Friday, January 18, 2019

Enjoying Our Quiet Time

Westie in a crate
   When we take the Bayou Boys with us in the car, they travel in their LifeStages™ crate. They love riding in it and they’re much safer than being loose in the car. We also used our crate when Pierre was so sick to keep him confined.
   In the past, we’ve always put a regular-sized dog bed in the crate for the boys’ comfort. The problem is they were too bulky and took up a lot of their room. I’ve looked at crate mats, but they all seem too thin for my spoiled babies. This bed is the perfect thickness in the crate.

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Quiet Time Deluxe Pet Bed
   That is why I jumped at the opportunity to try the Quiet Time™ Deluxe Ombrè Swirl Pet Bed from our friends at Chewy. It is made by MidWest® Homes For Pets which is the same company that made our crate! We ordered the 35x23” size and it fits our 36” crate floor like a glove. The beds are available from 18” all the way to 48” so there is a size for every dog or cat. 
Bottom of Quiet Time Deluxe Pet Bed
   This ultra-soft tufted, plush polyfiber cushion feels AMAZING! The polyester cover blends from light grey to charcoal and looks like it is covered with roses. The bottom has a non-skid grip so there'll be no slipping or sliding around. I could definitely take a snooze on it. The best thing is that the entire bed is machine washable. That is so important when you have two dogs that like to get dirty on their adventures.
Plush Quiet Time Deluxe Pet Bed
   I absolutely love our new Quiet Time pet bed. The boys agree that it makes car rides cozier. It is perfect for crates, carriers, and vehicles...or in our case, a crate in a vehicle!
   The truth is we count on for great products, fast-friendly service, and super quick deliveries. If you are still driving to specialty stores or the vet for your pet’s supplies, medications, or food it is time to check out Chewy. They have everything you can imagine including a pharmacy and much, much more.
Starbucks gift box
   I want to give a big thank you for this lovely gift that our Chewy friends surprised us with the other day. They sure know how to make this blogger happy! We love Starbucks. 
Chewy Rocks!


  1. chewy is just great!!!! we would like to have a crate or a box for the car... but the elephant skate is made for a wawa and not for weimaraners LOL

  2. What a nice pet bed! I could curl up right now on it! Chewy is always doing the nicest things♥

  3. We are only in the metal crate when we are puppies. In the car we have our seat belts and ride in the back seat, but that mat sure does look cozy! I'm sure you won't want to get out of the car at your destination now!

  4. A friend had a serious wreck caused by her loose dog at her feet. Now we all use crates.

  5. Funny, when Angel and Chuck were kittens, The Hubby and I bought 'cat beds' for them, which we still have. However, they aren't beds at all, but crate liners! LOL! The one in your post today looks purrfect for Da Boyz to enjoy...I'm going to look for one.

  6. Oh my stars do they make those for human beds...??
    Hugs Cecilia

  7. What a nice bed, it looks very comfy ! Purrs

  8. That looks just like the pad that Mabel has in her canine camper crate!
    Hazel & Mabel

  9. Oh, I do likes me a good crate pad! I tend to tear them up though. See that bottom, i likes to scratch and bite the heck outta that! (much to Ma's dismay....) Good thing is I don't really use my crate much anymore, butts Ma says I should gets one like yours in case. Thanks for the info guys!
    Ruby ♥

  10. You are right, it is so hard to find nice crate mats that aren't just flat. This looks really nice, I will have to see if they make one big enough for Luke's crate.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  11. That crate bed surely does look comfortable. It makes us wanna take a nap, too. :)

    What a nice gift from Chewy. They rock!


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