Friday, February 21, 2014

Indigo Fresh & Giveaway

Indigo dog dental treats by PetSafe
 Bentley and Pierre have come to love our postal carriers.  After a few deliveries for them with boxes of goodies, they have decided the mail carrier and FedEx deliveryman are in fact, NOT chainsaw wielding murderers.  Obviously, that is just a dog urban legend.  Earlier this week, two boxes arrived full of indigo Fresh Floss Dental Bones, Fresh Dental Sticks, and minty Fresh Dental Sauce.  The boys were very intrigued (nosey) as I opened the boxes.  The conversation went something like this…

Bentley: “Is that something for me?  I smell treats, it’s gotta be mine.”
Basset intrigued by PetSafe's Indigo dog dental products

Pierre: “Hey, maybe it’s for me.  I’m living here too, ya know.”
Basset with PetSafe's Indigo dental bone for dogsMe: It’s goodies to give you fresh breath.  There is a bag for each of you since you are two different sizes.  Look, the Dental Sticks are low in calories.”
Bentley: “Are you insinuating that I’m fat?  These wrinkles are empty!”
Pierre: “Well, I’m certainly not fat but I do like to watch my waistline.  Do you mean that we both have our own bag of each kind?  I want one now.  Then, I’ll hide my bag and when Bentley eats all of his, I’ll bribe him with mine.  (Snickers behind his paw)
Bentley: “Well, since it’s for fresh breath and you HATE to brush your teeth, you’d better eat them every day.  I happen to enjoy having mom brush my teeth.  That’s why she kisses me all of the time.”
Pierre: “Grandma, tell him that you kiss me too.  Kiss me now and show him my breath isn’t bad.”
Me: “Boys, I kiss both of y’all but fresh breath is important.  You also don’t want plaque
Bentley the Basset enjoys PetSafe's Indigo treats
to build up on your pearly whites.  Here, try one of the Fresh Dental Sticks.  I’m going to write a review on all of these.  Let me know how you like them.”
Bentley: “Mine was awesome.  I probably should eat another just to make sure that I loved it.”  (Casts pitiful starving dog look at me)
Pierre: “Oohh Bentley, suck air in between your teeth.  My breath feels so minty fresh.”
Bentley: “I feel like I just brushed my teeth.  Pucker up mom!  (Holds his paw in front of his mouth and blows out breath for a quick smell)  You’re gonna beg me for a smooch!”
Me: “So we’re giving a PAWS UP on the indigo Fresh Breath Stick?
Pierre: “They are delicious, but what about additives and grains?  I don’t want to put
Keeping our teeth healthy with PetSafe's Indigo dental bones
anything weird into my system.”
Bentley: “Definitely, two paws up on these babies.  Look, Pierre it says here they contain no additives, artificial colors, and no corn, wheat or soy.  Plus, they are made in the good old U.S.A.  Way to be awesome indigo!
Me: “That’s right, Bentley!  It says all indigo Fresh treats contain HMP, a compound proven to reduce your plaque and tartar buildup.  Y’all know that leads to periodontal disease and stinky dog breath.  We don’t want that.  It has blueberries and other antioxidant rich ingredients so it will help support a healthy immune system.  They are formulated on biometrics of the way you chew, so it cleans your teeth while it gives you great breath.  You know that I always check to see if a treat is made in America.  It’s important.”
Bentley: “I’m just saying those indigo Fresh Floss Bones smell mighty fine.”
Pierre: “You should probably let us try one of those too Grandma, for the sake of research and all.”
Me: “I don’t know boys.  I mean, you just finished the Dental Stick.”
Basset Hound enjoying PetSafe's Indigo dental treats
Bentley: “Come on mom!  Nobody ever overdosed on fresh breath.”
Pierre: “Papaw!  Grandma won’t give me a Dental Bone and I really, really want one.”
Me: “Oh for Pete’s sake, just this once, for research.”
**Bentley and Pierre take their bones into separate areas and chow down.  I was happy to see that neither the Dental Sticks nor Floss Bones left a mess on the floor.
Bentley: “Okay, it’s official.  I love indigo Dental Sticks AND the Fresh Floss Bones.”
Pierre: “Now, you don’t have to force me to brush all of the time.  Since Bentley loves brushing his teeth, I’ll just take the rest of his indigo Dental goodies.”
Bentley: “That’s not going to happen.  I’ll just have a bone or stick after I brush.  I will probably become the poster dog for dental health care.  Check out this smile.”
Me: “I’ll add a little bit of the indigo Fresh Dental Sauce to your dinner tonight.  It is available in Sweet Potato but we have the Hint of Mint.  Your breath will still smell fresh after eating.  A sauce would be great for older dogs or toy breeds that have a hard time eating a bone.”
**Not surprisingly, they both devoured their food with the Dental Sauce added.
Bentley: “I love these products mom.  This doesn’t mean we won’t brush my teeth everyday does it?  I don’t want to give up the brush, it completes me.”
Me: “Of course not, Baby.  Although it does help keep your teeth clean with fresh breath, I promise always to brush your teeth.”
Pierre: “I’m good to go with the complete line of indigo Dental Care products.  No more brushing makes me wag, 'cuz using a toothbrush makes me gag!  Woo Hoo!”
Bentley: “Hey, they included a cool infograph with some Fresh Facts on Dental Care. Let’s share it with our readers.  I feel kinda guilty enjoying all of these delicious indigo Fresh Floss Bones and Dental Sticks in front of them.”
Dog dental health infographic

Me: “That's a great idea and don’t feel bad about our readers, Bentley.  It turns out that the great people at PetSafe have offered to send one of our lucky readers a bag of their indigo Fresh Floss Bones AND a bag of indigo Fresh Dental Sticks.  All they have to do is enter our Rafflecopter giveaway below.”
Bentley: “Wow, that sure is sweet of them.  Can I enter to win another bag?”
Me: “No, it’s for our readers.  You just said that you felt bad eating in front of them.”
Bentley: “I was just being nice.  I didn’t know there was more available.  Can we at least show them my YouTube video of my toothbrush and me?  After all, February is National Pet Dental Health month.  Maybe after they read the infograph.  You know, always leave ‘em laughing.”
Me: “We’ll see how much room we have left.  This is getting to be a long post.  Let me do some serious business first.”
**Indigo Dental products were a huge hit here at our house.  Both of the boys loved them and their breath did smell minty fresh.  I appreciate the opportunity to review these fine products and be able to share a bag of each with a lucky reader. 
If you are wondering about cost, let me give you the breakdown.  The indigo Fresh Floss Bones come in three sizes, small for dogs 5 to 25 pounds, medium for those 25 to 60 pounds and large for dogs over 60 pounds.  The cost begins at $21.99 for an 18 oz. bag.  The indigo Fresh Dental Sticks are also available in three sizes.  A 12 oz. bag starts at $18.99.  That may seem high but remember these are not ordinary treats.  The indigo Dental Sauce is available in two flavors, hint of mint and sweet potato.  The 6.5 oz. bottle costs $14.99 and it seems as if it will last a while.  Of course, if your dog hates getting their teeth brushed, this is a small price to pay for dental health.

**Barking from the Bayou and my testers, Bentley and Pierre give all three products FIVE STARS and FOUR PAWS UP!  These indigo Dental Products were sent to me for a review.  There was no monetary compensation and the opinions expressed are mine alone.  The dogs' opinions are also unbiased.  Be sure to register for the giveaway after you enjoy Bentley's toothbrush video!

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  1. Bentley, I'm so happy to see that you are an avid teeth brusher. My sisters and I brush every night before bed. We love it and we all have awesome teeth! You are right about better breath to kiss with too ;) ...hint...Happy Brushing! I think I will enter to win too...the more fresh the breath, the better!

    1. Thanks Emma! I can tell by your beautiful smile that you take great care of your teeth. Thanks for entering and good luck!

  2. Yay!!! We entered! I so want to try these!!!! Especially cuz its dental health month and all!!!
    Great giveaway Melissa!!! You are the bestest! Thanks for all your help with everything! :)
    ((Husky hugz frum da pack))

    1. Awww, thanks Jenna! I hope that all of your gadgets & gizmos are working now! I am always happy to help when I can! <3

  3. We entered too! I loved your book...The Returns! I sat down and read it yesterday afternoon. Wrote about it on my blog this morning. I'm excited to read the next one! Have a great weekend!!!!!

    1. Thank you so much Lisa! I am thrilled that you liked it and I appreciate you posting about it on Dogs N Pawz!

  4. That is the best review I've read in a while. Great job by all of was very entertaining! You couldn't have ended it any better than with that video....that was too funny when he got stuck! Thanks for the laughs, and the giveaway. Our girls don't like having their teeth brushed but I plan to start with Luke early so hopefully he will get used to it better. These treats sound like a great alternative, or supplement to brushing.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

    1. Thank so much. Bentley always climbs in the tub for grooming so I thought I'd film him. When he got stuck, I knew that I filmed at the right time. I'm glad that you enjoyed it. I have been brushing his teeth since he was a pup so he loves it. Good luck with Luke. ; )

  5. Great review, just in time for dental health month to end. Thanks for the giveaway.

  6. I found your great blog through the WLC Blog Follows on the World Literary Cafe! Great to connect!

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