Thursday, May 10, 2018

A Few of Our Favorites from Dr. Harvey's

   We have been barking about Dr. Harvey’s amazing products since 2015 and there is a great reason for that. We absolutely love and believe in everything they make. That is why we became brand ambassadors! They are not just a company for dogs. Remember, Dr. Harvey’s has a complete line of products for cats and birds too. So if your best friend purrs or tweets, they have you covered! 
Today, I am sharing a few of my favorite things from 
Dr. Harvey’s:
We are ambassadors for Dr. Harvey's and are being compensated for spreading the word about this fabulous company. All opinions are our own and Dr. Harvey's is not responsible for the contents of this article.
The Organic Healing Cream is one product that I urge every dog parent to have in their first aid kit. We call it the miracle cream because it seems to heal almost overnight.
I have been adding Golden Years to Bentley’s food for over three years. This is a specially formulated powder that I add to his breakfast. It contains whole foods and herbs that are known to help his body maintain its ability to fight disease and possibly increase his life. I’ll do anything to have more years with my boys and that is why Pierre, who just turned seven, is getting it in his breakfast too!
Let me just say that I cannot imagine life without Dr. Harvey’s Relax. I add it to Bentley’s food if a thunderstorm is predicted. He still is not a fan of them, but it calms him so that he is not hyperventilating and pacing. We also use it during holidays where fireworks are involved. (Thankfully, our new neighborhood does not allow fireworks) Both of the boys were taking Relax during our move and I believe it was one of the things that helped them transition. If we have company coming or they are going to be left alone, I add a spoonful to their morning meal. It is a wonderful all-natural way to help relieve stress.
We LOVE coconut and Dr. Harvey’s Coconut Smiles are a tasty treat. They are 100% dehydrated coconut pieces that the Bayou Boys enjoy as a quick snack on our walks or as a reward for being good boys. I will admit this is one snack they have to share with us!
Our current food is Paradigm. It is a green superfood premix that provides an ideal base for a healthy low-carb diet. Holistic vets agree that this diet can help dogs prevent, manage and overcome serious health problems like obesity, weak immune systems, diabetes, and even cancer. I love adding the proteins and oils so I can control what they are putting in their bodies. Again, we all want our dogs to live as long as possible and diet is a major factor.
As you can see, in our new kitchen, Bentley sits where he can watch every move I make preparing their Paradigm. When the timer goes off, he puts four on the floor and hurries to his “spot” to eat. Pierre paces and taps my leg with his nose. Patience is not a strong trait for a Westie! Once they have eaten, both agree it was worth the wait.

We hope that you will try one of Dr. Harvey’s Pre-Mix formulas along with the other pawsome products we have shared today. It is a brand that you can feel great about giving your dog, cat or bird. If you have any questions, call 866-DOCH-123 (866-362-4123) and speak directly to
 Dr. Harvey. I know, I’ve done it!
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  1. Patience are definitely a foreign word to westies!

  2. we will look for the healing cream, that is a good addition to our furst aid kit.... Bentley please show me the trick how to sit this way... I bet the mama will open da big treat bag (and I sure share with you)

  3. Those Coconut Smiles look so yummy! You are too cute sitting there and watching your mom prepare your meal, Bentley!

  4. Hmmm - that Relax product would be great for Margarita and her fear of thunderstorms and fireworks!

  5. We know you all love Dr Harvey and it is great to have a product line that works so well for everyone!

  6. A whole lot of good stuff going on there

  7. Wow! How did you get Bentley to sit on his bum like that?! Maybe I can teach the Basset at my house to do that. I think Mom needs to get some of that organic healing cream for her, 'cause the doggie is getting old. CONGRATS for being AMBASSADORS! That is pawsome! -Valentine (& Mom) of Noir Kitty Mews

  8. Thanks for the advice! Hope you have an extra yummy dinner for sitting like that Bentley!

  9. Those coconut smiles always make us smile. :)

  10. While we haven't used a lot of their products, they are definitely a brand I completely trust. I need to get more of their products for the crew!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  11. We have the Healing Cream and Mabel got Emmune Boost when she was recovering from mites she had has a pup
    Hazel & Mabel

  12. Those look like great products.

  13. Great products fro a great company and great reviews! Thanks for sharing info about them.