Thursday, May 31, 2018

A Funny Thing Happened on the Bayou

   I was in my office earlier today working on this post. It was going to be a serious post and to be honest, I was not happy with it. That is when I asked Skipper to sneak in and take pictures of the boys hanging out with me. Once they got settled, I gave him the all clear. That is when the Bayou Boys rewrote today’s blog.
Woman at home desk with two dogs on the floor
   This is the picture I wanted. Bentley and Pierre are always in the office “working” when I’m at my desk. Skipper has to sneak because as soon as Pierre senses him, he is up and ready to play.
Basset Hound with toy on his head
The problem is that I vacuumed earlier and put away all of their toys in the toybox. Except for this one. Now, Bentley is a sweet guy, but there is a good chance of getting grumped if you wake him up. This is a problem for Pierre who really wants to get Skipper to play. What to do…what to do.
White dog and hound dog
I’ve mentioned before that Pierre talks. This is not a bark. He is trying to talk and most of the time, we know what he wants to say. He asks to get up on our bed every single night. Seriously, he has slept with us for the past five years but won’t let us pick him and set him on the bed. We have to get under the covers and he sits on my side and “asks” to come up. When I say okay, he stands up on the edge of the bed and I have to lift his fat butt onto the bed. Every. Single. Night. Without. Fail. Anyway, he was “talking” to Bentley.
White Westie and Basset Hound
We aren’t sure exactly what Pierre said but it was enough to get Bentley stirring. As you can tell by Pierre’s tail, it must have been something exciting. I’m thinking he told him there was cake in the kitchen.
Westie looking smug
Whatever it was, he succeeded in getting Bentley to move so he could get the toy AND the bed. Tell me, have you ever seen a smugger look in your life? 
Basset sitting up
That is when this happened. Bentley came over to tell me how Pierre tricked him when he wasn’t awake good. I cannot make this up! They do this kind of silly stuff all the time but Skipper isn't usually taking pictures when it happens. I am so glad he was today. Dogs make life so much more fun! 
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  1. I love it... and it is amazing how posts can happen when we have such fabulous muses around us ;O)) Phenny has a weird bed ritual too he crawls up on me till he is wrapped around my neck like a snake or a shawl...not always funny to wear a 70 lbs around my neck ;O)))

    1. We used to sleep with two German Shepherds and I swear Pierre hogs more room than they did. LOL!

  2. OMD, Pierre - you are too funny and now you have Bentley tattle-tailing☺ You guys need two trampoline beds in your mom's office!

    1. It was so funny. Bentley was seriously tattling and Pierre was proud as a peacock.

  3. Bailie isn't crabby about being awakened, but Madison will pester her to death until she gets up to play with her. Love the card catalogue in your office. What a great thing to have!

  4. Wow! Your office is so neat! Ghostwriter has a big wrap-around glass desk covered with stacks of papers and books and pictures and stuff! (There are a couple treats hiding up there too.)

    That was pretty funny about Pierre stealing the squeaky ball!

  5. What an adorable post.. I smiled all the way through it. First at your office assistants hardly working while you are hard at work. Then the rest of the story. I expect Pierre must have said Bentley I smell bacon... I love how Pierre waits to be invited onto the bed.
    Hugs madi and mom

  6. They are just too cute :) Like 2 little kids.

  7. What a sweet post ! We love it, Pierre and Bentley are so cute ! Purrs

  8. Oh how cute! Our two can be quite talkative too!
    Hazel & Mabel

  9. BOL - if you are sleeping here and Misty wants to play, she has no problem just dropping a toy on one of our furry heads to let us know. As for being a trickster, both Misty and Timber will go to get another toy when the other pup has the toy they really want. Once they show up with the distraction toy, the other pup comes to get it and the coveted toy is now pounced upon by the trickster. We can be very devious pups, can't we? Of course, good boy Lightning would never do any of this.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  10. I love this!! Dogs are so smart and their ways of communicating with us, and each other, are amazing! Those two boys are so cute!!
    Jan & the crew at Wag 'n Woof Pets

  11. it is amazing how smart they are! That is just too cute!!! Dakota is actually next to me while I am typing this....I wish my office was as clean and neat as yours (I am at the dining room table working lol, my office is a mess!)

  12. That Pierre...what a cagey fella. My OES female used to do that to the male. All the time. And each and every time Eliot fell for it. Always made me giggle at their antics.


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