Monday, May 12, 2014

Who Let the Dogs Out

**This post was originally published January 17, 2014.  It is one of my most popular posts, so I thought I would run it again today.  I will have a new post tomorrow to tell you about all of the wonderful information and friends that I met at the BlogPaws conference in Las Vegas!

  “Who let the dogs out?” was a huge hit for the Baja Men in 2000.  It is still played at ballgames, featured in cartoons, and emblazoned on t-shirts.  The song was catchy and funny.  The problem is that too many people actually do let the dogs out on a regular basis.
  Many people believe dogs should be allowed to roam free instead of being behind a fence or on a leash.  I have so many problems with that mindset; it makes me want to scream.  The dangers of a loose dog are monumental, not just to the dog but also people, other dogs, and the dog’s owner.  Let’s look at the reasons against letting your dogs run free.
1.     Cars: How many times have you seen a dog lying dead in the middle of the road?  Someone has to live with the fact that they killed a dog, possibly caused damage to their vehicle (which the dog owner could be liable for repairing), and a family is going to find their beloved pet dead.  That image will be burned in their mind’s eye forever.  This is a case where everyone loses and it is completely preventable.
2.    Humans: All dogs can look threatening to someone if they come running and barking in your direction.  A person could be injured by being bit, trying to get away, or attempting to befriend the strange dog.  The dogs could face injury by being kicked, hit with a stick, having a rock thrown at them, or sprayed with mace as the human attempts to defend themselves.  The dog owner could likely face a lawsuit.
3.    Other dogs: The chances are your dog is not alone wandering the streets.  This can lead to dogfights, exposure to canine diseases, and unwanted pregnancies.  If your dog confronts someone walking their dog then you double the trouble.  This can lead to costly vet bills and yes, a lawsuit.  We are a litigation nation!
That’s three strikes, are you still going to let your dog out?
          Most cities have leash laws and if Animal Control picks up your dog, you will have to pay a hefty fine to get them back.  That is, if you find out they have been taken to the Animal Control facility before they are euthanized.  Due to space limitations, there is a time limit on your dog’s life after being picked up as a stray.
There are people who cruise around looking for strays to use in training for dog fighting.  If one of these ruthless souls snatches your fur baby, you can forget ever seeing them again.  Your sweet dog will meet a brutal death because you felt bad about keeping them inside a fence or didn’t take the time to put a leash on them to take them outside.  What about all of the psychos out there who get their kicks out of hurting animals?  You see it on the news all of the time.  There are bad people out there in the world and it is your responsibility to keep your dog safe.
I know you are reading this and saying, “That would never happen where I live.  My neighbors all know my dog and they know how sweet he/she is, it’ll be okay.”  That is fine, but even the kindest neighbor doesn’t want your dog leaving poop in their yard.  We all know the grass is always greener in someone else’s yard and that is where your dog wants to leave their mark.  Don’t let your best friend turn a good neighbor into an enemy.
I’m sure the last thing on your mind when you open the door and let your dog run around is that they might not come home.  The reality is they may not.  All it takes is one distracted driver, one angry neighbor, or one cruel human.  The question you need to ask yourself is whether it’s worth the risk.  If you love your dog, then the answer is obvious.  Grab a leash and take them out to do their business or go for a walk.  It is a responsibility that comes with having a dog in your life.  When you think about, it is not too much to ask for all they give you in return…unconditional love.  They would give their life to protect you and they trust you to protect them.
The next time the question is asked, “Who let the dogs out?” it’s my hope the answer will be “nobody.”

Are your dogs inside and taken out on a leash, or are they in a fenced yard?


  1. I's always on leash, cept when I go out to da backyard (it are fenced).

  2. We live in town so all our gardens are fenced.
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  3. Definitely a great post. Very informative.
    I never ever let my huskies out without their leashes!
    Can't wait to hear all about blog paws!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  4. Luckily our yard is fully fenced and gated. This has always been one of my worries. Neighbors of ours in Pasadena had a dog who 'never' ran out and they lived far back from the road down a long driveway. One night + deer + car = tragedy

  5. Occasionally I drive through the country where apparently people think their dogs should run free. I can''t count how many times I have had to swerve or brake. This is a danger to the dogs and to the drivers.

  6. Glad you reposted I never saw this and it was a good post.


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