Thursday, January 19, 2017

The New Look of Canine Health

Dr. Harvey's Canine Health pre-mix dog food is dehydrated and simple to use.Dr. Harvey's ambassador disclaimer
   If I told you that I know of a dog food that is changing pet’s lives, would you be interested? Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health is called the Miracle Dog Food for good reason. It is helping make dog’s live healthier lives. They have so many testimonies where pet parents have seen their best friends stop suffering from itching, kidney problems, allergies, weight gain, digestive issues, and many other problems that they published a Book of Miracles!
Add water, protein and oil for the perfect Canine Health meal.
Only the bag has changed!
What makes Canine Health different?
   They use only natural ingredients including certified organic grains. You will never find preservatives, dyes, artificial or synthetic in Dr. Harvey’s products. With their fabulous pre-mix, you choose the protein and oil that is best suited for your pup. That makes it easy to control the fat and calorie content with makes weight manager simple. Check out the holistic blend of 6 organic grains and 9 dehydrated veggies in every bag of Canine Health.
Dr. Harvey's Canine Health ingredients
Dr. Harvey's Canine Health looks as good as it tastes
Who has time to cook for their dog?
   When I first tell people that I prepare Bentley and Pierre’s meals, they are impressed. That is when I have to confess how easy it is to prepare. From start to finish, it takes me 8 – 10 minutes to complete these simple steps.
  • Step 1 Add hot water to Canine Health.
  • Step 2 Let sit for 8 minutes.
  • Step 3 Add your choice of raw or cooked protein. (beef, poultry, fish, eggs etc.)
  • Step 4 Add your choice of oil. (flax, borage, olive, hemp, sesame oil, Dr. Harvey’s Health and Shine, etc.)
Dr. Harvey's helps make Bentley and Pierre the picture of Canine Health
What Do Dogs Think of Canine Health?
   I asked Bentley and Pierre to answer this question for our readers. They were happy to lend a paw.
Bentley: “I love all of Dr. Harvey’s Fine Health Foods and their Canine Health is no different. It is so yummy that I lick my bowl clean and then go check on Pierre’s. Mom adds a variety of proteins to mix it up but the pre-mix tastes amazing with everything. As weird as it seems to me, some dogs are picky eaters. Believe me, once they get a taste of this, they will become Dr. Harvey’s fans for life!”
Pierre: “How do I love *Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health? Let me count the ways. I love the texture, the taste, the freshness, and it makes my tummy happy. Let me admit right here and now that I tend to lose my mind when Mom adds the meat. That’s because I know it is almost time to eat. She tells me to sit and be patient but it is impossible. You’ll understand after one bite, just not of mine. I don’t share nor do I leave any for Bentley to lick. Just writing about it makes my mouth water.”
   As you can tell, they Bayou Boys are huge fans of Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health and your dogs will be too. Be sure to use our ambassador code BFTB317 for a 10% savings on your order.
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  1. thanks so much for a super review... that's exactly what we need for me!!! we will look if we can get it here too...

    1. It is also available on Amazon (Link in post) so you should be able to enjoy it!

  2. Oh yum, yum, that does look VERY tasty
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. Yum! That does look good!

  4. Mom says that because she is a human,, she would tend to feed this one to us in the morning for breakfast with the oatmeal, and veg to bowl for dinner with the veggies.

  5. BOL! We agree with Emma and her mom - Canine Health looks like breakfast. But, it is very healthy for dogs which is great. How cool they wrote a book about all the good things that happen to dogs who eat it.

  6. WOW does THAT ever look DELICIOUS.... Wonder why they don't suggest Coconut Oil? We get THAT in our Supper every evening.

    1. They do recommend coconut oil as one of the oils to use on a rotational basis. I alternate fish and coconut oil for the boys. They also have Coconut Smiles treats that our entire family enjoys! ☺

  7. This looks yummy, but why not make it yourself? Just add some fresh fruits and vegies to some plain, cooked oatmeal. Probably much cheaper. Joey dog always got a pat of butter or a spoonful of olive oil every day for his coat and skin.

    1. I love having all of the ingredients in one bag. Dr. Harvey's has added vitamins and things that I don't have around the house. We do feed the boys fresh fruits and veggies for snacks. Great suggestion on the olive oil too. ♥

  8. Boy that stuff looks tasty
    Lily & Edward

  9. Very nice review. Is there a sample table we can stop by for a taste - like Costco BOL!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  10. That sounds great, and I know this crew would love it! I'd love to do completely homemade...but it's a lot to do all the time; I think this is a great alternative. Heck, many nights I don't even feeling like cooking for the humans! LOL
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  11. Great review ! Claire says that it looks like her breakfast (bircher müsli, before adding milk), but we doubt that the taste is the same ! Purrs

  12. The Canine Health kinda looks like the granola the mom eats with her yogurt!

  13. This sounds like an interesting alternative to home cooking. We also get coconut oil everyday...occasionally olive oil.

  14. That sure looks yummy to us! Great review!

  15. Wow, that really does look pawsomely delicious! Wagnificent review.


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