Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Help! My Dog Has Diarrhea

   Today I want to discuss something that nobody wants to talk about, but everyone has to deal with it. I’m referring DIARRHEA. No matter how careful that you are with your dog and their digestive system, it is going to happen. Loose, liquid or frequent stools are not uncommon in dogs of all ages. There are a multitude of reasons and can be as simple as a change in their diets.
   No matter what the cause might be, there is one question on every pet parent’s lips; “How do I make it stop?” In the past, you might have tried an emergency diet of boiled chicken and rice with some canned pumpkin mixed in for good measure. Then, it is a wait and see situation. In the meantime, your dog feels yucky and there is good chance that your carpet is going to need steam cleaned.
I am an ambassador for Dr. Harvey's and received Runs Be Done for an honest review. We only work with companies that we believe in 100% and feel our readers would benefit from their products. Dr, Harvey is not responsible for the contents of this article.
There is a BETTER Solution!
   The Bayou Boys have both had diarrhea and thankfully, we have been able to deal with it at home. That is because I added Dr. Harvey’s Runs Be Done to their meal. This fantastic digestive tract supplement can be used on an “as-needed” basis or daily for dogs with digestive issues. 
   It is an all-natural, safe and effective anti-diarrheal for your dog. The healing herbs in Runs Be Done quickly go to work stopping loose stools and diarrhea. It also promotes regularity and healthy digestion. One of the things I love is that this is a powder and can be used then stored. No more throwing away cans of half-used pumpkin. You can add Runs Be Done to your dog’s food or to their water. The dosage is on the container and it has a measuring scoop inside for your convenience.  
   I have used Runs Be Done for more than four years for the boys occasional bouts of diarrhea and I can tell you that it works wonders. The boys eat a healthy diet so they rarely experience any diarrhea but dogs will be dogs and if they eat something that they shouldn’t, there will be unpleasant consequences. That is when I add a ½ scoop to Pierre’s and 2 scoops to Bentley’s food. It stops loose bowels like magic and without chemicals. There will always be a canister of Runs Be Done and Dr. Harvey’s Healing Cream in my dog first aid kit. These are two products that I trust 100% to do exactly what they promise.
   The awesome people at Dr. Harvey’s always maintain the highest standards when it comes to their food and nutritional integrity. You will never find any preservatives, dyes, chemicals or artificial ingredients in any of their foods, treats, supplements or grooming essentials. Dr. Harvey’s is proudly made in the U.S.A. with no ingredients from China.
   Here is something I am always excited to share with you. If you have questions about Runs Be Done or any other Dr. Harvey’s products, you can contact Dr. Harvey. Along with being an incredible teacher and lecturer, he is always happy to help with your questions or concerns. How many companies can say that?
   You can email him at info@drharveys.com or call their toll-free number 866-DOC H-123 (866-362-4123) Ask for Dr. Harvey and tell that Barking from the Bayou sent you. Don’t miss any of the fun on their social media either.  Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.


  1. we often use the moro-soup in case of "manitous revenge" it contains the things we have at home and by now it helped very good ;O)

  2. Previous paws Mia had a In-Seed-Dent of diarrhea on St Pancras railway station (caused by the excitments of travelling to London) right in front of peeps drinking their coffee..hehe...nice on Mia
    Mum, being a good dog owner, cleaned it up completely leaving the cleanest spot in the whole station by the time she'd finished. Dad however was sooooo embarrassed he tried to pretend they were nuffin to do wiv him!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. Mom has used slippery elm bark for years and it does work.

  4. Like you boys, we rarely have the run, although we do run a lot. We are more apt to toss our cookies, but this is good to know about.

  5. Well boyz as I used to tell my daughter it is a mom's job to embarrass her child/pet. Keeps you humble. LOL
    hugs cecilia

  6. That is absolutely the best name ever. Now tell me what to use for the occasional barf for no reason.

  7. This is interesting information! I'll pass it along to my dog friends!

  8. Great review ! That sounds like a great product ! We know dry carrots pellets can help dogs in case of diarrhea too. Purrs

  9. That sounds like a great product to have on hand. We have had good luck with other Dr. Harvey products, so maybe we need to have Mom get some of this for our cupboard too.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  10. Sounds like a good product to have on hand.

  11. Runs Be Done sure has some good stuff in it. Glad it's working for the boys.

  12. We better get some of that stuff because when you least expect it, '**it' happens.

  13. We've been lucky to not have ongoing problems with this, just the occasional short bout. However, it's great to know there is something out there that can help if we do!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  14. This sounds like a great product, we all have a need for this with our dogs at one time or another. Thanks for sharing. Don't be embarrassed, boys it happens to the best of us!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them


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