Thursday, March 19, 2020

Spring Into Health With Dr. Harvey's

   Spring is the time of year for rebirth and renewing our promise to take better care of ourselves and pets. The days are getting longer, and the weather is nice so spending time outdoors with our dogs is a safe option during this time of self-isolation. As we practice self-care, it’s important to make sure our dogs are healthy too.

Bentley before and after Dr. Harvey's
   Dr. Harvey’s has been dedicated to providing our dogs with the best in all-natural and ultra-natural nutrition for over three decades. I have seen the difference a fresh homemade meal can make in Bentley. He lost over 20 pounds when we switched from kibble to Canine Health. Over the years, we have tried all of their base mixes and the boys love them all. Preparation is simple and you’ll feel good knowing your feeding your dog fresh food. 
two dogs

   Supplements are important for the health of your dog. Bentley and Pierre are both seniors, so we are adding supplements to help with their joints and immune systems. I’ll admit that I’ve not been as faithful about adding them to their meals as I should have in the past. That changed with Bentley’s recent illness

   If you follow our adventures here or on Facebook, you have no doubt seen Bentley sit up. It is not something we taught him; he has sat that way since he was a puppy. When he was sick, he stayed in his bed or behind our rocker for almost two weeks. The only time he got up was to go out for the bathroom and then right back to sleep. In other words, he didn’t get any exercise at all. Once he got better, we noticed a wobble in his back legs, and he didn’t sit up. I could tell one day that he was thinking about it but decided not to try. It broke my heart. 
Dr. Harvey's Ortho Flex
   I turned to the people that I trust the most with my boy’s health. Dr. Harvey’s. Ortho-Flex is a combination of wild-crafted and organic herbs. This formula can provide essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that help ease joint stiffness, pain and support good joint health. 
Ortho Flex being sprinkled on Dr. Harvey's dog food
   We have been adding the powdered supplement to Bentley’s meals for a little over a week and this morning he sat up for me. He didn’t stay up long, but he did it and we were so happy to say our boy is back to 100%.
E-mune Boost
   I am going to also begin the boys on Dr. Harvey’s E-mune Boost to help improve their bodies’ immune system. While dogs can’t catch the current virus that is sweeping the world, there are a lot of nasty bugs to which they are susceptible. My goal, of course, is to protect them from any sickness.
Raw Vibrance from Dr. Harvey's
   We have been very happy with the Canine Health formula but are considering a change to Dr. Harvey’s Raw Vibrance. It is a good choice for senior dogs, it’s low in fat, good for joint inflammation, the immune system and allergies. Plus, they love the taste!
Dog being sprayed with herbal spray
   Good health includes being clean and free from biting insects. You can count on Dr. Harvey’s to have something to help! Their Herbal Shampoo leaves your dog’s coat feeling soft, looking shiny, and smelling terrific. Once your best friend is washed and ready to go out on an adventure, you’ll want to spray them with Dr. Harvey’s Protection Spray. We carry the bottle in our car so we can give the boys a spritz before walking. It has a pleasant smell and works great. 
   The bottom line is you are going to LOVE all of Dr. Harvey's amazing products! Look below for a money saving code.


  1. we hope the magic potion will help to spring into this spring ;O)

  2. In the spring our favorite thing to do is chase those squirrels that are getting active again. They make us crazy! Thanks for this giveaway, we sure hope we win! We love our Dr Harveys Canine Health.

  3. Wow, the proof is definitely in the pics! Well done.

  4. I so love when I find a company with products that do as they advertise!

  5. Wow, Bentley looks great with his weight loss.

  6. Luke's favorite activity is getting out for a walk and smelling all the smells! He says he knows Bentley "gets it"!
    We're excited about the giveaway - Dr. Harvey's has so many products that sound great but we haven't tried.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  7. We're looking forward to walks with the flowers blooming!

  8. Spring time activities include opportunities to be outside while also social distancing - long walks & hikes

  9. Wow, that stuff really works. Looking good, Bentley!

  10. Angel loves walking in the spring

  11. All three of my dogs love going for walks - especially in the spring and fall, when the temperature is not extreme.

  12. My dog love taking walks in the warm spring sun.

  13. You knows I loves my fall walkies!!! okays, I loves walkies any time! BOL!!!
    Thanks for the opportunity boyz!
    Ruby ♥

  14. Thanks for the chance, my dogs love to roll around and play in the fresh spring green grass

  15. my girls love to get out and run with mom, they also love barking at the deer, rabbits and birds at the bird feeder.

  16. My dog's favorite springtime activity would be to play fetch in the backyard.


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