Monday, February 3, 2014

First Aid/Emergency Kit for your Dog

 Do you have a first aid kit for your dog? No matter how careful we are with our pets, illness and accidents happen. It’s always best to be prepared so you’re less likely to freak out. If your dog is anything like mine, they only seem to get sick in the middle of the night on a weekend or a holiday. 3:00 a.m. is no time to be rummaging through cabinets to find something to stop a bout of Basset barfing. Most over-the-counter medicines for humans are definite no-no’s for pets. Ask your veterinarian which products are okay for your dog and the proper dosage according to its weight.

  How to prepare a first aid kit: Get a sturdy plastic container with lid. Label it with permanent marker in bold letters so it is easily recognizable. Write the dosage information you received from the vet along with his day and emergency telephone numbers. Be sure to add the 24-hour emergency vet clinic in your area. It is important to write down your dog’s date of birth and any information an emergency clinic might need. It’s amazing what you forget during a crisis. Tape this paper to the inside of the container’s lid. Now let’s fill it up!
Aspirin: Buffered aspirin can be given for short-term relief of fever or pain. Dosage size is very important. *Never give your dog acetaminophen
Benadryl: used for allergic reactions to insect bites, or seasonal allergy. *Only use the pure form with Diphenhydramine and no alcohol or sodium.
Cortisone: Itching
Dramamine: Used to treat nausea and vomiting.
Eye flush/rinse: Use to remove debris for the eye. Trying to remove something from the eye with your finger or tissue can cause further irritation or scratching.
Gas-X: Can be used for temporary relief of gassy/bloated stomach.
Hydrogen Peroxide: Used to induce vomiting.
Neosporin: Use for treating cuts and abrasions.
Pedialyte: Use for dehydration
Pepto Bismol: May be used as anti-diarrheal and nausea. *Should not be used on dogs in the Herding Group
Gas-X: Can be used for temporary relief of gassy/bloated stomach. These items are considered safe for temporary relief when used in the correct dosages for most dogs. Again, be sure to ask your vet before administering any "human" products to your pet.

Emergency Kit: This container is for accidents, injuries, or evacuation. This will need to be a larger container preferably with handles. I hope that you never need this but let’s pack it just in case. You will want to put a copy of all your pets’ information in a gallon zip lock bag for safekeeping. This includes name, date of birth, shot records, any prescriptions, veterinarian’s phone numbers, and a dog first aid book.
Antiseptic Wipes

Blunt-nose scissors
Bottled water
Collapsible bowls
Cotton balls/swabs
Dog food
Elastic bandages
Extra collar & leash
Plastic gloves
Self-activating ice & heat packs
Small Flashlight
Snake Bite Kit
Strips of cloth: tourniquets, restraint
Tongue depressors
Wooden ruler/paint stick: to use for splint
*Adjust your emergency kit to meet the needs of your pet and your area.
 The important thing is to have both types of kits available in your home. I hope the list helps get you started!
 Do you already have a first aid kit for your dog? What else did you add to yours?


  1. Thanks for sharing what suppose to be in first aid kit.

    1. I know having one with everything you might need and the proper dosage label can be a huge time saver when minutes count.

  2. Great list, thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks you for visiting. A list always helps me. : )

  3. Being in a Northern California earthquake/tsunami zone, we have an emergency kit for both humans and our pups. We always love learning what other people are collecting because it gives us ideas for additional thing to add to ours!

    Thanks for the great information!

  4. This is a great post and a great list! I don't really have a 'kit' put together, but I do have some of those items on hand, these are some really great ideas - esp the OTC medication options, in some cases it could get you by until you are able to reach the vet.

  5. Excellent list and yes we all need a emergency kit.


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