Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Life's a Snap with ThunderSnap

I received a ThunderSnap leash in exchange for an honest review. ThunderSnap/ThunderShirt is not responsible for the contents of this article. All opinions are my own. This post also contains Amazon affiliate links.
   When night falls on the bayou, Bentley and Pierre are only allowed outside on a leash. It is not that it’s dangerous but Pierre seems to think there are monsters in the corner of our yard that simply aren’t there during the daylight. He starts barking and since it’s always monkey see, monkey do around here, Bentley joins him in the ruckus. That is a good way to make your neighbors hate you and your dogs so it is a leash for both of them after dark.
   Bentley sits patiently at the door and lets me clip his leash on his collar. Pierre is a totally different story. First, he has to wear a harness because he wants to go confront the imaginary monsters. That leads to him choking if I had his leash attached to his collar. Second, he can’t hardly stand still to put on his harness and then attach the leash. He gets the harness on and then runs around the coffee table like the hyper Westie that he is! This happens several times each night so when I was asked to review the Quick-Connect ThunderSnap® leash by the makers of ThunderShirt®, I pounced on the opportunity!
What Makes the ThunderSnap Different?
   I’ll admit it; we have a LOT of leashes. Each of them serves a distinct purpose for me. The difference in the ThunderSnap is how easy it is to connect. The patented design features a Collar Cap with powerful magnets and a strong ball-bearing latch that is simple to attach to any collar or harness.
   The Collar Cap can remain on the collar/harness so that when you are ready to attach the leash, you just have to touch the ball latch to the cap for a quick and secure fit. This leash and its connection can withstand 500 pounds of pulling force! We tried to pull it apart and we couldn’t do it. However, when it is time to remove the leash, all you have to do is pull the release the grey slide down and it comes right off. It is an amazing leash and in ThunderSnap’s words, “Insanely simple™!”
What I Love About the ThunderSnap
It is so easy to connect to an excited Westie!
The Collar Cap can remain on the D-hook of his harness
The handle is padded for my comfort
I can release the leash with one hand which is great when I have both dogs at one time.
What You Will Love About the ThunderSnap
It connects and releases in a snap
Available in three sizes:
Small is 5/8” wide webbing with 6’ long leash
Medium/Large is ¾” wide webbing with 5’ long leash
Extra Large has 1” wide webbing and 5’ long leash
They have added an accessory D-ring near the handle for your poop bags or anything else you carry on your walks
    Fetch your ThunderSnap leash today on Amazon!
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Woo Hoo! It is Amazon PRIME DAY! 
Let the savings begin!


  1. seems that is the pawfect snap... and the pawfect match ;o)

  2. What a great product, it'll save me hanging around for 87 hours while the peeps mess around sorting my lead out!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. Wow - so easy and so fast to connect! I'm not allowed in the yard unleashed when it's dark out either, guys.

  4. sounds like something we need to add to our collection..we have night monsters too

  5. Pet companies are always thinking of ways to make our lives easier - it's so great!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  6. I feel your pain Bentley. My younger sisters are maniacs on leash. They look more like sled dogs than walking dogs. Mom has huge arms from all the muscles she needs to keep hold of those two. I walk like a lady and don't even need a harness as I don't choke myself. That least is interesting. Never heard of it before.

  7. Wow, 500 pounds! It is amazing that it is that strong!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. It sounds purrfect for your wild Westie with his nighttime monsters.
    Monkey see monkey do. that is so funny
    Hugs madi and mom

  9. Sounds great! We were a bit worried at first that a magnet might not hold a terrier, but that's incredible.

  10. This sounds so handy!
    Hazel & Mabel

  11. That is a brilliant idea! And in the 'misery loves company' category, I'm glad to see someone else goes through the machinations of trying to corral and harness dogs when going outside. I almost consider it exercise with the twirling dervish, also known as Elsa as she wraps herself in between me and Sam and through my legs. LOL

  12. That's a pretty interesting leash, I've never seen it before. Sounds like it is helpful with a very excited dog! Phoebe is like that too, she gets super jacked up when she sees the leash. I always have to spend time waiting for her to calm down, taking an excited dog for a walk isn't a good way to start! Thanks for sharing.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them


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