take care, and let's hope for back to normal soon. Sweet idea to share your book!!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets


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