Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Work Like A Dog Resume Update

   It is Work Like a Dog Day and the Bayou Boys thought they should spruce up their resume. They looked through our photos to find proof of all their many talents in hopes of impressing any future employers. They have each applied for their own dream jobs but they work best as a team. 
They feel they are qualified for the following individual positions:
Basset Hound in Good Humor truck
Ice Cream Truck Driver:
Qualifications include
• Loves ice cream
• Enjoys riding in a truck
• Never lets an ice cream drop hit the floor
Westie riding in a back hoe
Heavy Machine Operator
• Loves digging
• Has dug up underground rodents with bare paws
• Really LOVES digging

As a team the Bayou Boys are qualified for the following jobs:
Basset and Westie in a plane
Aerial Acrobat
• Flown exclusively for BFTB NETWoof News
• Loves turning plane upside down and hearing co-pilot scream
• Can be hired for crop dusting
Two dogs performing a magic trick
Vegas Headliners
• Masters of illusion and slight of paw
• Both look great in sequins
• Also performs stand-up comedy that'll keep audiences howling
Rocket Dogs copyrighted by
NASA Rocket Engineers/Astronauts
• Experienced rocket traveler and launcher
• They’ve already picked out the dogs to play them in the movie “A-PAW-LO 13”
• We are not far from NASA Space Center Houston so it’d be easy to fly a rocket ship to work
What would be your dog or cat’s dream job?
Our thoughts and prayers are with our amazing Pet Parade co-host, Bionic Basil. He was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer. Please join us in sending Basil and his family our love and support. 
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  1. oh you are pawfectly qualified for the best jobs... we will look if we can do something pawfessional too... do you think mail shreddererer is a good job with a fine payment?

  2. You boys are MOST talented! I hope to see you in my neighborhood in your Good Humor truck, Bentley! Make sure you stop as I LOVE ice cream!

  3. You boys are so talented. I would like to be a K9 cop dog, sniffing for the bad stuff. Bailie wants to be in a PR firm, no surprise there, and Madison...she would probably be in a K9 cop job too.

  4. My jobs include homeland security, being constantly underfoot whenever the humans get up and walk or go up the stairs, and official food taster.

  5. Wooftastic work on your resumes!
    Pawfect positions for you both; good luck!

    I already have the pawfect job being the CEO of KTFGD & a Canine Epilepsy Ambassador.

    Pawsitive energy & strength to Bionic Basil 🐾

    Nose nudges,

  6. You guys will be pawsome no matter what job you do. Oodles of poodles POTP for Basil.

  7. Guys, I love that you are so highly skilled. I need some help tracking and extracting moles from the greens on my golf course, and rabbits from the bunkers, and if you can manage arial acrobatics, I have a few openings for just the right openings for a team of window cleaners! MOL
    Toodle pips and purrs

  8. OMD I handsome and two are the total package
    Hugs madi your bfff

  9. Prayers for Basil and his family. You boys are definitely qualified for the best jobs ever. Good luck in your job search.

    Love and licks,

  10. You're so talented ! Zorro could be a good moles extractor too, and Pixie... A top model maybe ? Purrs

  11. We all think the ice cream truck role is the best, although if we were there, there wouldn't be much ice cream to sell:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  12. You two are a paw-in for just about any job!!!

  13. You both have lots of talent! that ice cream truck over to our house, okay??

  14. I am sad about Basil, he is in my prayers. And you boys are great at any job you do.

  15. My wimpy dogs love being guard dogs on what we think of as our estate.

  16. You boys shouldn't have any trouble getting hired!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  17. What a couple of talented guys!
    Hazel & Mabel

  18. Ruby is very impressed to know such talented guys! Ruby fancies herself a chef - so she could sample everything she cooks.

  19. You two are qualified for so many jobs! If you get that ice cream truck one, come to our neighborhood, okay? :)

  20. I think I'd like da ice cream eater, I mean, driver, one!


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