Wednesday, April 29, 2020

When Grooming Becomes Essential

   You know the saying that you never miss something until it is gone? I think we have all experienced that over the last few weeks as some people are still searching for toilet paper! It seems like forever since we could run up to the store to pick up a couple of items, go out to dinner, or shop at the mall. I don’t know about y’all but I miss all of those things a lot. I am really happy that Texas is beginning to reopen with health guidelines in place. I know this is a controversial topic but feel that people can make up their own minds as far as their own health status when they should re-enter society. I’m afraid face masks and social distancing will be a new way of life until a vaccine is found. On a positive note, we won’t have to wear lipstick or wonder if we have anything stuck between our teeth in public!
Shaggy Westie
   The Texas COVID-19 shutdown of “non-essential” businesses included dog groomers. As you can tell, Pierre was a hot mess after almost six months without being groomed. Our plan was to take him to his groomer at the first of March because we had family coming to visit and wanted him to look handsome. Their plans were canceled as the country began to self-isolate. Before I had time to regroup and schedule an appointment, our state closed down.

   I tried to stay on top of Pierre’s mats, but they seem to grow overnight. He hates being brushed so it is a struggle without tangles and forget about brushing under his arms. It’s not going to happen without blood being drawn from his razor nails. It’s a poor excuse but we did brush and cut out a lot of the mats and tried to keep his rear trimmed. I have the utmost respect for dog groomers. They work hard and earn their money. Every. Single. Dime.
Freshly groomed Westie
   The Shaggy Dog Parlor in Old Town Spring is an amazing place to take your dog for grooming. They do a wonderful job and Pierre is never stressed when we pick him up. To keep everyone safe, you're encouraged to sanitize your hands before and after entering. The payment is only taken online so no transactions inside the shop other than dropping off and picking up. You also take your dog’s collar and leash when you leave.
Westie on alert
   Doesn’t our boy look handsome? I did use the Purple Stuff in his ears when we got home. It didn’t stain his fur and I don’t have to worry about an ear infection from his bath.
   I don’t know how long you are going to have to wait until your dog can be groomed but if you can, try to keep the mats to a minimum with daily brushing and cutting them out as necessary.

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  1. that looks fantabulous!!! and we are glad that some things are still possible, even with different rules....

  2. We don't have issues with tangles, just too much fur, but Mom is doing her best to strip our coats once a week to get rid of some of the furs. We have pretty much had it with the virus thing and feel that if people want to open and go out, let them, and if not then stay home. Life really sucks right now and for the foreseeable future.

  3. Our state just revoked their ban on spay/neuter clinics for feral cats, which is so impawtant!
    I'll admit that I hadn't thought about dog grooming, but I can see that it could be awful for some pups to not get their style on!

  4. You look SO HANDSOME, P. Way to semi-quarantine in style!

    Love and licks,

  5. Chester is a real floppy moppy right now. We'll have to see if his groomer is taking any business.

    My furs have not been groomed since mid February.
    Healthy hugs as Texas begins to reopen

  7. Wow, he DOES look handsome. Wonder if the groomers can make me look that good? Once they reopen here. 😆

  8. You look great, Pierre ! Handsome boy ! Purrs

  9. Wowsa dude! YOu are lookin' FABulous! I guess this is one time where Ma's doin' the groomin' is a long as no blood is shed, and no ears are lost! talons are the size of a Bald Eagles! (I only lets the vettie techs do my talons...I don't lets Ma near them!) I sound like a tap dancer on Broadway!
    Ruby ♥

  10. You look PAWSOME, Pierre!!!!

    With our groomer still closed, we have decided to groom the boyz from home from now on...Arty just doesn't behave, and Jakey is getting up there in age. We were really hoping Rosy's groomer would open when groomers became "essential workers" here in Cali a couple of weeks ago...but now we are worried she may be closed for good....and we will have to manage Rosy's grooming too.

    Crazy, crazy times!

  11. You're lucky that you were able to get Pierre groomed. Around here, the grooming salons haven't opened yet...resulting in some backroom groomers setting up shop...sort of like the "speakeasies" of prohibition times.

  12. You sure do look right snazzy Pierre!

  13. I need to go to the dog groomer myself!!! I look like Pierre's before photo!!LOL!!!

  14. Looking good, Pierre! That groomer sounds terrific. It's great that they really have it together, and are able to provide this essential service. :)

  15. Wow, what a difference!! At times like this we are lucky to have a short-haired dog! I remember fighting mats with our goldens, what a battle! I didn't want to take them to a groomer, because they both were nervous dogs. But in the end I did take Sheba, and I was so happy that I did!


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