Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Vario Flexi Leash ~ A Review

 Bentley and Pierre enjoy our walks throughout the neighborhood.  We know where the other dogs live, where the barkers are, and where owners sometimes allow there dogs out without a leash.  (Yes, it is against the law.)  There are areas where we could allow them to have more leash to explore.  I was looking for a leash that I could trust to do that.  I have seen a variety of retractable leashes.  Some of them are pretty, others functional, a bunch are clunkers, and even more are just plain flimsy.  I needed a quality leash that I could trust to stop when I pressed the brake button.  Bentley has unbelievable pulling strength and it makes stopping him difficult.

We recently received the Vario Flexi-Leash to review.  It is extremely impressive with a stylish good look.  The first thing I noticed was how comfortable it felt in my hand.  It is well made and sturdy, without being heavy or awkward to hold.  The adjustable soft handle ensures a perfect fit for your hand.  It has a quick stop and lock button that is easy to use and secure.  We chose the large blue 26’ tape leash.  This Flexi Leash is for dogs up to 110 lbs. with a chromed snap hook, a multi-belt link system, and can be customized with functional accessories.  These include a Multi Box for poop bags or treats, LED Lighting System, and LED Flash Belt.
The biggest problem with retractable leashes is the dog’s human.  They are not knowledgeable about the use of it.  It is imperative that you know how your retractable leash works before you take your dog on a walk.  The Flexi Leash comes with a no-nonsense safety and instruction booklet as well as several “how-to” videos.
Before you choose a retractable leash, ask yourself these questions:
1.   Is my dog obedient? 
An untrained dog poses a risk to itself, its owner, and the public on a retractable leash.
2.   Will I follow all of the safety instructions? 
It is important to know and follow all safety rules.  A retractable leash can cause injury to both the dog and the human if misused.
3.   Have I read and understood the operating instructions?
If you have any questions, the videos are a great way to go step-by-step and help you get the most out of your Flexi Leash.

*If you answered “yes” to these three questions, you may find the Vario Flexi-Leash a perfect fit for you.  withretractable 

   We have discovered another wonderful use for our 26’ Flexi-Leash.  Once it is dark, we take the boys out on their leashes.  Although our yard is surrounded with a 6’ privacy fence, Pierre believes there are nighttime monsters in the back corner.  He will go charging out there barking at the top of his little Westie lungs the second night falls.  Bentley knows darn good and well that there are no monsters in that corner, but he likes to humor his buddy.  He joins Pierre in the after hours’ bark-a-thon.  Our solution is to put them on their leashes, so we don’t’ disturb our neighbors.  Usually they want to go out at different times.  Our Flexi Leash is perfect for these outings.  The boys can go far enough off the back patio not to be offensive, but they can’t go on a barking spree.  It’s also great during the rain.  I can stand under the roof while they traipse through the puddles.  If they start to wander too far into the yard, I can “reel” them back.
When you are ready to bring your dog closer, it is super simple.
1.   Extend your arm forward and press the brake button.
2.    Step toward your dog and at the same time bring your arm to your side.
3.   Release the brake button, swing your arm toward the dog, and press the brake button again.
4.   Repeat as needed until your dog is by your side.

The Flexi Leash has been an innovator since they began in northern Germany over forty years ago.  The company has been the recipients of many awards.  In 2010, Flexi was awarded the honor of being named a Brand of the Century by “German Standards.”  They have also received the Consumer’s Digest Best Buy” Award, the “red dot design award,” and the “Editor’s Choice Award” by the American “Dog Fancy” magazine.  

  I know that some of you don’t use a retractable leash.  It is definitely a personal choice.  The Vario Flexi Leash is the retractable leash that I would feel very comfortable using on Bentley anywhere.  It comes with a safety collar for added security.  I plan to order the Multi Box to attach to the underside of my leash housing.  There is also a connector to walk two dogs.  This will be great when the new Basset puppy comes along.  Pierre walks too fast for Bentley’s sniffing satisfaction.  I hope two Bassets will keep the same pace.
I am happy to recommend the Vario Flexi Leash to those of you that like the flexibility of a retractable leash.
*We received our Flexi Leash in exchange for an honest review.  There was no monetary compensation.  Barking from the Bayou only reviews products that we believe will benefit our audience.

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  1. I cross my paws for Big Mac as hard as I can, it would be great if he could celebrate christmas with his new furmily.
    -Easy Rider- who can't comment on blogger , because it says, I'm not me and I don't own that identity

  2. Nice review and leash, Bentley. We aren't always real obedient, but we walk a lot with Flexi Leashes from Vario. As long as we are out where we have space and don't interfere with others, why not use them because we can't be trusted off leash. Enjoy!

  3. Flexi-Leads aren't for us, and a lot of Greyhound adoption groups make you promise not to use one in your adoption contract, but I'm glad you like it and it works for you!


  4. Big Mac looks like he would make a great pet! Paws crossed he finds a forever home soon! Sharing.

  5. that does look like a great leash - the trouble we often have with them it the hook isn't always big enough to go over the two rings that a harness have...they work good a single ring like on a collar - but the two rings on a harness is a different matter. We did find one leash that worked really well but the hook was too big and heavy...so we are still hunting

  6. I have to say, this sounds like the best retractable leash I have heard of yet. Wouldn't work for my huskies though, they are crazy pullers!!!! I guess that's why their huskies!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  7. I am looking for a new good retractable leash to take Arty to the beach with....this one may just work! Thanks for the great review!

  8. Big Mac looks like a fun senior dog who would make a great addition to a family. I like your questions about being ready for a retractable leash. They can be challenging and possible dangerous is you don't follow the directions. We use a reflective retractable every day.

  9. Excellent, detailed review! I've been curious about flex leashes but afraid to try them. I'm glad you pointed out the importance of knowing how to use them properly beforehand- I've seen people who don't. I like the idea of adding the multi box; Phoebe is tiny but she's a "double dumper", 2 bags are a must on walks! Lighting is so important, especially w/ shorter days this time of year. These are both great accessories!

  10. Fingers and paws crossed that Big Mac has a home for the holidays!

  11. Lots of people use these wrong! Thanks for the review!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  12. great job on the review,I want to get a small one for Speedy,xx Rachel

  13. I love your idea for using this when you have to go out in the rain! I don't use this type mostly because I have problems with my thumbs and they aggravate my problem since you have to use your thumbs a lot. This looks like a great one for anyone that does like them. I know so many people hate them so I really like how you explained the importance of using them properly.
    Lots of wags and woofs from the crew at Wag n Woof Pets

  14. Oh dear...I have snapped a Flexi Leash in two with some of my crazy pulling in the past so Ma tends to stick with my leather leash or my nylon leash. But I am always jealous of the dogs on one because they get some additional freedom to roam. I'm glad it is working so well for you!

  15. Both of us got such a Flexi Line. Mom love to use it when we are walking in the woods where we must not be off leash.

  16. Great review, and I hope Big Mac finds a home soon.

  17. I wish I could reach out and give Big Mac a bunch of loving; he looks like such a sweetie. I hope he finds a great home that will give him the care he deserves. Sharing.

  18. Great review. Flexi have really taken on board people's suggestions and complaints and the retractable leashes are better than ever. We have one on our house but when I walk two dogs alone it is impossible to use one. There is just no control.

    I do like them for long woodland strolls or at the beach when you can't let your dog off and they need some space to explore. With two small dogs who aren't strong pullers retractable leashes work well :)

  19. I'm pretty sure an untrained dog is a risk no matter what kind of leash you choose to use... so in other words, train your dang dog! It makes your life easier as well as your dog's.

    - Sarah


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