Friday, August 1, 2014

Dog Toys and Treats

   The boys had an awesome week of dog toys and treats.  We received an upcycled tug toy from Talia’sToys and then a surprise box of delicious treats from our friends at Merrick Pet Care.  It was happiness overload!  They have been anxious to tell everyone about their new treasures.

"I'd better hide this tug toy or Pierre will snatch it from me!"

Bentley: “It was like Christmas around our house this week!  First, the mailman brought us a package.  Of course, we gave him a barking because it is expected, but we were wagging our tails.  I asked Dad to go fetch our special delivery.”
Pierre: “It was special too!  Gramma opened the envelope and pulled out a new tug toy.  I love to play tug o’ war!  There was no way that I could control my excited jumping.”
Bentley: “Mom was showing us the new toy, but I had a sneaky suspicion there was something else in the envelope.  That’s when I saw the little bag of cookies!  WHAT?!  Talia sent us a tug toy AND cookies!  Double score.  My plan was to let Pierre run off with the toy and then the cookies would be all mine!  *snicker
Pierre: “Then, I saw the cookies and Bentley was miffed.  Not to be rude, but he doesn’t need

"Bentley doesn't realize that I know all of his hiding places!"

all of the cookies.  Gramma was fair and we both enjoyed one.  Once mine was gone, I snatched the toy and ran like the wind.  Talia makes her toys from t-shirts.  It’s called upcycling instead of recycling.  That means turning something that is no longer useful into something fabulous.”
Bentley: It was definitely a great surprise.  Mom said that when she tried to make a t-shirt toy, it didn’t turn out nearly as nice.  Talia has a store on Etsy where she sells a variety of upcycled tug toys.  Talia’s Toys are reasonably priced, only $5.00 to $7.00 each.  They are very sturdy and the braid is really tight to withstand Pierre’s chewing.  She even sent Mom a cute card with our toy and cookies.”
Pierre: “Thanks for our toys and treats Talia.  We love them!
*Disclaimer:  We received one tug toy in exchange for an honest review.  There was no monetary compensation.  Barking from the Bayou only reviews products that we believe in and want to share with our readers

Bentley: Guess what happened the next day?  The axe murderer man in the big brown truck came to our door.  Mom found a big box on the doorstep.  I recognized the Merrick symbol on the box.  I stuck to her like glue until she set the box down and opened it.  It was full of all kinds of treats!”
Pierre: “It also had nice brown paper bags with peek holes, some cute napkins, a treat grabber, and a flash drive.  Merrick must love us to send such a wonderful box of goodies!  Gramma met them at BlogPaws 2014.  She obviously told them how much we enjoy their food and treats.  Their treats are prepared with all-natural ingredients, grain-free, and gluten free.  That means they are good for us.”
Bentley: “I wish that I could have met them at the conference.  Instead, Mom carried me as a Flat Pet.  I hope to see them in Nashville next year in the fur.  I’ll have to shake paws with them for all of these treats.  I love that they are made here in the U.S.A.  The Flat Pet of me was probably drooling when they stopped by the Merrick booth.  Mom and Dad brought home some great Merrick samples for us.  It’s a good thing that Flat Bentley couldn’t eat or those tasty goodies would have never made it home.”
Pierre: “I heard that!  What I don’t understand is why we received bags and information pamphlets in our box.  Is it so Gramma can pack us a lunch?  I’ve been seeing back to school commercials.  Oh no, is she going to send us to school?”
Bentley: “I don’t think it’s for our lunch.  Mom said that we have to share our treats with friends.  It’s a way of introducing the delicious taste of Merrick’s with other dogs.  Personally, I think it’d be fine just to tell them through the bark chain.  It is hard to think of handing over our Grammy's Pot Pie Biscuits.   They are full of deboned chicken, sweet potatoes, peas, carrots, apples, organic cane molasses, and other yummy things.”
Pierre: “Let’s pretend that we don’t know any other dogs!  When she starts filling the bags, we’ll

"Do you think Gramma will notice?"

just write our names on all of them.  That way when she goes to deliver them, she’ll deliver them to us!  The thought of seeing our Merrick Beef Power Bites or Mini Brush Bones going to someone else gives me the vapors.”  *waves paws in front of face
Bentley: “Don’t go fainting on me.  How do you think I feel?  I am crazy for the Merrick Beef Jerky Chip Treats!  Maybe I can give a bag to you and you can give a bag to me, then we can give Mom’s flash drive to a dog friend.  I’ve read the information booklets, so I know how fantastic they taste and how healthy they are for us.  Mom!  Come in here, we have an idea about sharing our treats!”
Me: “That’s great boys.  Who have you decided to give the great taste of Merrick dog treats?  I’ll write on the bags as you give me their names.  Doesn’t it feel good to share?”
Bentley: “Sorta, I guess.  *groan  How about giving some to Max and Breezy?  They would both enjoy getting a bag from us.  You go ahead and write their names on the bags.  Pierre and I will watch them while you go get ready to deliver them.”
Pierre: “Okay, she’s gone!  Slide me the marker.  Hurry before she comes back.  All right, I’ve changed the names.  Keep your paws crossed that we can pull this off without her noticing.  Listen, when you get to meet our friends from Merrick, give them a kiss from me.”
Bentley: “I sure will, but let’s thank them now for thinking of us.  Thanks Merrick!  Y’all are the best!!  Psst, act natural Pierre, here comes Mom.”
Me: “Boys!  Where did you two disappear?  I’m going to deliver these two bags and…wait a minute!  BOYS!!!
**We are actually going to share these treats.  Thank you so much Merrick.
*Disclaimer: We received these treats to share with our friends.  There was no obligation to write this review nor did we receive any monetary compensation.  All opinions are our own.  

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  1. That was really christmas in july! I'm curious what the august will bring to you :o) I like the rope toy it looks as if it would be ready for a tug of war :o)

  2. Hi Y'all!

    Oh look at that excitement! WHoopee!!! I'd think it was Christmas too if I got that package! Better than Christmas!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  3. Wow weeeeee I think that is like having all the holidays rolled into one ! That tug looks so cool and Merrick was so kind to send that big box of goodies.

  4. Cute and delicious-looking. You are very lucky.

  5. We got lucky with the mail here at our house, too! We got a box from Merrick and a box from It was Christmas in July!


  6. Now that is what we call a good week. Enjoy. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. Pot pie! wow guys those sound very delish! you certainly have had a great lot of surprises from the axe murderer..he must be related to the Murdulator here hahaaha :) have a great weekend hugs Fozziemum xx

  8. M.K. I love that your pups refer to the UPS man as the axe murderer! I almost spit my coffee on to the computer screen. My guys loathe the package carriers as well :)

  9. You guys did have a awesome week, here's to next week being just as awesome. Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. Oh wow, mew guys really do get some pawesome deliveries and here's hoping next week is just a fruitful! MOL

    Happy hopping my furriends

    Epic purrs

    Basil xox

  11. You guys were in puppy heaven this week, I bet. It look like your set up a while in the treats department. Terri and the Poodle pack.

  12. Bentley, shouldn't it be treats and toys? You have to get your priorities straight ;) Aren't those jerky chip cookies the absolute best? I just love those to death! We also got a rope toy in the mail yesterday, but Mom hasn't let us check it out yet. Happy Friday!

  13. Great stuff guys!!!! You lucky pups!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  14. My dogs keep scaring away that axe murderer in the brown truck too. We wondered where he went.

  15. What a lot of treats, you lucky boys :-)

  16. Ax murderer . . . we're still laughing over that one . . .

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  17. Yummy treats! Rocco loves these too! Lucky dogs!
    Diane and Rocco

  18. Upcycling... I like it!

    Nissy #Niss4Senate - tell the PM, today

  19. Looks like a couple of pawsome packages!

  20. Lucky boys! Those treats look pretty delicious! :)

    Thanks for co-hosting the Pet Parade! :)

  21. Wow! Those are some pawsome packages!!! Looks like you boys got spoiled ;)
    ♥♥Mikko and Jax♥♥

  22. Yay for all your goodies! That toys looks like lots of fun. We received some treats this last week too and will be posting about it as well. I got the same attitude when we discussed sharing though! BOL
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  23. Wow, you guys made out like bandits. What a lot of goodies - toys and treats. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

  24. Hey guys, be careful with all those treats...I don't want to see you putting on any weight!


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