Friday, July 5, 2019

Biking the Spring Creek Greenway Trail

   I mentioned that for our anniversary we took our bikes to a local bike trail to ride. We just bought a bike rack for the car and were anxious to go exploring. It was our first ride on an actual trail made for biking! Both of us were as excited as kids going on a big adventure. 
   We started our ride at the Dennis Johnston Park which is a beautiful 45-acre area that includes a pavilion, pergola, a butterfly and hummingbird garden. It is really nice and there are a number of activities you can do when you visit. Looking at all the other bike racks in the parking lot, there were a number of other cyclists already on the trail. 
Bikers yield to horses warning sign
   I’m not sure if this is just a Texas bike trail sign but it made me laugh. We didn’t see any horses although we passed a number of joggers, bikers, and walkers. Everyone was so friendly!

Spring Creek Greenway Trail
    It is absolutely amazing to have a paved 10’ wide path that winds through the piney woods and wildflowers. We were happy to see that leashed dogs are allowed on this trail so the Bayou Boys can have a day at the park too.

wild passion flower
We passed a bunch of pretty flowers but there were a couple that was worth stopping to get a closer look. All of these photos were taken with my iPhone 10. This flower is a passiflora or a passionflower. (How appropriate for our 37th anniversary!)read and orange daisy type flower
   I’m not sure what the name of this flower is but I love them. They were growing all along the side of the trail and were so happy looking. I’m wearing Gearonic TM Biking Gloves to help prevent my hands from getting sore. They work well for the price and help on long rides.
Bicycling quote
   Skipper and I were recently discussing the different “cycles” in our lives when we rode. After knowing each other pretty much our entire lives, we fell in love taking bike rides around the lake where we used to live. The bikes were soon replaced with strollers when raising our children became a priority. Once they were older, we dusted off the bikes and hit the road again. Life got in the way again and the bikes were hung up in the garage until this spring. Now, we are retired and live where they have beautiful trails like this one to safely ride. 
   Here is the BEST thing about being on your bike…when we are riding, we feel just like that young couple who fell in love on their bikes 37 years ago. 
   We are joining Rosy and the boys from LLB in Our Backyard for their Nature Friday blog hop. Be sure to visit them for all the other awesome blogs celebrating nature.
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  1. we love the horse sign!!! LOL and the passionflower is an artpiece... to have such a dres... oh wow that would be great!

  2. What a beautiful bike ride and the passion flower is just gorgeous!

  3. It's great you found an activity you both love so much and can do together. Enjoy those trails.

  4. BOL the horse sign was funny. What fun to have such a nice tranquil place to ride your bikes.
    I 100% agree with the quote.
    I hope the Bayou Boyz weren't too rattled by fireworks
    Hugs Cecilia

  5. It's terrific that you two still are engaged in your passions!

  6. Riding a bike allows us to see so much that we miss when we speed by in a car.

  7. I LOVE how you mentioned that when you ride with Skipper you feel young again! My husband LOVES to ride bikes, I never really liked it, I prefer walking. But....we DO have bike trails here, maybe I should revisit it? LOVE your flower photos too!

  8. Gorgeous!! Both the flowers and the love you and your husband(and bikes) share!

  9. What a fabulous trail and ride. LOVE the passion flower and the other flower is a Gaillardia (otherwise known as Blanket Flower). We have loads of them here since they do well in hot weather. Happy weekend-enjoy future bike rides.

  10. What a lovely day out and great place to ride. (Although, we think you need baskets for the dogs....BOL!)

  11. That's a nice bike trail! Glad the pups can go there too! Loved seeing the passion flower!

  12. What a wonderful park to visit and have fun on the trail riding your bikes. Mom would love to ride a bike too, but her doctor says the rotation of the cycle movement would not be good for her osteoporosis - bummer. You sure did find some pretty flowers.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  13. What fun! There's nothing like a great bike ride. That bike "path" looks awesome! ~Island Cat Mom

  14. I love that sign, it tells it like it is (or could be). That passion flower is probably the best flower I have ever seen. I love bike riding. I'm glad you had a good time.

  15. Oh what a FABulous trail!!!! We have passionflowers in our yardie, and the buttie pillars live in them and eats them too! it's a very cool plant!
    Ma said she would bike if they made a seat big enough for her huge arse! BOL
    Ruby ♥

  16. It's nice to read that you still feel romantic after 37 years of marriage! That looks like a lovely ride. Hubby and I used to bike a lot but when we got more dogs we switched to hiking so we could take them. Now it's just farming! Maybe when hubby retires, we can get back into biking again.:)
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  17. It is wonderful that you keep coming back to something that brought you two together
    Mabel & Hilda

  18. I'm so happy you guys are enjoying your new TX home! That park looks amazing. Love that.


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