Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Pierre's Easter Jokes

At this week’s Barking from the Bayou team meeting, we discussed several different topics including the most obvious…the COVID-19 pandemic. I think it was Pierre who insisted suggested he tell a few jokes instead. After Bentley and I groaned, we agreed it would be more uplifting and we could all use a laugh these days. Of course, with Pierre’s comedy routine, that isn’t something we can guarantee.

I’m sure most of you have made a face mask by now but if you haven’t, this video shows a simple mask made from a bandana.
We’re in this together but apart.
Please stay home and stay safe.
There is no blog hop like an Easter Pet Parade Blog Hop! Join Dash Kitten and co-hosts Bionic Basil and me for a worldwide pet blog hop! You can share a wordless or wordy post or tweet to be shared on social media. All DOGS, CATS and any other pet blog is welcome. If you want eyes on your post, don’t let this Easter Pet Parade pass you by!

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  1. we love da easter jokes!!! and we made such a mask ... but they look weird like efurrything made by da mama LOL

  2. Hope you all have a nice Easter, even though you probably won't get to be with the grandkids. Hopefully video will help. Stay safe, and we are not wearing face masks here.

  3. We think Pierre had a great idea!! Thanks for the laughs.
    Hope you all have a wonderful Easter even though we know it has to be tough not to be able to celebrate with your kids and grandkids (in person anyway).

  4. Pierre I am giving you a standing might not realize it but you are a fun=gi too with your responses.
    Hugs cecilia

  5. Hey Pierre, we liked your yolks pal! Hey, purrfect timing...our Mom was just getting ready to go out for our weekly food run and the Dad made her a mask from your video, it worked great!

  6. *groan*
    I haven't had a hair elastic in decades; guess I'd better dig out some rubber bands!

  7. We love the Easter jokes, P. But you have pretty much knocked your brother unconscious with them!!

    Love and licks,

  8. Oh Pierre, you're one funny boy. Hope Bentley wasn't too bored with your jokes. Maybe he was just tuckered out in the sunshine. We wish you a very happy Easter.

  9. We thought your jokes were pretty funny today Pierre!
    Stay safe!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  10. MOL! Those were some good groaners! ;)

  11. bwaa haa haa ha ha! Great jokes there Pierre!
    Mabel & Hilda

  12. Hee hee! Pierre, you made US laugh. :)

    We just ordered some hair elastics for our bandanna masks. We'll see if they work out tomorrow.

    Stay safe, pals! And Happy Easter!

  13. Thanks for the chuckle. Hope you have a nice Easter. Keep your humans healthy. XO

  14. Oh, we needed a laugh today! Thank you! And you both look adorable.

  15. LOL BOL!!! Those are the kind of jokes Dad likes a lot. Hope you have a happy Easter!


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