Friday, January 25, 2019

Gator Alert on the Bayou

Pierre: “As we have previously mentioned, due to my stomach issues, Bentley will be reviewing our treats and I am in charge of toys. I am super excited to share my newest Strong ‘N Silent™ toy from our friends at Trusty Pup®. They realize that play is a vital part of a dog’s life and have a great line of fun toys. This is their gator and he is built to last!”
*Barking from the Bayou received this toy from Trusty Pup and Propel Communication in exchange for our honest review. Neither company is responsible for the content of this post.
Bentley: “Wow! That is a really cool gator. You know I love gators and Trusty Pup's silent squeakers are awesome.” 
Pierre: “Yeah, I know. The squeaker is tuned to an ultrasonic frequency that is out of human hearing range but dogs can hear it. Mom has squeaked it in the other room and we both come running so she knows it works even though she can’t hear it.”
Pierre: “As chief toy critic, it is vitally important that I try to kill this gator with my bare teeth. Ugh! It’s Trusty Pup’s Chew Guard Technology™ that makes all of their toys so hard to destroy. The lining is super tough, but the gator is sooo soft. It feels great to chew on, but the double seamed lining keeps the stuffing safely inside.”
Bentley: “Listen dude, I know I’m off the clock but if you need help trying out the gator's silent squeaker, I’d be happy to help.”
 Pierre: “No, I’m good. After all, I was born on the bayou and this isn’t my first time to tangle with a gator…just sayin’.”
Pierre: “Let me be completely honest with you. This gator is one of my favorite toys. It fits in my mouth perfectly. The shape makes it perfect for Mom to throw so I can chase it. That’s right, my mom can toss a gator through the air! How many dogs can say that?”
Bentley: “I was not told there would be games involved in the toy reviews. I love a good game of fetch. A dog does not live by treats alone. We must have playtime and I believe I've already mentioned my love for Trusty Pup's Silent Squeak toys.”
Pierre: “You are going to get plenty of time to play with it when I’m through with my review. This is strictly business. I’m not being greedy, it’s just that right now I need to see how it cuddles during a nap. Again, it’s nothing personal. It’s my job and yes, it is a great snuggle toy.” 
 Bentley: “You go ahead and sleep. Don’t worry about me stealing the gator when you are frolicking in lullaby land. Sweet dreams.”
Pierre: “Now you know I can’t sleep so I’ll tell our friends that Trusty Pup Strong ‘N Silent toys are available on *Amazon, Chewy, Walmart, Target, and pet stores. They have fun contests on social media where you can win one of their cool toys so check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.”
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  1. silent squeakers? it seems someone heard the silent prayers of the mama BOL

  2. But are a squeaker really good if ya can't annoy da momma wif it?

  3. How adorable! We will have to try one of these silent squeaker toys!

  4. He is super cute. Bailie is our squeaky toy lover, but Mom loves to see and hear her running around squeaking her toys. She doesn't do it for long periods of time, so it is not bothersome. For people who are irritated by squeaking squeakerless would be great. Enjoy the gator.

  5. That looks like a great squeaky toy. But I have yet to meet an indestructible squeaky toy! I have the Trustypup chocolate donut toy, and it is now in shreds and the squeaker has been removed, all by yours truly. But I still love it!

  6. Well done are now Pierre the Gator Slayer
    Hugs Cecilia

  7. I love the squeaky toys that humans can't hear. Must have gator.

  8. Hmm, I haven't lived with a dog...yet, so I don't know why squeakers are so irritating! Is it anything like a cat pawing a door stop....bwang bwang bwang...?

  9. I am so happy that your gator's teefs are the soft kind, Pierre!

  10. That sure looks like a fun toy, Pierre, no wonder Bentley wants to get his paws on it too! :)
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

    1. PS...when I first saw your post title, I was afraid you saw real gators! When we visited Texas one time, we saw some. They totally freaked me out! LOL

  11. Whew...for a moment I thought something climbed outa Lake Houston. Enjoy that cute little gator...something more our style!

  12. Looks like it's pretty cuddly, so good work, P. That was a very thorough test. And that tough gator passed!

    Love and licks,

  13. That looks like a very fun gator. We think your Mom needs to get one for Bentley too:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  14. Wow a toy that's tough and snuggly too!
    Hazel & Mabel

  15. Oooooooo! You knows I loves me a good squeaky toy!!!! And a chance NOT to annoy Ma??? I don't knows....annoyin' Ma is in my job description....okays, I'm in! I'm gonna go check them out!
    Pawsome review Pierre! and nice photobombing Bentley...
    Ruby ♥

  16. OMC ! That gator is too cute ! Purrs

  17. What a great gator, Pierre and Bentley! THat's really clever that the squeaker is ultrasonic!


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