Friday, May 19, 2017

Television Has Gone to the Dogs

How Much is Your Pet Worth to You?
   As I was watching television yesterday, there was a video of a man offering people money for their dogs. It was a test to see if anyone would be willing to sell their best friend for a price. He started with $1,000 and continued up to $100,000.
   I was relieved to see that each person declined the offer except one man. He said “yes” and told his wife who was walking a bit behind him. Needless to say, she nixed the idea and the man had to renege on the deal.
   There is no amount of money that I would accept for Bentley or Pierre. Has anyone ever offered to buy your pet? #Priceless

Downward Dog?
   If you are like me, you have been anxiously awaiting the premiere of Downward Dog. It is a comedy featuring a cute but lonely stay-at-home dog named Martin who is trying to understand his human. The dog talks in a voice that fits him perfectly.
   I felt sorry for Martin because his pet mom seemed clueless about having a dog. In the first episode, she feels bad about leaving the dog alone all day. Her ex-boyfriend comes over and takes the dog out to play but when they return, the humans head off to the bedroom and close the door. Being bored and obviously suffering separation anxiety, he tears up an important project that his person needs for work. She is upset but gives a heartfelt speech to her employer about how her dog loves her unconditionally and pleads that people should feel good about themselves by seeing themselves as her dog does. When she gets back home, you see that she used all sorts of furniture to keep Martin enclosed in one room. Her boss calls and tells her that they loved her speech. She is thrilled, agreeing to work nights and weekends in the future.
   WTD?? Poor Martin is already acting out from being left during the day and now she is going to leave him for longer periods of time? I really hope the future episodes delve into ways to keep the dog occupied and less stressed. It is a cute concept but I felt let down after the premiere. Let’s hope for more laughs next week in its regular timeslot Tuesdays on ABC.
   Did you watch Downward Dog? What did you think? #Meh

Subaru Does It Again!
   We DVR a lot of our favorite shows so we can fast-forward through the countless commercials. There are a few that I love though and the ones from Subaru are my favorites. You can scroll more on YouTube from the choices above. I love this "Bad Hair Day" so much!
   What are your favorite pet commercials?
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  1. the mama said no way to sell me... and even my dad said no although I just bit him in da pointer ... that's love I think LOL

  2. Sell ME?????? My peeps wouldn't dare….or would they? Gosh, I'm feeling the pressure to practise my 'CUTE' now
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. Omg- NO amount of money could get me to sell one of my fur-kids! I love the pick of Pierre with the remote- the expression on his face is so cute!

  4. Subaru has the very best commercials! Mom has always said she would sell the house if necessary and we would all live out of our car if need be. No way would she ever give us up. The cats...don't know...they are trouble!

  5. I am glad that everyone said no to $100 000. I wonder what the price people would sell their dogs? $10 000 000? I would not want to know my price would be!

  6. We love those Subaru ads! Been watching them for years. That Downward Dog show reminds me of a comic strip called "On a Claire Day," which you can find on

  7. We have been fans of Subaru commercials for years. We love the doggie family most of all.

  8. Mom says no way would she sell me - ever - not for all of the money in the whole wide world!

  9. I watched Downward Dog and fell in love with Martin. Such a cutie pie. The speech his owner made at work about his unconditional love made me tear up because it's so true, but I felt the same way about how it ended with her being told to get ready to work evenings and weekends. It'll be interesting to see where the show goes...

  10. The best ads!! We are priceless
    Lily & Edward

  11. Mom says There is not enough money in the world for someone to buy me.
    WE love the Subaru commercials.
    Hugs Madi and mom

  12. I did watch and kind of liked it although like you thought the owner was a complete clueless twit. She seems a bit self absorbed (like too many these days) but the voice of the dog and how he's trying to figure out what's up with her are clever. I don't expect it to before the next Frasier or Friends, that's for sure. Those Subie commercials make me chuckle-great writing, and the dogs have adorable expressions.

  13. We just read about Downward Dog yesterday and are looking forward to watching!

  14. we saw some commercials for that show but have not watched it
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  15. Sell MOI??! BOL!!!!! BOL!!!!! Ma would NEVER! butts, really, who would take me anyhu?? hehehe
    I watched that Downward Dog show, and I gots to say, it was kinda boring. I was hoping for some funnier stuffs like the movie The Secret Life of Pets; maybe it will get better. It's too bad if it doesn't, because it is a FABulous concept!
    Ruby ♥

  16. We had planned on watching but missed the show. Hopefully we will catch it next time. NO WAY would I sell my dog. Subaru wins the commercial race hands down. Their commercials are awesome.
    xo Jeanne and Chloe

  17. MOWZERS! Nope, the humans here say we're priceless! Although locally we hear that some dogs - especially the smaller breeds - are being stolen out of their yards & then resold for exactly that - MONEY. :-(

  18. I saw the previews for Downward Dog and thought it looked cute. I saw the first couple of minutes of the premiere but I had forgotten to record it so couldn't see it all. Even those first minutes had me wondering and feeling the same as you!
    BTW, we have to wait for Luke to go to sleep in order to watch animals on TV. No other animals are allowed in our house, even if they're only on the TV. BOL
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets


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