Wednesday, December 18, 2019

A Letter To Santa

Dear Santa, 
   We thought it would be a great idea if we wrote our Christmas letter and got it in the mail before your busiest night. How are the reindeer doing? Hopefully, they are ready to make the big trip to deliver all of the presents to the good children, dogs, and cats in the world. We will leave some extra carrots for them along with your cookies and milk.

   As usual, the Bayou Boys have been the very definition of nice. Please don’t bother asking around. You can trust us on this one. We have thought of a few things that we’d like this year. We don’t mind sharing our gifts with each other unless it is a bone. Mom says we can’t have any bones but if you sneak a couple in our stockings, we promise not to rat you out. 
   Anyway, we are both senior dogs and have pretty much everything a couple of dogs could ever dream of, but we do love our stuffed toys and new collars with matching leashes are always on our list. You know there is no shame in our style game! 
   We really just hope that our friends have a wonderful holiday and get to spend extra time with their dogs, cats, and other pets. I’m sure they’d all appreciate a little something in their stockings or under the tree. We have checked around Blogville and can verify that every single dog and cat have been super-duper nice!
   Have a safe trip and give our love to the elves and Mrs. Claus.
Your pals on the Bayou,
Bentley & Pierre
We celebrated our 6th blogiversary on December 13th!
Thank you so much for hanging with us through the years. We’ve gone from writing 7 days a week to our current one day each week but still enjoy sharing life on the bayou with y’all. I think it is important to continue to change and evolve as time goes by to keep things fresh. Your comments and shares are so appreciated as is your continued support.
We love y’all!
We hope that you join us for the worldwide Pet Parade blog hop hosted by Dash Kitten and co-hosts Basil & the B Team and me! You can share a wordless or wordy post or tweet to be shared on social media. All DOGS, CATS and any other pet blog is welcome. If you want eyes on your post, don’t let the Parade pass you by!

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  1. oh so many thanks for telling santa that we are were super nice ... the mama said the opposite but she has nu clue about da spirit of christmas...

  2. We know you boys are definitely on the nice list! Congratulations on the Blogiversary. We hope you continue to blog as we always look forward to your posts.

  3. No doubt about it, you boys are at the top of the nice list! Happy Blogoversary from all of us.

  4. You 2 fellas sure wrote a nice letter to Santa! Happy Blogoversary. We enjoy your blog! Have a very Merry Christmas!

  5. I'm positive you pups will be getting lots of good stuff from Santa! You are always the epitome of polite Southern gentlemen.

  6. Santa will see you right don't worry,Happy Bloggoversary too,xx Speedy

  7. What a lovely letter to Santa ! Purrs

  8. Dear B.B.
    First happy 6th blogaversary
    Second...that is the bestest letter I have ever read. BOL no need to ask around indeed!!
    You 2 can sleep on Christmas Eve w/o a worry
    Hugs to you all

  9. That was a very sweet letter, boys, and we wouldn't need to ask around to know that you are always on your best behavior! ♥
    Jan & the crew at Wag 'n Woof Pets

  10. Great letter to Santa and thanks for putting in a good word for the rest of us
    Mabel & Hilda

  11. We have no doubt that Bentley and Pierre have been very good boys. We love your Santa letter!

  12. Great letter, B and P. Thanks for vouching for my good behavior along with yours. Can't hurt to have some nice list backup!

    Love and licks,

  13. this was just too cute! Cracked up at the "don't ask around" BOL!! xoxo

  14. We're 'pawsitive' you're on the good dog list. No doubt about that. Happy howlidays!

  15. I hope you guys get some really cool leashes and collars.


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