Wednesday, August 26, 2020

A Mixed Bag of 2020

    I guess 2020 wouldn’t be complete without a couple of hurricanes in one week. We are keeping a close eye on Laura to see how Houston will be impacted. As of Tuesday night, we are expecting some high winds, rain, and will most likely lose power. Thankfully, we have had plenty of time to prepare.

   In case you need to prepare your pets for possible evacuation due to Hurricane Laura, this link will take you to our Pet Hurricane Preparedness post. This is going to be a fast-moving system unlike Hurricane Harvey but there are still things to keep in mind After the Hurricane (another helpful BFTB post).

Bentley Basset: “Now that we have that boring important message out of the way, let’s get on to some fun stuff! It is NATIONAL DOG DAY!! Let the excess spoiling begin.”

Pierre Westie: “I vote we get an extra-long walk to celebrate! We’d also appreciate extra treats, belly rubs, new toys, and anything else that would show how much we are appreciated every day of the year but especially today.”

Mom: “Sigh…so just like normal. Hee hee hee!”

   We are once again joining with the Helen Woodward Animal Center to help shine a light on pet adoption and the one million beautiful adoptable pets that will lose their lives in 2020. This year's Remember Me Thursday will be held on Thursday, September 24th. The good news is that the number of animals being euthanized due to overcrowding, age or length of time unadopted is decreasing, and more cities are supporting no-kill shelters and rescues. 

   Do you have a rescue pet story to share? If you do then why not enter the Remember Me Thursday 2020 contest? You could win pet food and money for your favorite shelter or rescue!

Entering is easy:

1. Submit your pet’s photo and story directly to the contest page.

2. Or you can post a picture of your best friend on social media using both the hashtags: #RememberMeThursday and #SeeTheLight

3. Encourage your friends to enter, too!

1st place – $5,000 monetary prize, 1,000 pounds of Blue Buffalo pet food and 100 Kong toys

2nd Place – $2,500 monetary prize, 1,000 pounds of Blue Buffalo pet food and 100 Kong toys

3rd place – $1,000 monetary prize, 1,000 pounds of Blue Buffalo pet food and 100 Kong toys

*Prizes are sponsored by Blue Buffalo, Naturally Fresh, and Save This Life!


   In addition to the Top 3 entries selected by our panel of judges, the public can cast their vote, too! The individual chosen as the People's Choice Winner will receive Remember Me Thursday swag, in addition to a gift basket filled with your choice of cat or dog gear, toys, and accessories. 

Be sure to join us for this week’s Pet Parade blog hop. All pet bloggers are welcome, and you can select your subject or stay totally wordless with just a photo. We’d love to have you join in the fun! Visit Dash Kitten and Basil & The B Team today.

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  1. we hope that event helps our friends in need with lots of adoptions. stay safe during the wild weather , we are glad that we haven't to deal with real storms... our inmates can not even follow da mask or distance rules, so what would they do in a storm? drinking wine and eating cheese?

  2. Hope Laura doesn't hit ya too hard.

  3. We hope the hurricane doesn't happen for you all and you just get extra rain. They say we may be getting a huge amount of rain from Laura too. My is she generous! Stay safe!

  4. Houston surely has a history with hurricanes!
    Hope this one fizzles out; wishing you good luck.

  5. Stay safe, friends! You look ready to roll in the rain, B.

    Love and licks,

  6. Happy National Dog Day sweet friends! Y'all be safe, there is a monster head towards your area.

  7. Happy National Dog Day, guys. We hope you have loads of ice on hand for the ensuing hurricane set to arrive later tonight or tomorrow. Paws crossed you all stay safe. 😇

  8. That Laura looks like she is going to be a tricky storm, stay safe guys!!

  9. Happy National Dog Day, boys! Yup, it's the same as every other day around our house too! :)
    Stay safe and we hope that hurricane stays far away from you! ♥

  10. We're purring that the storm isn't too bad for you! Stay safe! And Happy National Dog Day!

  11. Oh, man. You all stay safe fomr Laura, okay? Sending you purrs, prayers and hugs.

  12. We cross our paws and hope that Laura doesn't hit you too hard. Stay safe ! Purrs

  13. Heeeeey boyz!!!! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY NATIONAL DOG DAY!!!!! Okays, so I'm a little late, betters late than nevers! BOL!!!! I hopes you guys are all safe from the scary hurricane ~ FABulous tips!
    You keep you peeps safe, and don't do anythings I wouldn't do! BOL!!!!
    Ruby ♥

  14. Great information for everyone. We can never be too prepared for major risks like a hurricane. Better safe than sorry, right? We had a great time celebrating National Dog Day over here as well. To celebrate, we spent a lot of time outdoors in our back yard with the pups, playing in the puppy pool and showering them with treats.


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