Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Love On the Lamb

There are only a handful of toys that the boys wear out that I replace. *Lambchop is one of those toys. Pierre loves to chase and play tug with it. Bentley, as you can see, enjoys the snuggling aspect of the LambChop. This is probably our fifth or sixth one but since they are less than $10 and last up to a year, I feel it’s a good investment.

The other toy that we always play with is the *Furballz. The difference in the two toys is that the Furballz lasts FOREVER! We still have our original one and although it is ragged, it is still in good shape. The boys have three different ones and they both play hard with all of them.

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  1. it's good to stick with one we love... and not even that mary had a little lamb we dogs have one too...

  2. Lambchop and Sherry beloved here too.
    Hugs to Bentley and Pierre

  3. I've had a couple of Lambchops, too! So fun!

    Love and licks,

  4. Nice lambie! We have three Furballz, and they are all a bit ragged. The original is three years old and may have to be retired in the next year as his furs are getting real thin. Enjoy!

  5. I had a Lambchop once. It was one of my favorite squeaky toys, even after I took all the stuffing out and chewed it to pieces.

  6. Lambchop is adorable. My Grammy has LambsyPambsy but won't let me near her, she says she is too, too precious ... maybe I should get my own lamby ... mmm?

  7. I got me a Lambchop too. She makes a grrrrrreat pillow for my big head.

  8. Bentley and Pierre, I have a favorite toy too...The Hubby! And heck, he's been around for decades, and I still have wrecked him...

  9. We've gone through a number of catnip bananas, so we totally understand the value of a good toy.

  10. Sunny has a Lambchop too and I can totally understand why Bentley loves it so much!

  11. Oh that is so sweet! Just tugs at my heart. <3 Lambchop used to be one of my Wolfie's fave stuffies! Not sure where it went in the move! I better get to finding it!

  12. I gots me TWO Lambchops! BOL! they are still alive, so Ma hasn't had to replace them yets.
    I have snoozed on mine too Bentley! Very comfy!!!
    Ruby ♥

  13. Aww, that is such an adorable photo! Hugs to Bentley, Pierre and you!

  14. Luke's Furballz don't last forever, though I just did recently pull one out of the toy box that was still intact. I threw it in the wash and now he thinks it's a new toy! :)
    I also just added Lampchop to my shopping cart, I think Luke would like it too (good price!). Bentley looks so sweet sleeping with his! ♥

  15. Awww! He is just too precious! ... and Lamb Chop is a fave in our house as well!


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