Thursday, April 24, 2014

Purely Personalized Pets

   Happy Thoughtless Thursday my friends, we are happy to have you visit.  I am joining Ruckus the Eskie and Love is being owned by a Husky for this fun blog hop.  Our post is more thoughtful than thoughtless.  Today, we are doing a review of Purely Personalized Pet.  Bentley and Pierre are super excited to share their opinions on the great products that we received.  They are doing a happy dance in anticipation, so before they wear a hole in the floor, here they are!
Bentley: “Hey y’all, we have something super cool to show off today!  I’ll give you a hint…it’s fancy and I have it on my neck.”
Pierre: “Oohh, pick me, pick me!  You are wearing a snazzy new collar!  Do I get a
Bentley: “Yep and nope.  It is my gorgeous new collar and no, you do not win a prize.  *rolls eyes* After all, you have a new collar, too.  Pretend that is your prize!”
Pierre: “Woo Hoo!  I’m a winner!  I love that my name is on my collar.  You know we love having our names on our stuff.  I don’t want anyone confusing us.  You never wear a
collar.  Why is this one different?”
Bentley: “Mom has tried several collars on me through the years.  Every single one of them made my neck raw.  She had given up on finding one that wouldn’t hurt me.  Basset Hounds have a lot of extra skin on our necks and most collars rub off the hair.  It leaves me chaffed and unhappy.  I haven’t worn a collar at all for the last couple of years.”
Pierre: “You need to wear a collar.  It is a must-have for the fashionable dog.  So, how is this one working for you?  Lemme see your neck.  Hmmm, it looks like you still have all of your hair.  Except for your normal shedding!  *snicker* Actually, you look quite dashing in your paisley collar.  How do I look in mine?  Go ahead and flatter me.  Then, tell me how Gramma found these for us.”
Bentley: “Okay simmer down, one question at a time.  First, a nice lady named Rebecca Fuller contacted Mom.  She is the owner of a great company named Purely Personalized Pet.  They sell all sorts of personalized things for pets and pet owners.  She let Mom
She let Mom choose each of us a collar and in no time at all, these beauties arrived in our mailbox.  I have looked at their website and let me tell you, they have some awesome stuff.  The collar that I am wearing is called The Alex.  I have been wearing it for a week or so and love it.  It hasn’t rubbed me the wrong way at all.  That is more than I can say for you!  You rub me the wrong way every time we get treats or wrestle.”  *Hee hee hee*
Pierre: “Funny but that did not seem like flattery to me.  Let me just say that I look fabulous.  I am sporting the School Boy DogCollar.  Gramma let my mom choose it.  There
were three pages of fabric to select from and each one is made with high tensile strength webbing wrapped around 100% cotton fabric.  I love the contoured plastic buckles and they have a thick welded d-ring with heavy-duty snap bolts for my leash.  They also sell matching leashes that I want.  A dog can never be too coordinated, ya know.”
Bentley: “Very good Pierre.  It looks like you’ve done your homework on Purely Personalized Pet.  You did forget to mention that the collars are machine washable.  That is good for you since you love getting dirty.  I’m thankful they are adjustable too.  They also carry the same style for our kitty friends or a dog may prefer the nylon collars.  All of their fabrics are great.  I’ll even admit that you look very cute in yours.  Not as handsome as I do, but a close second.”
Pierre: “Have you looked at all of the other sensational things that Gramma can order for us?  Shoot, we can get the leads, food bowls, beds, doggie clothes, including sports team jerseys.  I really want one of those food mats.  Ours is rather worn out, and I want one with my name on it.  That way you will know that the food in my bowl is mine cuz my name will be on my bowl and my mat.  No more of you allegedly mistaking what’s mine is yours.  Do
you think Gramma can buy us a bunch more stuff?  If she says no, then I’ll ask Papaw.  He never tells me no.”
Bentley: “Yeah, you don’t have to remind me.  I found some things that I’d like.  I’ll go belly up in front of Mom and give her the look.  She melts at the look and I get whatever my Basset heart desires.  I really love those Pet Hub QR coded pettags.  If I happen to wander away, someone can scan the tag with their mobile phone and get my information.  Then, they can call and get me back to Mom and Dad.  It is totally high tech.  Everyone can read about them here, I don’t want to go over your head with the information.  I never get outside without a leash except in the backyard, but accidents happen.  You are liable to scoot out the door if you get a chance.  That would be awful.  Anyway, all of the products from Purely Personalized Pet are very reasonably priced, so we can get a lot of goodies for a little cash.”
Pierre: “Did you see their treat jars?  They have one with a picture of me on it.  It’s not
really me; but it is a Westie.  I need it really bad!  Of course, Gramma would love to have some of their personalized human clothes.  How long is it before Christmas?  Do we get presents before then?  My mom’s birthday is coming up soon.  Maybe I will get gifts then, too.”
Bentley: “Dude, you just had your happy birthday.  I don’t think that you get gifts for your mom’s birthday.  Of course, it is on Cinco de Mayo and that is technically a holiday, so let’s keep our paws crossed.  I would love to have one of the stainlesssteel bowls with Bentley written on it.  The beds look very comfy too. 
One for the living room would be nice.  Hang on; I am going to make a list of everything Purely Personalized Pets has that we want.”  *trots off to fetch pad of paper*
Pierre: “You may need a notebook for our list!  I think that we want one or two of everything!  Gramma had better sell some more books.  I saw that she joined Miss Rebecca’s club, so maybe she will get a newsletter to remind her of all the things that we want!”
Me: “Boys, I think the two of you are getting carried away.  Of course, I can see how easily you can.  There are some wonderful dog products on the website.  You both look so handsome in your new collars.  I am very happy that Bentley can wear one again.  We will definitely be ordering more great things from Purely Personalized Pet.  Our collars were delivered fast and were made extremely well.  We want to tell all of our friends to help support Rebecca and urge them to shop with her.  She is so nice and I know they will be as happy with their orders as we are with ours.  Are y’all ready to give out your review paws?  Remember you can score your new collars anywhere from one paw to five.”
Bentley & Pierre:  FIVE PAWS!!  Woo Hoo!!

We received two collars from Purely Personalized Pet to review.  As always, our views are our own and we made no promise for a positive review.  Bentley and Pierre only give positive reviews on products that we love and would recommend to our readers.  There was no monetary compensation for this review.
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  1. Oh those collars are so stylish boys! And I do love that cookie jar too.

  2. Bentley! I am in shock to learn that you are a nudist! I sure am hoping that you start getting dressed again now that you have your new collars. I never leave the house without my collar, actually, I only take it off at night. Hope it works for you. I can't have fabric collars because the fabric wears off in no time. They have some fun stuff. I will have to check out their site. Now make sure you don't run around naked boys are all such nudists! Sheesh!

  3. Wowza! Lookin good pups! Lovin the new collars! I would love one of those dog food matts. I use a plastic one, and it always slides all over the floor. Thanks so much for my card Melissa, your a doll!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  4. Mew can't get any more purrsonal than that!! MOL

    Great post, thanks fur sharing, the P.A. will be checking out all the links :)

    Happy days

    Basil xox

  5. I am very much on board for the boys getting something for my birthday! Haha :) The collars are so nice! Glad yours doesn't hurt you Bentley!

  6. I'm glad Bentley is able to wear a collar again. Those items look really nice, thanks for sharing this review! :)

  7. Very nice collars, hopped on over to their website and they have a lot of cool stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Personalized pet items are always nice to have. Thanks for sharing this on Thoughtless Thursday!


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