Thursday, October 4, 2018

Shelter Dog Interviews

   October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. We would like to see ALL shelter pets find their forever homes. There are millions of dogs and cats waiting for someone to look into their eyes and say “Yes, that is my new best friend.”
   The Bayou Boys thought it’d be a good idea if they interviewed some shelter dogs to discover their stories:
Interview #1
Bentley: “People often think dogs that end up in shelters have been abused or found on the streets. You look very well cared for. How did you end up here?”
Senior Dog: “There are dogs here that fall into that abuse or street category but not me. I had a fantastic life with a lady that loved me very much. She let me sleep in her bed and we took long walks. We were supposed to grow old together. A few weeks ago, my lady became very sick. She never came home from the hospital. There wasn’t anyone to take care of me, so they brought me here. It is scary, and I don’t like it one bit. I just want someone to give me a second chance at love. The white on my face means I have been a good boy for a long time. Be sure to tell people that senior dogs make great friends.”
Interview #2
Pierre: “Wow. This is a tough assignment. All of these dogs and cats deserve a home. Let’s go talk to that wee one in the puppy room. She’s as cute as a button.
Hi there! What in the world are you doing in this place? Aren’t you a purebred Westie? We are an expensive breed. What’s your story?”
Westie Pup: “Hello to you. Yes sir, I’m a full-blood West Highland White Terrier. It says so right there on my tag. I was brought here after some people came to my house and gathered all of us into a big van. I guess counting my brothers, sisters, and cousins there were about 128 of us. The people had to put us in different shelters because there was so many of us. I’m what they call a puppy mill survivor. I’ll be a terrier-ific friend to someone. Squeee!! Here comes a family with a little girl. I gotta go look cute for her. Wish me luck!”
Interview #3
Bentley: “She’ll be okay, Pierre. Puppies are usually adopted quickly and there is a huge demand for purebred dogs. I’m surprised at all the different breeds here. It’s important that people ask the background story of any dog they are looking to adopt. We should go visit that fellow over in there with his kennel.
   Excuse me, we wanted to see if you’d like to share your story with our readers. What are you looking for in a family?”
Two-year-old Mix: “My story? Sure, I’ll tell ya my story. My family moved and forgot to take me with them. It’s probably because they tied me to my house when they loaded the moving van. I have been here about 90 days and can’t wait to leave. All I want is someone to love that won’t abandon me. You know, maybe someone who likes to run and play. But I’d be cool with chillin’ on a couch watching television. I’m kinda skinny so some good food would be great. If y’all see anyone looking for a guy like me, send ‘em this way.”
Bayou Boys: “There were so many dogs and cats waiting to be adopted. All of them would make amazing family members. You can find dogs of all ages and breeds at your local shelter. If you are looking to add to your family, please consider adopting a deserving animal in your community.”

*This article is a work of fiction but the stories are all too real. 
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  1. Momma says westie puppies are like crack for little girls - she coulda abducted SO many lil girls wif me and Whitley, BOL BOL!

  2. Pawsome interviews ! We hope they all find a forever home very soon. Purrs

  3. I hope a lot of homes will happen for the shelter pets... specially for those who are a little older or who have special needs...

  4. We hope many dogs get adopted this month!

  5. Mom had a shelter dog who was amazing from what we hear, but for now, only the cats will come from the shelter. The pets in the shelter do all deserve a wonderful home.

  6. We hope they all get adopted! Every one of them deserves hoomans to love and their forever homes.

  7. Ohhh I hope a ton of dogs get adopted this month and all the months following.

  8. We fostered cockers for a while. One was a senior named Honey. He came from a home in which the elderly owner had died. At the time, the four siblings here were still school age. Honey couldn't deal with the noise and bustle. But we eventually found him a good home where there were no kids. Happy ending!

  9. Here's hoping your 'interviewees' all get adopted (and then some). Thanks for shedding a light on the need to adopt through shelters. We hoe there are lots of fur-ever homes in the near future for the shelter pets in your area and around the country.

  10. Having been a shelter dog who was adopted I feel these dog's fear, confusion, & desire for someone to love & care for them.
    Wooftastic blog boys!
    Sharing this one with our readers too.
    Pawsitive energy & strength to all those waiting for their human.

    💜 nose nudges 💜
    CEO Olivia

  11. Rescued is my favorite breed!
    The Hubby and I have talked about adopting a dog; I think when the time is right, the right doggie will appear! And of course, I want more cats...someday soon!

  12. Thanks for showing that every shelter dog has their own heartbreaking story.

  13. We always hope for the best for all shelter dogs. They all come with a story and deserve a better chance at life.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  14. Great interviews. We shelter doggies need all the help we can get. You guys did an amazing job highlighting some really gorgeous and deserving doggies. I hope all doggies end up in the right homes to live long and healthy.

    Love and licks,

  15. Wonderful interviews. I hope they all get forever homes soon.

  16. Gosh, those are some sad stories. We don't know how you guys left there without taking them all home. Of course, we know that's impossible, but that's what we would want to do, even though we know we couldn't. :(
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  17. Shelter animals are the best! The stories sometimes are so furry sad. Thanks for sharing!

  18. We hope they all find there furever homes
    Hazel & Mabel

  19. Good Job boyz! Ma said those stories broke her heart, and she wants to take them all in! I would loves that too, butts then I would have to share, and I'm not very good at that ☺.
    I gots my paws crossed that all those doggies find a furever home real soon!!
    Ruby ♥

  20. Well done, Bentley and Pierre. Your interviews with these special friends shows everyone that the dogs and cats waiting for homes are wonderful and ever so adoptable. We sure hope these three find their happliy ever afters soon!

  21. Thank you for helping spread true stories of shelter dogs! So many much loved dogs end up in shelters after their people pass away - so sad! Ruby was rescued from a hoarding situation very much like the Westie Pup (though not so many dogs). I'm going to tweet this out, too!

  22. Those were some great interviews. We purr that people looking to adopt visit their local shelters first. Adopt...don't shop!


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