Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Catchin' Up

Hey y’all,
   Pierre and I have been discussing what kind of topics we should cover since we are only blogging one day a week. We will still have some reviews and helpful dog tips, but we thought it might be fun to have a week where we tell you what is happening in our lives.
   We finally have some cooler weather, so it’s been nice lounging out in our backyard. Mom and Dad laugh at us because I will lay in the direct sun and bake for an hour. Pierre tries so hard to do the same but he simply can’t handle the heat. He also has a hard time being still when he is outdoors.

   He has been complaining about the lack of things to chase. I am happy to report that lizards have come to visit for the first time since we moved here. Pierre runs from the fence to the garden hose to the patio searching for any sign of movement. It’s funny to watch him walk around on his hind feet trying to look on top of the bar-b-que pit. He’s had a lot of practice with lizards but don’t worry, he doesn’t kill them. There might be a couple without tails, but they will grow back. Most stay just out of his reach so he does a lot of barking, jumping and generally terrier-izing them.
   Oh yeah, we have new harnesses and they are very comfy. They are *Rabbitgoo brand we bought on Amazon. Mom wanted to get some that were a bit more secure because they are going to take us walking on their bike trail through the woods. There is a good possibility that we will see deer and lots of squirrels so it is important that we can’t slip out of our harness. 
   It is time for a trip to the vet later today for my pedicure. Pierre’s ear is bothering him again, so he has to see the V-E-T. He will be using the Purple Stuff as soon as he gets the all-clear from our doctor. We both have to get our annual heartworm test. We have to get this test every year even though Mom is diligent about giving us our Heartgard each month. The weather does not get cold enough in our area to kill mosquitos. They can be a year-round problem although they aren’t bad at our house, it only takes one bite to infect a dog. That means we aren’t taking any chances.
   We have a SPOOKATCULAR contest sponsored by our awesome friends at Dr. Harvey’s. Be sure to drop by next Wednesday to enter the fun.
   Mom has family visiting this week so she will be visiting sporadically but will get to everyone on the Pet Parade. We hope y’all join in the blog hop fun with us!
   Until next time, my friend, take good care of yourself.

 🐾Bentley & Pierre

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  1. Leapin' Lizards ... when we lived in Florida, they were our most favorite toys! And yes, they lost a lot of tails, but rarely anything else ...

  2. I like to stay busy when I'm outside, just like you do, Pierre. Sunbathing for any length of time just doesn't happen here. I've never met a lizard before. They sound like lots of fun!

  3. My mom would not want lizards in the yard. We had a frog this year and she was terrified of it and we were not allowed to go near it. Enjoy your family visit.

  4. Bentley,
    BOL BOL Pierre has ants in his panties true to his breed and you have are basking in the sun w/o a care true to your breed.
    Hugs Cecilia

  5. Glad you pups are doing well. I'm the type who can't sit still when out in the yard. I have to bark at every little thing. Angel Joey would stretch out in the sun and listen to the grass grow.

  6. Where can we get one of those lizards to chase? That sounds like the greatest toy ever.

  7. All year 'round mosquitoes? Oh no, say it ain't so!
    So far, that is the only reason that I can find to stay in Michigan during the cold weather!

  8. Sounds like things are going well in your neck of the woods. Happy to hear that! And can I just say that Pierre is looking pawsomely handsome in his haircut? Enjoy those lizards!

  9. Bentley, Bessie the Basset at my house likes to lounge in the hot sun, too! Then when she gets too hot she moves to the shade under the tree, but then returns right back to sun puddlin' on the gravel to warm up again. I don't think I'll ever understand doggies.

  10. I had my heartworm test and nail trim yesterday, too! Plus a shot. I was very brave. Well, kinda brave after hiding under the table didn't work.

    Love and licks,

  11. We wish we had lizards here. All we have are bugs.

  12. I hope you get some time to chase some things that are exciting!

  13. It's too cold here for lizards now. Fall has definitely arrived!

  14. It was very nice to hear what you guys have been up to! There is just something about hound dogs and baking in the sun. They seem more capable than other dogs of standing the heat. We used to laugh at our beagles lying in the sun or in front of the wood stove, panting away!
    We hope Pierre's ear gets better quickly! ♥
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  15. Pierre, you knows we terrierist can nevers sit still! We gots lizards up the wazoo here! I am very impressed you caught one, cause they are too fast for this old gurl! BOL!!!
    Ruby ♥

  16. Sorry your ear was bothering you again. Hope it gets better soon.


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