Wednesday, July 8, 2020

The Weight is Over!

   Did you know that obesity is a growing epidemic in the United States? It’s not just a human problem either. Our pets are gaining weight and it is a real cause for concern. Even five extra pounds on a dog can put them at risk of serious health problems. There is good news though. Obesity is a completely treatable problem and thanks to Dr. Harvey’s, it is now delicious!
Introducing Healthy Weight
Dr. Harvey’s Specialty Diets
The Healthy Alternative to Kibble
Before & After Dr. Harvey's food pic of Basset

   Nobody wants to be told their dog is overweight. I once had a woman stop her car to tell me that Bentley was fat. It made me furious but also made me take a realistic look at him. It is not easy to put a Basset Hound on a diet. Bentley is ALWAYS ready to eat. Thankfully, I met the amazing Dr. Harvey’s family and began feeding the boys their awesome foods. As you can see in this photo above, he lost weight and has maintained it for five years! If their regular foods made this big of a difference in him, can you imagine what a food specially formulated for weight loss will work?
Dr. Harvey's Healthy Weight
   Healthy Weight is a clean, healthy diet that will help your dog to reach and maintain their ideal weight. Most kibble contains high amounts of empty calories, processed starches and are highly processed. They are cooked at high temperatures that destroy any nutrients. Simply put, feeding junk food lead to junk bodies.
Dr. Harvey's quote
Gut Health & Weight Loss
   A dog’s digestive system is much like ours. It is made up of hundreds of different types of bacteria. Most of these are good and play a powerful role in a dog’s weight loss. If there is an imbalance, it makes it harder to lose those pounds. Processed kibble can harm the microbiome (the community where colonies of bacteria live) which leads to inflammation, a weakened immune system, and a plethora of other health issues.
Let’s Talk Ingredients
Dr. Harvey's Healthy Weight is full of healthy all-natural ingredients
   You can lead a dog to their food bowl, but you can’t make them eat. I’m sure you have felt that way when you try to introduce a new food to your dog. That shouldn’t be a problem when you set down a bowl of Dr. Harvey’s new Healthy Weight. It’s available in chicken or beef and I’m not talking about artificial flavors. No way! The first ingredient in both recipes is freeze-dried REAL meat.
   All of these ingredients make a complete and balanced diet for your dog. It has gut-friendly probiotics and is a holistic solution to your pet’s obesity. This fresh homemade recipe will naturally boost their metabolism with nothing artificial to weigh them down. That is important when you’re trying to shed a few pounds.
Making the Meal
A bowl of Dr. Harvey's Healthy Weight
I always add extra water to Bentley's food to ensure he is getting enough water during the day.
   There is not an easier way to feed your dog a homemade meal. You won’t even need to write down the instructions. All you do is measure the correct amount of food according to the chart included. You can choose from the Weight Loss or Maintenance diet plan. Then, you add the recommended amount of warm water and wait 12 minutes before serving. Everything is in the bag. The Bayou Boys are certain the waiting is the hardest part and I have to agree. This food is so easy and will be great for traveling!
   If you are transitioning from another food, you will want to introduce Healthy Weight over four days. It is never advisable to switch your dog’s food suddenly. Of course, Dr. Harvey’s has made it simple with this helpful chart.
The Time is Now
Basset hound eating
Don't worry, the boys clean up every bit of food.
   Losing weight is a battle for many dogs. We love them and when they give us those sad puppy-dog eyes, it is difficult to say “no”. The problem is YOU are the only one that can help your dog lose weight. You are the one who decides what, when and how much they eat.
   Stop giving treats that are filled with artificial flavors and colors. There are as many or more dog treats available as there are dog foods, so you need to be careful in selecting one. We recommend Dr. Harvey’s LeDogue Bites. They are a single ingredient treat. Available in beef and chicken with no added salt or sugar, these treats are a favorite here on the Bayou. As hard as it might be, please do not give your dog table scraps. Those dropped French fries and little bites of cookies or cake are not doing them any favors. Love handles aren’t cute and can shorten your pet’s life expectancy.
   As with any weight loss journey, proper exercise will help. If your dog is extremely obese, consult your vet for the best exercise to avoid injury. Begin with a short walk or a game of catch. It’s important they stay active on their weight loss journey and you will enjoy it too.
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  1. we are totally with you... the weight is an important thing to stay healthy... we ponder if the mama maybe can try Dr. Harveys too, that lockdown thing caused some heavy problems between her and da suzi quattro memorial pants LOL

  2. We heard about their new food and we hope it helps some overweight pups slim down. A good diet, healthy snacks, and exercise are key to a fit pup, pretty much the same system as for humans. We love our Dr Harveys Canine Health. They make great food.

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  9. We try to stay very aware of Luke's weight, since he has joint issues. I am happy to say he only needs to maintain! My sister's dogs are overweight though, so if I win I will probably pass this on to her!

  10. Both my dogs are of good weight. Bowie is 2 and Burgess is 16 weeks. Both are active and healthy.

  11. My dog is a little chubby! He could definitely use this

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  13. When I first adopted my dog, she needed to lose a few pounds but is now at a perfect weight. We just need to maintain her perfect figure!

  14. This sounds like a GREAT option for those who are trying to help their pet slim down. Pet obesity is such a big problem today and it can lead to so many health issues. We've been working on helping our chunker cat to lose a little weight as of late.

  15. My Boston Terrier is still a few pounds overweight.


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