Friday, September 21, 2018

Introducing Dr. Harvey's Raw Vibrance

   Let the bells ring out and the banners wave!! We are introducing Dr. Harvey’s newest base-mix that will take the guesswork out of homemade or raw feeding. Without further ado, all of you pet parents, puppies and dogs meet the incredible
   More pet parents are realizing the health benefits of a homemade or raw diet for their dogs. The problem is in today’s ultra-busy world finding time to prepare a complete and balanced raw or homemade diet is difficult. How can you be sure your dog is getting the proper amount of nutrition? Not to mention the mess of grinding organ meat and bones! That is where Raw Vibrance comes in with a complete nutritional base for the perfect raw or homemade diet. Now it’s easy to prepare a healthy and balanced meal that your dog is going to LOVE.
Raw Vibrance ingredients
There are several benefits to feeding a raw diet including:
•more energy
• stronger immune system
• improved joint and bone health
• healthier teeth and gums
• Reduced body odor, stool odor & fresher breath
• Softer and shinier coat
• Healthy weight and muscle tone
Raw Vibrance base mix, ground beef, eggs and oil
I am a Dr. Harvey's brand ambassador and am being compensated for sharing their fine products. All opinions are my own and Dr. Harvey's is not responsible for the content of this article.
   I prepare Bentley and Pierre’s food with different lightly cooked meats and various oils. It is wonderful knowing they receive high-quality food that I’ve hand selected. You never know exactly what you get in a bag of kibble, but starches, salt, and meat by-products are not something I’m comfortable feeding my boys. 
Raw Vibrance dog food on a spoon
   One look at the ingredients in Raw Vibrance lets me know I am feeding “The world’s most honest dog food.” That’s because you can actually see the wholesome and nutritious ingredients in every spoonful.
Woman preparing dog's meals as they watch
   Preparing any of Dr. Harvey’s pre-mix meals is super easy and Raw Vibrance is no different. All it takes is three steps.
• Add hot water to the recommended amount of base mix and let it sit for 8-12 minutes. (This is the hardest part for the Bayou Boys)
• Add your choice of protein – Beef, Fish, poultry, eggs, etc.
• Add your choice of oil – Fish, Coconut, Hemp, Borage or Dr. Harvey’s Health & Shine gel caps
   That’s it! Your dog will love the fresh taste and you will love knowing you are feeding a safe and healthy meal.
Westie and basset eating dog food
Why Choose Dr. Harvey’s?
   Dr. Harvey’s has been a leader in the pet food industry for 30+ years when others rolled their eyes at the thought of all-natural food for our companion animals. He realized many of the big pet food makers were more concerned with the bottom line than the health and well-being of our beloved pets. That is why you’ll never find things like dyes, preservatives, chemicals, coloring or artificial ingredients in ANY of Dr. Harvey’s fabulous products.
   We have been feeding Dr. Harvey’s foods for four years and the boys are the picture of health. They have tried all of the formulas and are currently enjoying Canine Health. It will be simple to add Raw Vibrance into their rotation and as you can tell, they LOVE it.
   Did you know that Dr. Harvey’s has NEVER had a recall? That’s because they prepare the products in small batches to ensure the very best quality. Each new product undergoes vigorous testing before being introduced. Raw Vibrance was in the works for over a year before it met their incredibly high standards.
   If you are thinking about a raw diet for your dog or have a question about one of Dr. Harvey’s products, just pick up the phone and give him a call. I’m serious. I have called several times and he’ll usually return my call right away. Isn’t that amazing? I can’t honestly think of another company where you can call and talk directly to the owner. He is a fountain of information and as friendly as can be. Tell him Melissa told you to call ~ (866) DOC H123 (866-362-4123)
Paisley the Weather Lab loves her Raw Vibrance free trial bag!
   You can try Raw Vibrance by requesting a free trial size and all you pay is the $3.95 shipping & handling. The 5.5 oz. bag will make 4 one-pound servings. Paisley the Weather Lab was thrilled to get her trial size. She usually eats Dr. Harvey’s Veg-to-Bowl Fine Ground but was anxious to mix it up and rotate the Raw Vibrance into her feeding schedule. (She gave it a resounding two paws up)
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  1. that is true... it is sometimes more difficult to prepare good dog food than our own meals, great that you found a solution!!!

  2. This sounds fabulous to both me and mom and guess what - she just ordered me a free trial size!

  3. That does sound terrific. Us kitties haven't made the leap into a raw diet...yet.

  4. So glad you boys enjoy your food. Mom just doesn't like the having to cook part of it all, and the waiting for it to soak up the water. We have enjoyed the Dr Harvey's we have tried in the past. Happy Weekend.

  5. Dr Harvey has quite the line of goodness.

  6. We are impressed that they have never had a recall. We lose faith in companies when that happens.

  7. Oh my word that looks good enough to swallow in one swift bite
    Hugs C

  8. Okays, I pried the Fleasa Card outta Ma's hand, and ordered a trial bag! I told her if the Bentley and Pierre likes it, it's gotta be good! Ma said if it makes me stink less, she's ALL IN! rude.
    Ruby ♥

  9. These pre-mixes make feeding raw or home cooked so easy!

  10. We think this is a great company and that their products are high quality. We're just lazy, and doing something easier right now. However, I never rule out Dr. Harvey's. It always stays high on my list of possibilities!
    Bentley looks so cute in his snood!! ♥
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  11. OH, that food looks so good, and Mom loves that it is so healthily made too. We just might have to check that out.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  12. We love Dr. Harvey's!

    I was wondering, us the Pet Parade still being held?

  13. That sounds like some great stuff. We will be sure to share your review with our woofie pals!


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