Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Is It Time That Your Dog Relaxed? #DrHarveys

   There are two times of the year that strike fear in the heart of Bentley. One is the 4th of July and the other is New Year’s Eve. Most of you can probably guess why, but for those of you that have fearless dogs let me tell you…fireworks! The sound of pyrotechnics turns my otherwise brave Basset Hound into a pacing, hyperventilating mess. He refuses to go outside to the bathroom and has been known to “hold it” for hours until there is a lull in the action. Since we have two firework stands relatively close to our home, there aren’t very many lulls.
Canister of Dr. Harvey's Relax supplement for dogs

    As an Ambassador for Dr. Harvey’s, I reached out to them for help. They recommended their stress and tension supplement called Relax. Dr. Harvey formulated this whole food supplement using a combination of wild-crafted and organic herbs. In addition to its calming effect, it provides essential vitamins and minerals that dogs need.
What you won’t find in Relax is
*Synthetic ingredients
*Wheat /corn
What you will find is
*Nutritional Yeast
*Flax Seed Meal
*Alfalfa Leaf
*Rose Hips
*Red Clover Blossoms
*Kava Kava Roots
*Hops Flowers
*Chamomile Flowers
*Cat Nip Leaf
*Damiana Leaf
*Lobelia Herb
*Passion Flower Herb
*Valerian Root
*Rosemary Leaf
*Skullcap Herb
   These all-natural ingredients are gentle enough to use every day to help calm your dog without any harmful side effects. It is a powder that can be added into their food. All of Dr. Harvey’s products are made in the U.S.A. and are cruelty-free. As a fellow animal lover, I know that is important to you.
   Of course, all of these pluses are meaningless if it doesn’t work, right? Let me tell you about our experience. I began adding the recommended dosage for a Basset Hound-sized dog one week prior to New Year’s Eve. I simply mix it with his Oracle food before feeding him. The first change that I noticed was during a severe thunderstorm a few days after I had been using it. Most dogs that are upset with fireworks are also not fans of thunder. Bentley did stay in the same room with us, but wasn’t under our feet or showing any of his usual signs of distress.
Bentley Basset Hound relaxed on his side
   The big test was last Thursday when our neighborhood exploded with revelry. It was incredible. I didn’t even have to put his ThunderShirt on him! He climbed up on the couch and went to sleep. Believe me, that has NEVER happened before. I was so happy for him because it is heartbreaking to see him under unnecessary stress.
Relax Recommended Dosage is Based on Weight
2-20 lbs. ~ 1 scoop
21-50 lbs. ~ 2 scoops
51-95 lbs. ~ 3 scoops
96-150 lbs. ~ 4 scoops
A container holds approximately 88 scoops.
The price is $18.95 for an 8 oz. canister. The price of having your dog relaxed instead of in panic mode is truly priceless.
Don’t forget that you can use my Ambassador code: BFTB2019
to save 10% on your order.
   I recently attended the Natural Canine Health Symposium online conference hosted by Dogs Naturally magazine and learned so much about all-natural holistic remedies for many of the problems that are usually treated with chemicals. If you are like me, you don’t like putting anything in your dog’s system unless absolutely necessary. Many veterinarians would prescribe anti-anxiety medications such as Xanax, Klonopin, and Valium for dogs with acute stress. While you should always consult your vet if you have questions, there are many natural alternatives that will not cause any long-lasting ill effects. I will be sharing other holistic remedies that I learned about during my three-day session in the months to come. I found the information both very enlightening and empowering. I hope that you will too. It makes me very happy to know that most of these holistic ingredients are the same as those found in Dr. Harvey’s fine products!

*Disclaimer: I am not a veterinarian and this information should not be taken as medical advice. Always consult your own veterinarian in regard to any health issues your dog may be experiencing.


  1. What a great product, anything that helps us pups get over those firey-work thingys AND isn't stuffed full of chemicals is pawsome
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. Mom says I need something to keep me from being so relaxed. I'm almost always totally chilled out. People always comment on how mellow I am. Even with loud noises like fireworks, I just sleep on. Glad this stuff works for you.

  3. looks like it worked perfect on Bentley!

  4. Sounds like a perfect product. We don't get fireworks at New Year's due to the winter, but living in cottage country we have them from May-October - sometimes 5 times a week.

  5. New years was very loud around here too - thankfully the boys slept through it all - glad you found something to help Bentley

  6. That is one of the products I have not yet tried by Dr. Harvey's but it is good to know about it just in case we are ever in need of something like it. Dr. Harvey's is trustworthy so I will definitely make a note of this product.

  7. Cocoa is not scared or anxious about anything!! She hears a loud noise and is like what is going on and can I be involved!! She's nuts. But this looks like a really good thing!!

  8. With Cricket it's fireworks and thunderstorms, with Sheba it's strong wind, and with Luke it's strangers. I am always willing to try anything that is natural and safer than medical alternatives. This definitely sounds worth a try.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  9. I have only one dog with a noise phobia. Misty the alpha Poodle checks the calendar and gets why all the noise and Timmy raises his head up and barks the noise away. It takes a while but he never fails.

  10. THIS IS WONDERFUL.... to be able to RELAX on NEW YEAR's EVE... with all the BANGING and BOOMING and stuffs.... it this Dr. Harvey's stuffs works fur THAT... it would work fur THUNDER storms and Car Rides... and HOWL O WEEN too!!!
    We are THRILLED to hear how Calm and Relaxed you were Bentley!!!!

  11. Glad it has worked well for Bentley. We like Dr Harvey products
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  12. We are glad Bentley got to chillax!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  13. What a great article! I loved reading how Dr. Harvey's Relax Stress & Tension supplement really worked to calm Bentley in what are normally very stressful situations. I can’t help but wonder if this would help dogs with separation anxiety.

  14. Dood, we gotta admit, you look TOTALLY chill in that photo!! WAY cool!!

  15. I wish the natural stuffs worked on me!!! Ma has tried them all...wells, this one she hasn't tried, butts usually we have to use the rx from the vettie to calm me befores my nail trims! Ma hates it, and I'm not a big fan either. Maybe this will help...
    Thanks for the info Bentley...and man dude, you do look chillaxed! BOL
    Ruby ♥

  16. Bentley isn't the only one who gets freaked out by fireworks. Sam isn't keen on them either and I really despise them too. We tend to use lavender essential oil but it's good to know there are other remedies out there for those really bad times. :)

  17. Oh wow, this is certainly an interesting idea!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!


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