Sunday, May 25, 2014

Ridding Your yard of Moles ~ Westie-Style

**Warning: Photo contains one deceased mole

   Anyone who lives with a Terrier breed knows that their mission in life is to chase and kill a rodent.  Pierre is definitely on “anything that moves” patrol at all times.  He discovered the joy of chasing squirrels not long after he came to stay with us.  He diligently scouts the yard and trees for any that dare enter his perimeter.  When one appears, he goes ballistic.  You can observe for yourself here.  So far, the score on squirrels is Squirrels~100 and Pierre~0.
Pierre: “Wait Gramma!  Are you going to tell the mole story?  Let me help you.  There are a few areas that I think could use some embellishing clarifications.  Besides, it is MY story of heroism.
Me: “I don’t know that I would call it heroic.  Our military men, women, and dogs are heroes.  You, my granddog, are a rodent obsessed hunter.”
Pierre: “It is in my genes.  I am a White West Highland Terrier, one mighty hunting breed.  Which brings me to today’s photo.  I recently discovered that these underground rodents had invaded our backyard.  They are moles and they tear up our yard.  I could actually hear them digging tunnels under my feet.  It kinda creeped me out at first.  But then,…”
Me: “But then, you discovered that you could dig after them.  In fact, you were so certain that you could catch one; you have dug huge holes all over our yard.  We had just filled all of them in with dirt and there you went, digging again.”
Pierre: “That’s right.  I felt a mole right under me and that dude was close.  I didn’t even think about my safety.  I had to save your life regardless of the danger to myself.  I was almost at him when you pulled me out.  Not cool, Gramma, not cool at all.”
Me: “I’m sorry that I doubted you.  It’s just that we had just filled in all of your other
attempts.  I looked down at the hole you had made and saw the dirt move.  Unfortunately, that’s when you noticed it too.”
Pierre: “Unfortunate for that nasty mole, ya mean.  I reached down, dug a few more strokes and SCORE!  I pulled that nasty tunnel-digging yard ruinning varmint right out of the ground.  It was epic!  He was HUGE and I think he might have been packing heat.  I didn’t give him a chance.  WHAM * BLAM * Thank You Ma’am!  Pierre ~ 1  *  Moles ~ 0.
Me: “It was stunning to say the least.  Moles have torn up our yard and we have been at their mercy.  You did do quite a victory lap with it.  Bentley was extremely surprised.  You wouldn’t even show him.  He followed you all over while Papaw tried to get you to stop.”
Pierre: “It wasn’t easy.  Yuck, those things taste nasty.  I had to keep spitting it out, because it gave me the willies.  Anyway, we have given you fair warning that our photo is my trophy shot.  Sorry, but it’s my first successful catch and I am so dang proud of myself!  I am now officially a mighty hunter.  If I ever learn to climb a tree, those squirrels are in big trouble!”

“What do you mean we aren’t getting it mounted?”

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We hope that you are enjoying a wonderful weekend.


  1. My baby is now a hardened varmint killer! Lol I am sure Papaw is very glad that you saved his backyard from those terrible pests! :)

  2. Congrats on your first successful hunt. You must be very proud. I'm sure your humans are very releived to know you are protecting them from these dirty varmints! The yard is safe with your on patrol :)

  3. LOL Great photo! Our problem is voles, though we do have some vole retrievers :-)

  4. Great story, you had me laughing and great trophy shot. I think you should be very proud. Gman is my rodent hunter, he got a chipmunk last weekend and I got a big hole in my yard too! Have a great holiday weekend.

  5. That is an awesome accomplishment! Great work and if you had to dig up the yard to get it, so be it. Grass like a golf course is overrated! Take the day off and relax today!

  6. Well you are one clever westie - a great white hunter without a doubt :)

  7. Second attempt at a comment, sorry if it is duplicate.
    As I was saying......Pierre! You get that yucky old thing outta your mouth!!!! You don't know where it's been, silly pup!!!! hahaha!!!!
    Hope your having a great weekend!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  8. Great story. I always wondered what our dogs were thinking when they are hunting moles.

  9. Hi Paws!! Nice catch! I wish I could catch a squirrel, but they are too fast - so far. BOL!

  10. fantastic story! we have never seen a mole but looks like fun

    retro rover

  11. Wow...good job! No more moles around this place.

  12. Ash caught a mole the other day and brought it into the house! Yuck!

  13. What a great catch Pierre!!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  14. Good job on gettin dat mole Pierre! I's never caught one of dose - we don't have em. But I has caught skwerrils, rats, and mousies.


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