Friday, September 26, 2014

New York Dreaming #FFHT

*We are joining Murphy and Stanley for another Fractured Fryday.  Today’s challenge is to use the phrase: just when I thought things couldn’t get worse” somewhere in the story.  Enjoy! ♥
Bentley: “You will never believe the dream I had last night.  I’m thinking it was the midnight snack combined with our BFTB broadcast this week!  Have you ever had one of those dreams where you know that you are dreaming, but you can’t wake yourself up?  It was like that only I didn’t want to wake up until I knew what happened.  I almost made it.”
Pierre: “Oh, I always dream crazy things.  I chase squirrels and bark in my sleep.  Sometimes when I’m almost asleep, I think I’m falling and I jerk myself awake.  Was I in your dream?”
Bentley: “OMD!  Yes, we were in The Big Apple a.k.a. New York City.  I was taking you on a tour of Belvedere Castle in Central Park.  Mom and Dad weren’t with us.  We weren’t even wearing our leashes.”

Pierre: “I love a park!  Were there slides and picnics?  Did I have fun?”
Bentley: “We were having a blast playing King of the Belvedere Castle.  Then we noticed a pup was howling that a stranger had taken his baseball on the grounds below.  Being a hero-type guy, I immediately sprang into action and began to follow the thief.”
Pierre: “Did I follow him with you?  What about our King of the Castle game and the picnic?  I was probably hungry after traveling all the way to New York.  It wouldn’t do me any good to trail someone with my stomach growling.”
Bentley: “Luckily, you didn’t whine in my dream.  Yes, you joined in the pursuit of evil ball snatcher.  We snuck behind the man, who was wearing a trench coat and a hat pulled low on his brow, as he left Central Park.  We were keeping a good distance behind him when out of nowhere a parade began.  The streets suddenly filled with people in costumes and a crowd quickly gathered on the sidewalk.  I lost sight of our perp.”

Pierre: “I love a parade!  Did this one have those giant balloon animals?  I would love to march in a parade holding onto the ropes of one of those colossal characters.  If this had been my dream, I’d have been holding ropes and marching.”
Bentley: “This isn’t your dream, so you didn’t get to hold a balloon.  The parade caused us to lose our perp.  I began sniffing the ground to pick up his scent, but then suddenly, we were on the back of the Wall Street Charging Bull statue doing circus tricks for tips.  I had you balanced on my nose when the man in the trench coat shuffled by with the baseball.  I spun you around a couple more times, you stuck your landing, we grabbed a pawful of dollars, and hightailed it after the villain.”

Pierre: “Wait a minute.  Why would I let you spin me around on your nose?  That seems dangerous.”
Bentley: “Of course it was dangerous!  This is an exciting dream.  Besides, it’s not as if I was going to drop you.  I said that you landed your dismount perfectly.  If it makes you feel any better, people clapped and whistled in the dream.”
Pierre: “Okay, that’s fine then.  I do love applause.  Did we catch the guy and get the pup’s ball?”
Bentley: “I wish it had been that simple.  We chased him all to way to Times Square.  We stood in the center of stores, theaters, and tourists from everywhere.  Not a single person spoke dog.  The guy went down into a subway entrance.”

Pierre: “You mean to tell me that we were in Times Square and didn’t take in a show?  What about Jimmy Fallon?  Did we at least see Jimmy Fallon?  Come on, if you’re gonna dream, dream big!”
Bentley: “No, we followed him into the subway where he jumped in a train car.  We slipped in just as the doors were closing.  He didn’t see us, so we eased our way over to where he was sitting tossing the ball into the air.  He had actually taken the seat from an elderly lady.  This character was pure evil.  I wanted to take him down on the train, but people are a bit on edge these days.  I didn’t want to send the subway car into hysteria and end up in the hoosegows.  We had a young dog’s baseball to save.”
Pierre: “That’s using your old noggin.  I don’t think that I would do well in prison.  I’m simply too cute and we all know what happens to cute in prison.  So did we capture him, take the ball back to the poor pup, and become America’s newest four-legged heroes?”
Bentley: “Not exactly.  I noticed that we had exited at Lexington/53rd St. station.  I caught a whiff of him as he hurried by and went inside the Lipstick Building.  I followed him through the doors and you stood guard outside.”
Pierre: “It is lucky that I wasn’t discovered and made a star while I waited for you.  If I had waited on Broadway, it probably would have happened.  Clearly, I need to pursue my own dreams.”
Bentley: “You get discovered in my dream…by the ball snatcher!  I thought he took the elevator to the top, so I got in the elevator and pushed the button for the 34th floor.  The doors opened and I realized I had been tricked!  The man in the trench coat was in the opposite elevator heading down.  I ran over to the window to warn you, but it was too late.  The bad man had grabbed you from the sidewalk and was stuffing you inside his trench coat.”
Pierre: “Oh no, this is a nightmare!  Poor me…HELP!”
Bentley: “I knew that I had to act fast.  Things had gone from bad to worse in no time at all.  I ran for the elevator and pushed the down button frantically.”
Pierre: “Hurry Bentley!  There is no telling what this creep will do to me!  What if he wants me to play fetch with that baseball?  I can’t catch a hard ball with my teeth!  I think I’m hyperventilating!  Just save me and the ball, then wake up!”
Bentley: “You know that I wouldn’t let you down dude!  I kept hitting the button for the elevator, but it wasn’t returning.  I looked back out the window and saw that the same parade from earlier had reappeared.  The ball-stealing Pierre-napper had been stopped from crossing the street.  The entire dream was bizarre, but just when I thought things couldn’t get worse, the guy jumps on the back of a prancing zebra with you peeking out of his jacket waving the baseball.  The elevator hadn’t returned and you were about to disappear.

  I did the only thing that I could at that point.  I wheeled out my handy dandy Hound Dog 7 BASE Jumping Pack.  I strapped my BASE Pack on and leapt off the edge of the Lipstick Building!  It felt like I was flying, I could feel my stomach dropping.  Just as I was about to land on the villain astride the zebra, I heard someone yelling, “My coffee’s ready, come on boys let’s go outside.”  I snapped my eyes open in time to see Mom grab her cup of coffee and go out the back door.”
Pierre: “WHAT?  Do you mean that you didn’t rescue me and save the pup’s ball?  *sob, sniffle  Oh woe is me; I’m lost forever.  Not to mention the poor little dog lost his baseball.  Go back to sleep, so that you can save me.  We can return the ball to the Central Park pup and be heroes.  This nightmare can turn into a sweet dream.”

Bentley: “No, it’s okay.  It was just a dream; it wasn’t real.  Now that you mention it, I probably should try to get a nap so I can rescue you.  That’s a great idea.”  *zzzzzz

We appreciate Murphy and Stanley for hosting another great Fractured Fryday.  Please visit their post to join in more fun fractured stories by clicking here.

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  1. Hi Y'all!

    I'm RIGL!!!! (rollin' in the grass laughin')!!!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  2. BOL< BOL Bond would be impressed. Now go back and finish it with a true Bond ending LOL. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly.

  3. Bravo guys what a great tale! I was on the edge of my seat..and then you woke up and I woke up...dang...hahaha :) well done indeed ) hugs and loves Fozziemum xxx

  4. You guys are just way to funny - that was a wonderful dream. PS - thank you so much for the Dental Chews -- they arrived yesterday

  5. OMD...What a dream! All I ever dream about is brudder Max (DaOdderWeenie) burping in my face. Can I join you in your dream?

  6. What a dream, what a dream! Too funny! Thanks for sharing guys and Happy Friday! :) Bets & Co- Sweet. Dog. Life.

  7. Hari OM
    Crikey I was holding my breath in several places there... dream or not that was quite the ride!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  8. What a fun story, I was on the edge of my dog bed the entire time! I would be so scared base jumping, you are real brave to do that! Happy Friday :)

  9. Too funny! You guys always make me smile :)

  10. Well done, what an action packed story!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  11. Exciting :-) LOVE your photo with the Bull. WOW! imagine if your books are posted on NYC billboards. Happy Friday. Golden Woofs

  12. What a great adventure. We expect to see the feature film coming to a theatre near us soon.

  13. Wow...that was a great and awesome adventure Bentley....even if you didn't get a chance to rescue Pierre before you woke up BOL!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  14. hehehe that was cute. after some of my dreams I try and fall asleep again to pick up where I left off too. Have a great week I will catch ya in 10 days. Take care.

  15. Happy Pet Parade. Good thing that was just a dream.

  16. Loved it! I would have been insanely jealous if you had met Jimmy Fallon, he is my "crush"

  17. BOL!!!! Fun post!!! What a dream huh??
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  18. Holy Dogs what a cool dream!! I am kind of glad it was a dream and everyone is safe. You need a nap after that dream, it must have exhausted you.

    Loveys Sasha

  19. Great picture of Bentley in a parachute!!!

  20. oh, what an exciting dream and adventure! you have some pawsome gadgets, Bentley! we wondered if you wouldn't pull out your rocket pack :)

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  21. Wow, that was a pretty amazing dream. The chi's were on the edge of their seats as I read the story to them.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog.

  22. I hate when dreams get cut off like that.

  23. The kids love this dream!!!! Thanks so much guys for sharing your stories!!!!!!


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