Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Every House Should be a Pet House

    There are a few things that are certainties when you come to my home. The first is Bentley and Pierre will come running to welcome you. The second is our house will smell wonderful thanks to my electric wax warmers. I have loved the smell of scent chips for as long as I can remember. That is why I was thrilled when I was contacted about Pet House’s electric wax warmer!

   PetHouse by One Fur All is well-known for their amazing line of candles but if you would rather not burn candles, the electric wax warmer is the answer. With no open flame to worry about, I can have a delicious scent wafting throughout the house and not have to watch for wagging tails. I have several other scent warmers but this one is special…it is specially designed for pet lovers. The saying around the edge of it reads “A house is not a home without pets.” Isn’t that perfect for all of us pet parents!

   Pet House by One FUR All offers over 30 different scents in their Wax Melts. We chose the Pumpkin Spice melts and they smell INCREDIBLE! The scent is stronger than store-bought wax melts and that means you use less. They are 100% natural soy wax and guaranteed to eliminate pet odors. I’m in love!

   Pet House still offers their incredible candles, mini candles, air fresheners, room sprays, and car air fresheners. Now is the perfect time to shop for the scents that make your home feel cozy when that first cool snap hits. Fall is next week, y'all and Mmmmm…pumpkin spice, apple spice, pecan pie and red currant all sound "scentsational”.

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  1. oooh that is such a super good idea!!!! we love it...

  2. Enjoy your warmer. Mom doesn't like candles or heated wax. She has a big fear of fire, so even when we have candles around, they never are lit, and she is afraid to leave something like a warmer on. We know people who have them and they do create really nice smells in the house. Maybe you can get coffee scent for your mom for Christmas?

  3. That's a very interesting product, wax on, wax off!

  4. I'm sure they smell great. We have to be very careful about scents. My GW is allergic to many of them. But at the nursing home, the recreation therapists use scents to help the old people to remember good times.

  5. Yum...sounds delish just thinking about those flavors of candle melts!

  6. Because of her migraines, Claire doesn't use scents of any kind, but those Wax Melts sounds great ! Purrs

  7. I love this, and that it is soy wax too. Pumpkin Spice sounds lovely, one of my favorite scents!

  8. We bet this makes the house smell great!

  9. Nice safe alternative to candles. Thanks for hosting the parade.

  10. That looks like a great product!How nice that you can have nice smells in the house without worrying about flames and candles. :)

  11. Oh, that is one cool wax warmer!! Ma makes her own melts, has for years, butts likes buying store ones too! She's gonna go check these out, and maybe gets ME this PAWsome warmer!
    Ruby ♥


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